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Prace Naukowe Instytutu Technologii Organicznej i Tworzyw Sztucznych Politechniki Wrocławskiej. Konferencje
PL Pierwsze informacje o zastosowaniach koniugatów polimer-lek w medycynie pojawiły się w końcu lat siedemdziesiątych. Ostatnio opublikowano pracę przeglądową, w której opisano 70 naturalnych i syntetycznych polimerów stosowanych jako nośniki leków. W prezentowanym obecnie referacie opisujemysynteze po[...]
EN The first information on application of polymer-drug conjugates in medicine appearedin the lateseventies and recently a review has been published on over 70-ty natural and syntetic polymers used as drug matrixes. In the present paper we describe synthesis of poly(3-hydroxybutyric acid) (PHB) as nove[...]
Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing
EN Nanoclay-filled polylactide (PLA 3051D) composite materials were tested in this study and their capacity for degradation was investigated. Activated and lyophilized smectite clay was used. The filler, its morphology, and grain size distribution were characterized by the use of transmission electron [...]
Materials Science Poland
2004 Vol. 22, No. 4 389--395
EN We present a study on photovoltaic devices based on polypyrrole (PP) and SiC nanoparticles (~30 nm) in the matrix of poly(N-vinylcarbazole) (PVK). The photovoltaic cell structure was ITO/(polymer with SiC)/Ca/Al. The photophysics of such photoactive devices is based on photoinduced charge transfer f[...]
Opto - Electronics Review
EN Two-dimensional infrared scanning microscopy images of micro-structured surface patterns in an organic transistor device with metal electrode stripes on a polymer channel layer have been demonstrated. A compact single mode optical fiber scanning probe which has a micro dome-shape lens at the tip end[...]
Opto - Electronics Review
EN New diffusion model of recording diffraction gratings in the media of PDLC is described in which besides diffusion of monomer molecules also diffusion of polymer molecules and non-locality of diffusion coefficient are taken into account. It lets us to explain why diffraction efficiency is low for lo[...]
2007 nr 10 30-33
PL W artykule omówiono ogólnie specyfikę tworzyw polimerowych stosowanych do produkcji rur. Podkreślono ich odmienność w stosunku do materiałów "tradycyjnych". Tym samym zwrócono uwagę na konieczność nowego podejścia do tych wyrobów, jak też uwzględnienia tego na wszystkich etapach realizacji i eksploa[...]
EN The generał characteristic of polymer plastics used in pipes productian was discussed in the article. Their dissimilarity in comparison with "traditional" materials was underlined. New approach towards these products as well as taking into consideration this fact during all stages of realization and[...]
Przemysł Chemiczny
Przemysł Chemiczny
Prace Naukowe Instytutu Chemii i Technologii Nafty i Węgla Politechniki Wrocławskiej. Konferencje
PL Wykonano badania ogniwa paliwowego z bezpośrednim utlenianiem metanolu dla różnych mambran stałych elekrolitów polimerowych i różnych konstrukcji elektrod. Jako podstawowe materiały układu ogniwa stosowano proszki węglowe, zmieszane z katalizatorem platynowym oraz polimery protonowo przewodzące. Jak[...]
EN The performance of the mathanol fuel cell with different construction of electrodes and membrane types was investigated. The carbon powders mixed with Pt catalyst and Nafion-like proton conducting polymer were used as the basic components of the electrode systems. The Nafion and other synthetised po[...]
Inżynieria i Aparatura Chemiczna
2006 Nr 6s 152-154
EN Flow of molten polymer in conical channels is considered in the paper. To describe the problem a model of viscoplastic fluid is used but the final results are illustrated by Bingham fluid flow. The dimensionless formulae for pressure distributions in conical annular channels with inertia effects are[...]
Przemysł Chemiczny
Prace Naukowe Instytutu Technologii Organicznej i Tworzyw Sztucznych Politechniki Wrocławskiej. Konferencje
PL W pracy przedstawiono wyniki badań przebiegu reakcji fotoizomeryzacji trans-cis i termicznej izomeryzacji cis-trans ugrupowania azobenzenowego, zawartego w chromoforowych monomerach będących metakrylanami pochodnych 4-aminoazobenzenu z grupą alkilową i hydroksyalkilową przy aminowym atomie azotu ora[...]
EN The results of trans-cis photomerization and reverse cis-trans thermal isomerization reactions study of azobenzene group containing chromophoric methacrylate type monomers and polymers are presented. The compounds studied represent methacrylate derivatives of 4-aminoazobenzene with alkyl and hydroxy[...]
Ochrona przed Korozją
1998 nr 3 66-69
PL Badano fotodegradację powłok polimetakrylanu tertbutylu i polistyrenu w powietrzu zawierającym 100 ppm dwutlenku siarki i 100 ppm dwutlenku azotu oraz w mieszaninie tych gazów w powietrzu przy stałej temperaturze i wilgotności. W obecności dwutlenku siarki i dwutlenku azotu podczas naświetlania poli[...]
EN The photodegradation of poly(tert-butylmethacrylate) and polystyrene films under 100 ppm sulphur dioxide and 100 ppm nitrogen dioxide in air and mixtyres of the gases in air constant temperature and humidity was studied. In the presence of sulphur dioxide and nitroden dioxide under irradiation the p[...]
PL Omówiono perspektywy rozwoju badań w zakresie metod modyfikacji i przetwarzania polimerów oraz otrzymywania kompozytów i nanokompozytów.
EN Perspectives of development of research concerning methods of modification and processing polimers and production of composites and nano-composites were discussed.
Acta Chromatographica
2017 Vol. 29, no. 2 193--205
EN This study aims to develop and validate a high-performance size-exclusion chromatography (HPSEC) method to determine the amount of polymer in cefmetazole sodium for injection and to compare this method with gel chromatography. A Zenix SEC-150 column was used with the mobile phase of phosphate buffer[...]
Optica Applicata
EN The basic optical properties and optical constants of the ionomer thin film have been investigated by means of transmittance and reflectance spectra. The real (n) and imaginary (k) parts of the complex refractive index and dielectric constant of the thin film were determined. The oscillator energy E[...]
Polish Maritime Research
2007 nr 4 64-67
EN The property is evaluated when acceptance for loading of solid bulk cargoes is judged prior to shipment. The liquefaction can be prevented by means of limiting the moisture content of the cargo by introducing the safety margin, regardless of the condition of stresses. It is rational to limit the moi[...]
Central European Journal of Energetic Materials
2018 Vol. 15, no. 3 456--467
EN Triblock copolymer polyNIMMO-HTPB-polyNIMMO was synthesized by cationic ring opening polymerization of NIMMO (3-nitratomethyl-3-methyloxetane) in the presence of hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene catalyzed by BF3·OEt2. The polymer was characterized by FT-IR, 1H NMR, 13C NMR spectroscopy, and GPC. DS[...]
Central European Journal of Energetic Materials
2018 Vol. 15, no. 2 299--314
EN A copolymer of chlorotrifluoroethylene and vinylidene fluoride was investigated to assess its viability as an oxidiser, for aluminium as the fuel, in an extrudable pyrotechnic composition for application in 3D printing. Experimental results and EKVI thermochemical modelling suggested that a fuel loa[...]
Archives of Mechanics
EN A phenomenologically motivated small strain model and a finite strain general framework to simulate the curing process of polymer have been developed and discussed in our recently published papers [1, 2, 3, 4]. In order to illustrate the capability of the finite strain framework proposed earlier, on[...]
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