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w słowach kluczowych:  spectral analysis
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International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics
2011 Vol. 17, No. 4 403--410
EN The goal of the study was to determine the effect of a 1-h hour long forklift truck virtual simulator driving on the mechanism of autonomic heart rate (HR) regulation in operators. The participants were divided into 2 subgroups: subjects with no definite inclination to motion sickness (group A) and [...]
Acta Geophysica
2010 Vol. 58, no. 6 995-1020
EN The technical feasibility of geothermal power production in a low enthalpy environment will be investigated in the geothermal site at Groß Schönebeck, North German Basin, where a borehole doublet was completed in 2007. In order to complete the Enhanced Geothermal System, three massive hydraulic stim[...]
Acta Geophysica
2013 Vol. 61, no. 3 638--648
EN The effective elastic thickness of the lithosphere has an important role in constraining compositional structure, geothermal gradient and tectonic forces within the lithosphere and the thickness of this layer can be used to evaluate the earthquakes’ focal depth. Hence, assessment of the elastic thic[...]
Prace Naukowe Instytutu Matematyki i Informatyki Politechniki Częstochowskiej
EN The main task of this research work is applying techniques of wavelet analysis in spectral analysis of stationary random processes. The algorithm of calculation obtained for the spectral estimate of stationary random processes with discrete time via Doubeshies scaling function is studied.
Przemysł Chemiczny
2006 T. 85, nr 8-9 1349-1352
Opto - Electronics Review
EN The authors present observations on influences of hesd movements and forced respiration on the magnitudes of signals acquired with the new, non-invasive technique of near-infrared transillumination/back scattering sounding NIR-T/BSS which signals depend upon and reflect the instantaneous width of th[...]
Optica Applicata
EN The aim of this work has been to develop a new method of variability description for the spontaneous pupillary fluctuation (SPF) signal, based on the time-frequency analysis. In the work we have studied the variability of the SPF signal spectrum. Based on the PSS (Kwiatkowski, Philips, Schmidt, Shin[...]
Acta Geophysica Polonica
EN Spectral analysis of magnetic anomalies over the area of NW Poland southwest of the Teisseyre-Tornquist Line has been carried out in an effort to estimate the depth to magnetic sources. Average magnetic source depth of 18.5 km has been obtained for the area and this is thought to be related to the d[...]
Opuscula Mathematica
EN For a wide class of linear functional equations the solutions are generalized polynomials. The existence of non-trivial monomial terms of the solution strongly depends on the algebraic properties of some related families of parameters. As a continuation of the previous work [A. Varga, Cs. Vincze, G.[...]
Electrical Power Quality and Utilisation. Journal
EN Measurement investigations have been carried out for commutator dc motor with internal asymmetries. Construction of considered motor enables to realize the breaking of one rotor coil and shorting of two groups of rotor coils. Each group contains three rotor coils. The basis of study were signals: cu[...]
Optica Applicata
2013 Vol. 43, nr 4 871--882
EN We introduce an approach for analyzing the power spectrum of the time-varying intensity in the dynamic laser speckle patterns. The method is free from the limitation imposed by the Nyquist criterion on the minimum sampling rate. The temporal modulation shifts the intensity fluctuation spectrum by an[...]
Polish Maritime Research
2016 nr 3 72--78
EN Taking advantage of coastal wave environment to carry out scaled ship model test is an effective testing technology for ship performance. In this paper, the method of spectral analysis is adopted to calculate the significant wave height, period, wave spectrum and some other parameters of some places[...]
Metrology and Measurement Systems
EN The paper describes the influence of the machining operation on a surface, which disturbs the projection of the tool profile in the form of its relative movements with respect to the object. The elements of the machine tool undergo constant wear during the machining process, it is therefore importan[...]
Machine Dynamics Problems
PL W pracy przedstawiono rezultaty pomiarów i analizy drgań i obudowy ukladu napędowego pociągu podmiejskiego. Przeprowadzone na szlaku badania pozwoliły porównać wielkość i strukturę drgań przed i po przeprowadzeniu naprawy głównej układu napędowego. Wykorzystując jakościowy model zmian struktury sygn[...]
EN The work presents results of measurements and analyses of vibration of a casting in a train. The tests, conducted on the track, were applied to the power transmission unit prior to and after a general overhaul. The result of spectral analyses, which were done with using a qualitative model of the ef[...]
Journal of KONES
2016 Vol. 23, No. 4 135--142
EN The term “fouling” refers to a substance, which settles on the heat transfer surface and causes the rise of thermal resistance to the heat transfer process. Sometimes, fouling is regarded as deposit but that term should be only used to fouling in the form of solid. Taking the traditional division of[...]
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Computer Science
EN In this paper the additive algorithm of spectral analysis is considered. This algorithm consists of algebraic summation of samples of basis functions taken at certain points of an interval of an independent variable of a given function. Two variants of simulation of the additive algorithm are consid[...]
Metrology and Measurement Systems
EN The quality of the supplied power by electricity utilities is regulated and of concern to the end user. Power quality disturbances include interruptions, sags, swells, transients and harmonic distortion. The instruments used to measure these disturbances have to satisfy minimum requirements set by i[...]
Prace Naukowe Instytutu Maszyn, Napędów i Pomiarów Elektrycznych Politechniki Wrocławskiej. Studia i Materiały
PL W referacie poruszony został problem wykrywania uszkodzeń silnika synchronicznego metodą nieinwazyjną bazującą na analizie spektralnej prądów stojana. Badanym obiektem była maszyna synchroniczna o specjalnym wykonaniu posiadająca w każdej z faz dwie gałęzie równoległe, z których każda podzielona jes[...]
EN Electrical machines, similarly to the other electrical and mechanical devices are constantly exposed to both external and internal influences which cause the changes to their physical state and functionality [1]. These gradually developing irreversible changes worsen the efficiency of the machine an[...]
Journal of Polish CIMAC
2012 Vol. 7, no 3 191-197
EN The qualitative opinion of the surface layer condition was introduced in this paper. The usefulness of spectral analyses was analysed to the opinion of changes proceed in the surface layer of co-operating units. The functions of the power spectral density and autocorrelation which were used to analy[...]
Archives of Electrical Engineering
EN The classic relationships concerning the harmonic content in the air gap field of three-phase machines are presented in form of series of rotating waves. The same approach is applied to modeling of permanent magnet motors with fractional phase windings. All main reasons of non-sinusoidal shape of fl[...]
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