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Systems Science
EN In this paper, a new framework for recommendation of multimedia objects in the environment of the multimedia sharing system has been proposed. It uses two kinds of individual ontologies, one is created for multimedia objects and the second one for system users. The final recommendation process takes[...]
Computer Science
2016 Vol. 17 (4) 503--517
EN This paper presents a novel approach for user classification exploiting multi- criteria analysis. This method is based on measuring the distance between an observation and its respective Pareto front. The obtained results show that the combination of the standard KNN classification and the distance [...]
Information Systems in Management
2018 Vol. 7, No. 2 108--119
EN The paper discusses the need for recommendations and the basic recommendation systems and algorithms. In the second part the design and implementation of the recommender system for online art gallery (photos, drawings, and paintings) is presented. The designed customized recommendation algorithm is [...]
Fundamenta Informaticae
EN In our work, an agent-based system supporting workers in an organization is centered around utilization of ontologically demarcated data. In this system, ontological matchmaking, understood as a way of establishing closeness between resources, is one of key functionalities. Specifically, it is used [...]
International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
2019 Vol. 29, no. 3 595--610
EN This paper presents a novel approach to the design of explainable recommender systems. It is based on the Wang–Mendel algorithm of fuzzy rule generation. A method for the learning and reduction of the fuzzy recommender is proposed along with feature encoding. Three criteria, including the Akaike inf[...]
International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
EN Agile development is a crucial issue within software engineering because one of the goals of any project leader is to increase the speed and flexibility in the development of new commercial products. In this sense, project managers must find the best resource configuration for each of the work packa[...]
International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
EN Classical association rules, here called 'direct', reflect relationships existing between items that relatively often co-occur in common transactions. In the web domain, items correspond to pages and transactions to user sessions. The main idea of the new approach presented is to discover indirect a[...]
Przegląd Elektrotechniczny
PL Artykuł poświęcony jest filtrowaniu kolaboracyjnemu, które jest jedną z metod automatycznej filtracji danych w sieci Internet. Główną wadą wspomnianego podejścia jest konieczność wykonywania bardzo dużej liczby operacji. Autorzy przedstawili rozwiązanie tego problemu polegający na redukcji wymiarowo[...]
EN The paper is devoted to application of collaborative filtering that is one of the method of automatic data filtering in the Internet. The main disadvantage of the approach is the necessity of performing a large number of operations. The authors have presented a mean of overcoming this problem by red[...]
Journal of Computer Sciences Institute
2019 Vol. 13 267--271
PL Systemy rekomendacji to aplikacje filtrujące dane, których głównym zadaniem jest dostarczanie spersonalizowanych rekomendacji produktów. Celem badań było dokonanie analizy i porównania dwóch metod uczenia maszynowego wykorzystywanych do generowania rekomendacji. System rekomendacji zbudowano na pods[...]
EN Recommendation systems are class of information filter applications whose main goal is to provide personalized recommendations. The main goal of the research was to compare two ways of creating personalized recommendations. The recommendation system was built on the basis of a content-based cognitiv[...]
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