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w słowach kluczowych:  principal component analysis
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Acta Chromatographica
2010 Vol. 22, no. 4 609--621
EN The ripe fruits of Schisandrae chinensis have a long history of use in traditional Chinese medicine to treat diseases and improve health. There is substantial evidence that lignan constituents are mainly responsible for the beneficial effects of this plant medicine. The amounts of the major bioactiv[...]
Acta Chromatographica
2011 Vol. 23, no. 3 429--445
EN The chromatographic behavior of 31 steroidal compounds on both silica gel and RP-18 silica thin layers using nonaqueous and aqueous-organic mobile phases was investigated. It was found that an application of more polar solvent systems such as acetonitrile-dichloromethane in comparison to acetone-n-h[...]
Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Technical Sciences
EN Extraction of the foetal electrocardiogram from single-channel maternal abdominal signals without disturbing its morphology is difficult. We propose to solve the problem by application of projective filtering of time-aligned ECG beats. The method performs synchronization of the beats and then employ[...]
Foundations of Computing and Decision Sciences
EN "The curse of dimensionality" is pertinent to many learning algorithms, and it denotes the drastic increase of computational complexity and classification error in high dimensions. In this paper, principal component analysis (PCA). parametric feature extraction (FE) based on Fisher's linear discrimi[...]
Polish Journal of Chemistry
EN Two different methods of principal component analysis (PCA) were applied to resolve pure component spectra in the two-component spectral mixture of gradually quenched fluorescence. The two approaches differ by that in the first method one uses an additional physical constraint to arrive at the desir[...]
Optica Applicata
EN The application of fluorescence spectroscopy methods in investigations of camptothecin (CPT) is presented in this paper. Fluorescence of CPT enables one to follow the process of hydrolysis, i.e., the process of converting the biologically active lactone form into inactive carboxylate. The fluorescen[...]
Journal of Ecological Engineering
EN The work presents an analysis of diversity and comparison of value for cultivation and use of early maturing potato cultivars registered with the Polish National Register of Cultivars. The comparison was based on 17 yield and appearance traits and quality attributes of tubers as well as their resist[...]
Theoretical and Applied Informatics
EN We present a novel quantum algorithm for the classification of images. The algorithm is constructed using principal component analysis and von Neuman quantum measurements. In order to apply the algorithm we present a new quantum representation of grayscale images.
Archiwum Informatyki Teoretycznej i Stosowanej
2005 T. 17, z. 3 189-198
PL Istnieje wiele metodologii, które pozwalają dokonać oceny struktury mieszaniny materiałów sypkich. W niniejszym artykule, wbrew dobrze znanym metodom statystycznym opartym na funkcji autokorelacji, zaproponowana została nowa metoda służąca do oceny homogeniczności mieszaniny materiałów sypkich podcz[...]
EN The many methodologies that exist for characterisation of a mixture structure were recently reviewed and linked with mixing mechanisms in current literature. In this paper we try to develop a novel methodology for defining and characterising homogeneity in continuous mixing using image analysis and [...]
Fundamenta Informaticae
EN It is shown that the discrete time dynamical system defined by the Oja-RLS algorithm is stable in the closed ring K(0,9/8) - K(0,8/9) if only the initial gain B0 is bounded by (2B)-1, where B=b2 and b is the bound for the learning sequence. It is rigorously proved that automatically computed gains [...]
Operations Research and Decisions
EN The first article describing this project presented the three games that the participants played: the Ultimatum Game, the Trust Game and the Public Goods Game. This article describes the study group on the basis of a questionnaire regarding where they study and come from, their social contacts, inte[...]
Journal of Ecological Engineering
EN This paper deals with the use of multivariate methods in drinking water analysis. During a five-year project, from 2008 to 2012, selected chemical parameters in 11 water supply networks of the Siedlce County were studied. Throughout that period drinking water was of satisfactory quality, with only i[...]
Oceanological and Hydrobiological Studies
EN Relationships between chlorophyll-a (chl-a) concentrations and 16 physicochemical variables in temperate eutrophic Çygören and mesotrophic Ikizcetepeler reservoirs (Turkey) were determined using Principal Component Analysis (PCA). PCA was used to simplify the complexity of relationships between wate[...]
Polish Maritime Research
2018 S 3 29--35
EN To predict the logistics needs of the port, an evaluation algorithm for the port logistics park based on the PCASVM model was proposed. First, a quantitative indicator set for port logistics demand analysis was established. Then, based on the grey correlation analysis method, the specific indicator [...]
Journal of KONES
EN Comfort in a vehicle has a very important role to play as one of the most important dynamic performance characteristics of rail vehicles. It is the factor of ever-increasing importance, even creating a specialized branch of engineering associated with relation between human limitations and designing[...]
EN Acquisition and subsequent processing of vibration data for fault diagnosis of rotating machinery with multiple bearings, such as Turbo-generator (TG) sets, can be quite involved, as data are usually required in three mutually perpendicular directions for reliable diagnosis. Consequently, the task o[...]
Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Technical Sciences
EN In this article, an approximation of the spatiotemporal response of a distributed parameter system (DPS) with the use of the principal component analysis (PCA) is considered. Based on a data obtained by the numerical solution of a set of partial differential equations, a PCA-based approximation proc[...]
2013 No. 55 (3) 573--598
EN Continuous measurements of the aerosol particle number concentration (PNC) in the size range from 4.5 nm to 2 µm were performed at the Preila marine background site during 2008–2009. The concentration maxima in summer was twice the average (2650±50 cm-3). A trajectory-based approach was applied for [...]
Computational Methods in Science and Technology
EN The unique set of aromaticity indices was identified for thermally induced changes of pi-electron delocalization by means of PCA (Principal Component Analysis). It was demonstrated that solvents polarity can influence not only the values of aromaticity indices but also their contribution to Principa[...]
Computational Methods in Science and Technology
EN Dicer is an enzyme responsible for processing double-stranded RNAs and plays a key role in an RNAi mechanism. Structural insight into the Dicer is provided by the crystal structure of eukaryotic Dicer from Giardia intestinalis. It has been proposed that the structure has three structurally rigid reg[...]
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