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2015 nr 12 36--40
PL Strefa wpływu ciepła (HAZ) ma szczególne znaczenie zarówno w procesach spawalniczych, jak i podczas różnego typu zdarzeń wynikających z zatarcia się uszczelnień, panwi łożysk, czopów itp. prowadzących do stopienia i zmiany struktury materiału. Zjawisku temu towarzyszy znaczny przyrost temperatury, k[...]
EN Heat affected zone (HAZ) plays a crucial role both in welding process as well as in different types of cases, that are the consequences from destroy the clearances, bearing liners, journals, etc., that lead to melting and changing in the structure of the material. This phenomenon is accompanied by a[...]
Transactions of the Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery
2017 nr 136 65--76
EN In this paper the comparison of material eort models: the classic Huber-Mises-Hencky approach and the Burzynski condition was presented. Burzynski yield condition is pressure sensitive and naturally takes into account the strength dierential eect, which has been observed in nickel-base super alloys [...]
Zeszyty Energetyczne
2018 T. 5 1--13
EN This paper presents the problems associated with the transient thermal load of structures exhibiting a non-linear relationship between load and strain. The mathematical model required to comprehensively describe the relationship between fluid and solid has been shown from different perspectives. In [...]
Journal of Power of Technologies
2017 Vol. 97, nr 5 373--381
EN In this paper selected numerical modelling problems for an advanced thermal-FSI ("Fluid Solid Interaction") mini-channel heat exchanger model are presented. Special attention is given to the heat transfer between the separated mediums for different mass flows. Similar modelling problems have also be[...]
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