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Materials Science Poland
2004 Vol. 22, No. 4 347--352
EN We report the room-temperature polarized infrared reflectance spectra of two radical cation salts based on halogenated TTF and two-dimensional polymeric iodoplumbate or Ag-doped iodoplumbate anions. These salts were ß-(EDT-TTF-I2)2(Pb5/6a1/6I2)3 and ß-(EDT-TTF-I2)2(Pb2/3+xAg1/3-2x??xI2)3, where x = [...]
2016 No. 58 (4) 279--291
EN We propose a new approach to indication of algal blooms. It stems from analysis of the multispectral satellite reflectance Rrs of areas where blooms were documented during recent decades. We found that spectra of algal blooms exhibit minima at wavelengths of channels of Moderate Resoluti[...]
2018 No. 60 (4) 527--543
EN We examine the narrowband shortwave minima (NSM) of multispectral reflectance as indication of mesoscale algal blooms. They are frequent in the Brazil-Malvinas confluence zone (BMCZ) where our testing site (TS) belongs. Its MODIS A images of December 2008 and 2014 were the source of initial data. Cl[...]
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