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Demonstratio Mathematica
EN We present almost sure central limit theorems for weakly dependnt random variables. The presented theorems generalize the results obtained by Peligrad and Shao (1995)
Polish Maritime Research
2019 nr 1 40--48
EN The paper refers to the dynamic short-term response analysis of the Baltic steel drilling platform (see Fig.2) in a random sea-state represented by one-dimensional wave spectrum proposed by Striekalov and Massel, which is recommended for the Baltic Sea area. The Baltic drilling platform is a jack-up[...]
Polish Maritime Research
2018 nr 1 77--84
EN The paper deals with sensitivity and reliability applications to numerical studies of an off-shore platform model. Structural parameters and sea conditions are referred to the Baltic jack-up drilling platform. The sudy aims at the influence of particular basic variables on static and dynamic respons[...]
Probability and Mathematical Statistics
EN A random set analogue of the Snell problem is presented. In the original Snell’s problem one observes a sequence of random variables (ξn), say a gambler’s capital at successive games. If the gambler leaves the game at a random time ν, his expected capital at this time is Eξν. T[...]
Demonstratio Mathematica
EN We consider quadratic forms that appear in the least squares estimator for the unknown parameter in the AR(1) model with stable innovations. In three cases we obtain different limit distributions.
International Journal of Electronics and Telecommunications
EN VisSim and LabVIEW based approaches are proposed and implemented to demonstrate fading in the communication systems. The introduction to fading, models for flat fading like Rayleigh, Weibull, Nakagami-m and the results of simulations are presented.
Demonstratio Mathematica
EN We establish here an inequality of Ostrowski type for a random variable whose probability density function belongs to L-infinity[a, b], in terms of the cumulative distribution function and expectation. The inequality is then applied to generalized beta random variable.
Demonstratio Mathematica
EN Let: {Xi} be a sequence of r.v.'s, and: Mn := max (X1,..., Xn), mn := min (X1,..., Xn). Our goal is to prove the almost sure central limit theorem for the properly normalized vector {Mn,mn}, provided: 1) {Xi} is an i.i.d. sequence, 2) {Xi} is a certain standardized stationary Gaussian sequence.
Przegląd Elektrotechniczny
PL Zaburzenia promieniowane w badaniach kompatybilności elektromagnetycznej mierzone są anteną połączonaą z miernikiem zaburzeń koncentrycznym torem pomiarowym o impedancji charakterystycznej 50�[omega]. Wspóczynnik przeliczeniowy sygnalu miernika na wielkość mierzoną anteną (mezurand) zdefiniowany jes[...]
EN Radiated disturbances by EMC testing are sensed with an antenna and transmitted via the 50[omega] coaxial path to the receiver. The recalculation factor between the receiver signal and the measurand is defined with neglecting mismatching. As a matter of course the mismatch error appears. It is not d[...]
Structure and Environment
2015 Vol. 7, no. 3 118--122
EN The study concerns the forced vibrations analysis of supporting structure in terms of probabilism. Structural design parameters are defined as the deterministic values and random variables. Random variables are not correlated. The criterion for structural failure is expressed as the limit of functio[...]
Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing
2005 Vol. 39 199-210
PL Prędkość opadania jest argumentem rozdziału procesu wzbogacania w osadzarce. Rozkład prędkości opadania stanowi więc charakterystykę materiału kierowanego do procesu wzbogacania. W artykule przedstawiono metodykę wyznaczania rozkładu prędkości opadania w próbce ziaren sferycznych dla turbulentnego c[...]
EN Settling velocity is an independent variable of the hydraulic separation performed for instance by means of jigs. Therefore, the settling velocity characterizes material forwarded to the separation process. The paper presents a method of determining the distribution of settling velocity in the sampl[...]
Gospodarka Surowcami Mineralnymi
2014 T. 30, z. 1 105--122
PL Prędkość opadania ziaren jest cechą rozdziału, według której dokonuje się idealny rozdział ziaren w procesie wzbogacania w osadzarce. Uwzględnienie kompleksowych właściwości geometrycznych ziaren (wielkość i kształt ziaren) oraz fizycznych (gęstość ziaren) prowadzi do wyliczenia rozkładu granicznej [...]
EN Particle settling velocity is the partition feature of feed directed to jigging process. Distribution of terminal particles settling velocity characterizes feed for jigging process. Consideration of complex geometrical properties of particles (size and shape) and physical ones (density) leads to cal[...]
Budownictwo i Architektura
2013 Vol. 12, nr 1 219--226
PL Celem niniejszej pracy jest analiza statyczna konstrukcji prętowych w ujęciu probabilistycznym. Parametry projektowe konstrukcji zdefiniowano jako wielkości deterministyczne oraz zmienne losowe. Zmienne losowe nie są skorelowane. Kryterium awarii konstrukcji określają funkcje graniczne związane ze s[...]
EN The study concerns the static analysis of rods structures in terms of probabilism. Structural design parameters are defined as the deterministic values and random variables. Random variables are not correlated. The criterion for structural failure is expressed the limits of functions referring to th[...]
Scientific Issues of Jan Długosz University in Częstochowa. Mathematics
2009 Vol. 14 163-172
EN In this paper we present generalization of probability density of random variables. It is obvious that probability density is definite only for absolute continuous variables. However, in many practical applications we need to define the analogous concept also for variables of other types. It can be [...]
Demonstratio Mathematica
EN In our paper we prove two kinds of the so-called almost sure central limit theorem (ASCLT). The first one is the ASCLT for the vectors ((Mn(1) , . . . ,Mn(r)), where Mn(j) n - the j-th largest maximum of X1, . . . ,Xn and {Xi} is an i.i.d. sequence. Our second result is the ASCLT for some random per[...]
Computer Assisted Mechanics and Engineering Sciences
EN The paper deals with the identification of material constants in simple and hybrid laminates. It is assumed that identified constants are non-deterministic and can be described by means of different forms of the information granularity represented by interval numbers, fuzzy numbers or random variabl[...]
Zeszyty Naukowe. Organizacja i Zarządzanie / Politechnika Śląska
2014 z. 74 351--360
PL W większości organizacji dokonuje się oceny pracowników na podstawie różnych kryteriów subiektywnych i obiektywnych. Często pracownicy czują się pokrzywdzeni oceną opisową lub ocena nie jest adekwatna do ich wyników pracy. W artykule proponujemy obiektywną metodę oceny pracowników z wykorzystaniem m[...]
EN In most of organizations evaluation of employees based on various criteria both subjective and objective is done. Employees feel often unfair by descriptive evaluation or the evaluation is not adequate to results of their work. In the publication we propose objective method of evaluation of employee[...]
Archives of Civil Engineering
2015 Vol. 61, nr 3 133--147
PL W pracy przedstawiono problem stateczności i dynamiki konstrukcji prętowych z wykorzystaniem podejścia probabilistycznego. Posłużono się niejawną funkcją graniczną zmiennych losowych. Zależność taka wymaga zastosowania procedury numerycznej np. metody elementów skończonych. W pracy przedstawiono poł[...]
EN The study deals with stability and dynamic problems in bar structures using a probabilistic approach. Structural design parameters are defined as deterministic values and also as random variables, which are not correlated. The criterion of structural failure is expressed by the condition of non-exce[...]
Civil and Environmental Engineering Reports
EN The safety assessment of the Pacoima arch dam is investigated in this paper. A Load – Resistance (L-R) method was used to ensure that the dam is safe or if it is at risk of failure. The "probabilistic design system" ANSYS finite element software was used to calculate the probability of failure. The [...]
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