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w słowach kluczowych:  relative entropy
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Geological Quarterly
2004 Vol. 48, No 2 115--122
EN The two most complete and stratigraphically most reliably identified Pleistocene sections in Southern Lithuania were chosen as the object of this study. Variations in relative entropy were assessed from the average data on the grain size,mineral and petrographic composition of the individual stratig[...]
Schedae Informaticae
2014 Vol. 23 45--56
EN Consider the problem of approximating a Markov chain by another Markov chain with a smaller state space that is obtained by partitioning the original state space. An information-theoretic cost function is proposed that is based on the relative entropy rate between the original Markov chain and a Mar[...]
Demonstratio Mathematica
2018 Vol. 51, nr 1 112--130
EN To procure inequalities for divergences between probability distributions, Jensen’s inequality is the key to success. Shannon, Relative and Zipf-Mandelbrot entropies have many applications in many applied sciences, such as, in information theory, biology and economics, etc. We consider discrete and [...]
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