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Challenges of Modern Technology
EN The weakly basic anion exchangers of the functional tertiary amine gropus with the polystyrene skeleton: Amberlyst A-21 and with acrylic skeleton: Amberlite IRA-67 were investigated as adsorbents of Remazol Black B from aqueous solutions. Experiments were carried out as function of contact time (1–2[...]
Challenges of Modern Technology
EN Ion exchange is Ion exchange is found more and more signifi cant importance in metal processing, and hydrometallurgy in general, not only for the removal of impurities but also for the reconcentration process of metal ions. The ion exchange method (dynamic method) was applied in the preconcentratio[...]
Gospodarka Surowcami Mineralnymi
2007 T. 23, z. 3s 175-182
PL Przeprowadzono pomiary sorpcyjne, z zastosowaniem mikrobiuretek cieczowych, próbek węgli kamiennych pobranych z KWK Jaworzno, Sośnica, Pniówek. Jako sorbaty zastosowano pary: n-heptanu i hept-1-enu. Analiza uzyskanych wyników pozwoliła na przyjęcie następującej hipotezy: sorpcja par substancji apola[...]
EN There were sorptive measurements conducted. They were undertaken whith the use of liquid microburettes and coal samples from KWK: Jaworzno, Sośnica and Pniówek. Vapours of n-heptane and hept-1-ene were used as sorbates. In the investigation there was the hypothesis estimated: the sorption of unpolar[...]
Geology, Geophysics and Environment
2013 Vol. 39, no. 4 341--349
EN Type, amount and composition of gases which form in rocks and coals during a metamorphism process depend on a number of factors in particular genetic type of original matter, way and conditions of its gathering, temperature, pressure and geological time. Sorption tests were done by the volumetric me[...]
AGH Drilling, Oil, Gas
2012 Vol. 29, no. 4 463--478
EN The purpose of the study is to determine the sorption capacity of hard coals from Polish collieries with respect to several sorbets: ethane, ethylene, propane, propylene. The knowledge of the sorption capacity of coal with respect to a wide range of sorbates is essential to ensure the miners' safety[...]
Polish Journal of Chemistry
2009 Vol. 83, nr 11 1915-1927
EN IR and UV absorption spectra show that telluropentathionate an ions are sorbed into the polyamide 6 films if they are treated with 0.025–0.1 mol/dm3 solutions of potassium telluropentathionate, K2TeS4O6, in 0.2 mol/dm3 HCl at 1-20 garduate C. The concentration of sorbed telluropentathionate ions inc[...]
Chemical and Process Engineering
PL Przedstawiono wyniki badań nad wpływem właściwości sorbentów wapniowych oraz warunków procesu kalcynacji-karbonatyzacji CO2 na efektywność wychwytywania CO2. Do badań użyto sorbenty pochodzące z różnych kopalni różniące się strukturą oraz składem. Wyniki badań prowadzonych w wielu cyklach pozwoliły [...]
EN The effect of properties of calcium base sorbents and condition of the process of carbonation - calcination cycles in a number of runs on the effectiveness of CO2 capture were investigated. Various limestones from various mine locations differing in structure and composition were analysed. The resul[...]
Polish Journal of Chemistry
EN IR and UV absorption spectra show that selenopentathionate anions are sorbed into the polyamide 6 films if they are treated with 0.025-0.2 mol/dm3 solutions of potassium selenopentathionate, K2SeS4O6, in 0.1 mol/dm3 HCl at 30 and 50 C. The concentration of sorbed selenopentathionate ions increases w[...]
Gaz, Woda i Technika Sanitarna
2004 Nr 9 307-310
EN Research made on the use of diatomites and clinoptyloh'tes in static and dynamic conditions. Usefulness of tested adsorbents for oil derivatives removal in the light of the research made.
2002 Nr 9 265-271
PL Omówiono wyniki serii obliczeń dotyczących sorpcji wody, metanolu, metanu i ditlenku węgla przy wykorzystaniu modelu sorpcji wielorakiej. Otrzymane wyniki pozwalają na stwierdzenie zasadności przyjętych w modelu założeń, co więcej dają wgląd w strukturę węgla oraz parametry procesu sorpcji.
