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Journal of Ecological Engineering
EN Different diagnostic methods can be used to determine electrons and gas temperatures in the gliding arc plasma reactor. The electrons’ temperature has been determined by optical spectroscopy and gas temperature – by thermovision camera. The results of the thermovision diagnostics of the plasma gener[...]
2016 Vol. 61, No. 4 437--441
EN This paper shows the theoretical predictions of the outer-shell ionization effect on the positions of Kα1,2, Kβ1,3, and Kβ2 X-ray lines for some 4d-transition metals (molybdenum and palladium) and 4f rare-earth elements (dysprosium and ytterbium). The ionization energy shifts have been evaluated usi[...]
2016 Vol. 61, No. 4 409--412
EN The paper presents comparison of two silicon drift detectors (SDD), one made by Amptek, USA, and the second one by PNDetector, Germany, which are considered for a soft X-ray diagnostic system for W7-X. The sensitive area of the first one is 7 mm2 × 450 m and the second one is 10 mm2 × 450 m. The f[...]
Elektronika : konstrukcje, technologie, zastosowania
PL Zastosowanie do zasilania katody magnetronowej zasilaczy impulsowych ze zmiennym współczynnikiem wypełnienia impulsu wyjściowego powoduje, że parametry plazmy w czasie procesu ulegają zmianom, odzwierciedlając chwilowe wartości prądu katody. Do pomiaru parametrów plazmy przy zasilaniu impulsowym wyk[...]
EN Application of PWM (pulse width modulation) power supply for magnetron sputtering, results in changing parameters of plasma reflecting present value of discharge current. Application of synchronisation system allowed to record stable current-voltage characteristic of Langmuir probe. Synchronisation [...]
International Journal of Electronics and Telecommunications
2017 Vol. 63, No. 3 323--328
EN We present a feasibility study of fast events parameters estimation algorithms regarding their execution time. It is the first stage of procedure used on data gathered from gas electron multiplier (GEM) detector for diagnostic of plasma impurities. Measured execution times are estimates of achievabl[...]
Optica Applicata
EN Achievements of the authors in the field of technical and numerical problems of multi-frame interferometry are presented. A three-channel interferometric system with an automatic image processing for laser-produced plasma is described. The measurements of electron density distributions in a plasma g[...]
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