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w słowach kluczowych:  structural health monitoring
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Archives of Acoustics
2013 Vol. 38, No. 3 303--310
EN The purpose of this work is to distinguish between Acoustic Emission (AE) signals coming from mechanical friction and AE signals coming from concrete cracking, recorded during fourteen seismic simulations conducted with the shaking table of the University of Granada on a reinforced concrete slab sup[...]
Engineering Transactions
EN Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is a fast-developing, interdisciplinary field of research having its roots in vibroacoustics and non-destructive testing and evaluation. Fast development of the area is due to the fact that SHM is heavily stimulated by the engineering problems of maintenance and sa[...]
Journal of KONES
2014 Vol. 21, No. 4 425--432
EN The paper is focusing on selected problems of health monitoring of tall type buildings. The actual problem in structural health monitoring (SHM) is to find the damages and its location by performing some statistical pattern recognition based on the measured data termed as feature extraction. The dam[...]
Fatigue of Aircraft Structures
2015 Iss. 7 12--17
EN One major challenge confronting the aerospace industry today is to develop a reliable and universal Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) system allowing for direct aircraft inspections and maintenance costs reduction. SHM based on guided Lamb waves is an approach capable of [...]
Fatigue of Aircraft Structures
2013 Iss. 5 5--11
EN Providing a reliable and universal Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) system allowing for remote aircraft inspections and a reduction of maintenance costs is a major challenge confronting the aerospace industry today. SHM based on guided Lamb waves is one of the approaches capable of addressing the [...]
2015 R.19, nr 8 56--59
PL Technologię sprężania wykorzystuje się przede wszystkim w elementach o dużych rozpiętościach, przenoszących znaczne obciążenia, których konsekwencje zniszczenia byłyby bardzo duże. Dlatego istotne jest, aby proces projektowania, wznoszenia oraz późniejszej eksploatacji takich obiektów był odpowiedni[...]
EN Prestressing technology is primarily used for a large-span elements, carrying heavy loads, which failure consequences would be very substantial. Thus, it is essential to control adequately the process of designing, erecting and further operating of such kind of objects. Computational procedures, pre[...]
2015 R.19, nr 9 76--79
PL Procedury obliczeniowe zamieszczone w normach pozwalają na bezpieczne projektowanie, jednak nie dostarczają pełnej wiedzy na temat pracy konstrukcji w rzeczywistych warunkach użytkowania. Taką wiedzę można pozyskać, interpretując wyniki pomiarów wykonanych za pomocą systemów monitorowania konstrukcj[...]
EN Prestressing technology is primarily used for a large-span elements, carrying heavy loads, which failure consequences would be very substantial. Thus, it is essential to control adequately the process of designing, erecting and further operating of such kind of objects. Computational procedures, pre[...]
Fatigue of Aircraft Structures
2014 Iss. 6 21--28
EN This article is based on research done during the author’s PhD at Cardiff University, UK. A prototype of a novel wireless energy transmission system aimed at the use with wireless aircraft structural health monitoring (SHM) sensor nodes is described. The system uses ultrasonic guided plate waves (La[...]
Fatigue of Aircraft Structures
2014 Iss. 6 113--118
EN One approach to developing a system of continues automated monitoring of structural health is to use elastic waves excited in a given medium by a piezoelectric transducers network. Depending on their source and the geometry of the structure under consideration elastic waves can propagate over a sign[...]
Fatigue of Aircraft Structures
2016 Iss. 8 111-115
EN This paper presents technique for qualitative assessment of fatigue crack growth monitoring, utilizing guided elastic waves generated by the sparse PZT piezoelectric transducers network in the pitch – catch configuration. Two Damage Indices (DIs) correlated with the total energy received by a given [...]
Advances in Materials Science
EN Over the past twenty years, the increase of use of structural materials in Aerospace is due to many reasons. While the properties of metallic materials are mastered, the risk behavior of composite materials requires monitoring of the structure. That’s why many methods of non-destructive testing (NDT[...]
Pomiary Automatyka Kontrola
PL Współczesnie dużego znaczenia nabierają prace związane z praktyczną realizacją systemów do monitorowania stanu konstrukcji. Metody aktywnego monitorowania znajdują zastosowanie do badania maszyn i struktur mechanicznych, badań strukturalnych, detekcji zniszczenia, zapobiegania stanom awaryjnym. W sy[...]
EN Nowadays, research concerning applications of structural health monitoring has aroused a great interest. SHM methods are applied to condition monitoring of machines and structures, structural integrity assessment, damage detection and structural failure prevention. Measurement data acquired by the u[...]
2015 nr 3 274--282, CD 1
PL Eksploatacyjna Analiza modalna pozwala na wyznaczenie częstotliwości drgań własnych, współczynników tłumienia modalnego oraz postaci drgań własnych dowolnej konstrukcji mechanicznej w warunkach jej rzeczywistej pracy. W artykule przedstawiono sposób przeprowadzenia badań modalnych mostu w trakcie je[...]
EN Operational Modal analysis allows to determine natural frequencies, modal damping ratios and mode shapes of any mechanical structure in terms of its actual work. This paper presents a method of modal testing of bridge during its normal operation. The main purpose of the researches was to determine t[...]
2009 nr 2(50) 69-72
PL Jednym z prężnie rozwijających się tematów badawczych w elektronice jest bezprzewodowa transmisja danych, na którą jest duże zapotrzebowanie w monitorowaniu stanu konstrukcji inżynierskich. W artykule opisano nowo projektowany system bezprzewodowej transmisji danych do monitorowania stanu techniczne[...]
EN One of the fast-developing research topics in electronics is the wireless data transmission, which is a highly desirable component in health monitoring of engineering structures. The paper describes a newly-designed system of wireless data transmission for structural health monitoring of a railway b[...]
IPPT Reports on Fundamental Technological Research
2013 nr 2 1--280
EN This book deals with the inverse problem of identification of dynamic loads and its applications for low frequency structural health monitoring (SHM). It collects and unifies the work performed by the author within the framework of three research projects either alone or together with the three Ph.D[...]
Machine Dynamics Research
EN Due to the required high reliability of many responsible engineering constructions the structural health monitoring (SHM) systems must work in the on-line mode. Therefore, it is necessary to develop new fault detection techniques for improving faults detectibility and simultaneously to reduce the pr[...]
Applied Mechanics and Engineering
2000 Vol. 5, no 1 283-294
EN Detection of delamination cracks in laminated composite structures is significant to improve reliability of these structures. For the detection of delamination cracks, real-time delamination monitoring is required. The composite laminates reinforced with graphite fiber can use the reinforcement grap[...]
Prace Naukowe Instytutu Technicznego Wojsk Lotniczych
2016 nr 39 21--32
EN The article describes Value-Focused Thinking (VFT) model developed in order to evaluate various alternatives for implementation of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) system on a military aircraft. Four SHM system alternatives are considered based on: visual inspection (current approach), piezoelectr[...]
Acta Mechanica et Automatica
2017 Vol. 11, no. 2 121--128
EN Elastic waves used in Structural Health Monitoring systems have strongly dispersive character. Therefore it is necessary to determine the appropriate dispersion curves in order to proper interpretation of a received dynamic response of an analyzed structure. The shape of dispersion curves as well as[...]
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
2017 Vol. 55 nr 3 813—822
EN Damage detection based on structural dynamic characteristics, such as natural frequencies and mode shapes, is an important area of research. Obtaining accurate structural dynamic characteristics is perhaps the most challenging aspect. In particular, changes in environmental temperature due to season[...]
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