EN Series of calculation of sorption isotherms of water, methanol, methane and carbon dioxide with using of multiple sorption model are presented in this work. Obtained results confirm correctness of the model assumptions, moreover give a view to the structure of coal and sorption process parameters.
2000 Nr 7 218-222
PL Przeanalizowano wybrane dane empiryczne zaczerpnięte z literatury specjalistycznej w zakresie sorpcji gazów w węglach kamiennych. Wykorzystano teoretyczny model procesu sorpcji wielorakiej (MSW) opracowany w Pracowni Teorii Procesów Sorpcji na Wydziale Paliw i Energii AGH. Model ten obejmuje całe sp[...]
EN Selected empirical data taken from specialist literature were analysed with regard to gases sorption in hard coals. Theoretical model of all purposes sorption process was used prepared at the Laboratory of Sorption Processes at Fuel and Energy Faculty of the Academy of Mining and Metallurgy. The mod[...]
Prace Instytutu Mechaniki Górotworu PAN
PL W niniejszej pracy przedstawiono wyniki wstępnych prac badawczych dotyczących wyrzutów węglowogazowych, w których brykiety węglowe nasycano gazami: słabo sorbującym – azotem oraz silnie sorbującym – dwutlenkiem węgla. Porównano ze sobą wytworzone laboratoryjnie warunki inicjacji wyrzutów dla obu gaz[...]
EN This work presents results of the preliminary research regarding to coal and gas outbursts where apart of nitrogen highly sorptive gas – carbon dioxide – was involved. Experimental conditions induced in order to initiate outbursts with use of coal briquettes were compared. Conducted analysis showed [...]
Journal of Ecological Engineering
2015 Vol. 16, nr 1 110--115
EN The paper presents the results of the researches in sorption process. Selected waste materials were checked to build a barrier for pesticide migration from existing graveyards. Due to primary researches Sokolka compost was selected for further researches. The sorption barrier was designed by the sur[...]
EN Measurements of activity concentrations and speciation of 137Cs in bottom sediments of the Curonian Lagoon were carried out in samples collected in 1999-2003. In addition, the sorption-desorption processes of caesium in disturbed bottom sediments of fresh and sea water systems were investigated in l[...]
Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Technical Sciences
EN Adsorption of carbon dioxide on activated carbons has become extremely interesting in the field of energy and environment. Activated carbon is either used as a model to understand sorption processes on coals as a part of research on CO2 geological storage/Enhanced Coalbed Methane or as an adsorbent [...]
Prace Naukowe Instytutu Chemii i Technologii Nafty i Węgla Politechniki Wrocławskiej. Konferencje
EN The determination of the sorption properties of peat from different depths was done. The research was carried out on the intermediate littoral peats near the Baltic Sea from the layers situated at every 0.5 m at depths up to 3 m . The effectiveness of peat sorbents has been detd. based on the isothe[...]
Geology, Geophysics and Environment
2014 Vol. 40, no. 3 261--269
EN This paper summarises the results of methanol sorption on three selected coal samples from Polish collieries. These coals differ in terms of their degree of metamorphism (coal rank), petrography and elemental composition. It was found out that during the sorption of methanol, the sorption capacity i[...]
Fundamenta Informaticae
EN We analyze the behavior of a system governed by a fractional diffusion equation with spherical symmetry and subjected to integro–differential boundary conditions which can simulate sorption, desorption and reaction processes. We consider the processes defined in terms of kinetic equations that coupl[...]
Structure and Environment
EN The paper presents the results of research on the use of sewage sludge ash as a sorbent. Sewage sludge ash applied for research was from the incineration plant of sewage sludge and screenings from the Group Wastewater Treatment Plant Metropolitan Area Łódź. The research on the sorption was being con[...]
Journal of Ecological Engineering
EN The aim of the study is to assess the removal effectiveness of phosphorus compounds by using lanthanum-modified bentonite. This material was produced by the Australian company Phoslock® Water Solutions Pty Ltd. According to the company, Phoslock® has substantial capacity to bound phosphate anions. T[...]
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