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w słowach kluczowych:  parallel computing
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Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology
2011 nr 4 73-80
EN Reliable comparison of optimization algorithms requires the use of specialized benchmarking procedures. This paper highlights motivations which influence their structure, discusses evaluation criteria of algorithms, typical ways of presenting and interpreting results as well as related statistical p[...]
Zeszyty Naukowe. Elektryka / Politechnika Opolska
2010 z. 63 29-30
EN The article presents advantages of using parallel computing in solving engineering problems as well as author's remarks about legitimacy of using this technology.
Computer Methods in Materials Science
PL W artykule tym przedstawiono wersję równoległą algorytmu genetycznego bazującego na hierarchicznym chromosomie (AGBHC) służącego do znajdowania optymalnych siatek począt-kowych dla hp adaptacyjnej metody elementów skończonych (hp-MES). Zaproponowany algorytm AGBHC rozwiązuje problem r adaptacji. Jes[...]
EN In this paper we investigate the parallel version of the hierarchical chromosome based genetic algorithm (HCBGA) for finding the optimal initial mesh for self-adaptive hp-Finite Element Method (hp-FEM). The HCBGA algorithm solves the global optimization problem of r refinements in order to provide o[...]
Computer Methods in Materials Science
PL Artykuł ten przedstawia nowy algorytm równoległy dla hp adaptacyjnej metody elementów skończonych (hp-MES) cechujący się rozproszoną strukturą danych. Algorytm ten generuje w sposób w pełni automatyczny (bez żadnej interakcji użytkownika) ciąg siatek obliczeniowych dostarczających eksponencjalnej zb[...]
EN In this paper we present a new parallel algorithm of the self-adaptive hp Finite Element Method (hp-FEM) with shared data structures. The algorithm generates in a tully automatic mode (without any user interaction) a sequence of meshes delivering exponential convergence of the prescribed quantity of[...]
Fundamenta Informaticae
EN The paper presents a general methodology for an efficient parallelization of the fully automatic hp-adaptive Finite Element Method (hp-FEM). The self-adaptive hp-FEM algorithm expressed in terms of the graph grammar productions is analyzed by utilizing the Partitioning Communication Agglomeration Ma[...]
Turbulence : international journal
2007 Vol. 12 149-168
EN In this paper a two-dimensional conjugated heat transfer both by radiation and conduction in the thermal lightweight insulation layer was investigated. It was assumed that the radiation might be emitted, absorbed and isotropically scattered inside the gray medium. Its walls were opaque, absorbing, e[...]
TASK Quarterly : scientific bulletin of Academic Computer Centre in Gdansk
EN A new iterative non-overlapping domain decomposition method is proposed for solving the one- and two-dimensional Helmholtz equation on parallel computers. The spectral collocation method is applied to solve the Helmholtz equation in each subdomain based on the Chebyshev approximation, while the patc[...]
Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Technical Sciences
EN Some materials-related microstructural problems calculated using the phase-field method are presented. It is well known that the phase field method requires mesh resolution of a diffuse interface. This makes the use of mesh adaptivity essential especially for fast evolving interfaces and other trans[...]
Fundamenta Informaticae
EN One-way and two-way cellular language acceptors with restricted nondeterminism are investigated. The number of nondeterministic state transitions is regarded as limited resource which depends on the length of the input. We center our attention to real-time, linear-time and unrestricted-time computat[...]
Fundamenta Informaticae
EN Nondeterministic cellular language acceptors are investigated. The nondeterminism is regarded as limited resource. For parallel devices it is natural to bound the nondeterminism in time and/or space. Depending on the length of the input, the number of allowed nondeterministic state transitions as we[...]
Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Technical Sciences
EN In the paper the usage of the Texas Instruments multiprocessor chip the TMS320C80 for the parallel image processing is described. In the real-time implementations of image processing algorithms the performance time is a critical parameter, so very often multiprocessor solutions must be used. The TMS[...]
EN The Jagiellonian Positron Emission Tomograph (J-PET) collaboration is developing a prototype time of flight (TOF)-positron emission tomograph (PET) detector based on long polymer scintillators. This novel approach exploits the excellent time properties of the plastic scintillators, which permit very[...]
Machine Graphics and Vision
EN This paper discusses the application of parallel Hopfield neural networks in solving the point-feature labeling placement (PFLP) problem by using programmable graphics hardware found in a commodity PC. In this paper, we focus on two aspects. The first aspect concerns mapping the PFLP onto parallel H[...]
Computer Science
2013 Vol. 14 (3) 459--474
EN The paper presents the results of investigations concerning the possibility of using programm able logic devices (FPGA) to build virtual multi-core processors dedicated specifically towards particular applications.The paper shows the designed architecture of amulti-core processor specialized to perf[...]
Foundations of Computing and Decision Sciences
2016 Vol. 41, No. 2 123--142
EN The problem of reads mapping to a reference genome is one of the most essential problems in modern computational biology. The most popular algorithms used to solve this problem are based on the Burrows-Wheeler transform and the FM-index. However, this causes some issues with highly mutated sequences[...]
Journal of Automation Mobile Robotics and Intelligent Systems
EN In this article we present a navigation system of a mobile robot based on parallel calculations. It is assumed that the robot is equipped with a 3D laser range scanner. The system is essentially based on a dual grid-object, where labels are attached to detected objects (such maps can be used in navi[...]
Molecular and Quantum Acoustics
2005 Vol. 26 261-266
EN The radiation characteristics of the ultrasound transducers can be calculated by means of the concurrent algorithm. This approach is necessary when the calculations are performed on a computer cluster and additionally allows to enhance greatly the overall efficiency of such an algorithm. This paper [...]
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Computer Science
EN Algorithms and parallel programs for the controllability and observability gramians computation of the Linear Time Invariant (LTI) systems using Lyapunov equation with an application of the NVIDIA general purpose Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), are presented in the paper. Parallel computing of the g[...]
Studia Informatica : systems and information technology
EN This paper presents a concept of parallel programming in the context of image analysis and processing algorithms. It demonstrates an exact implementation of the issue of image filtration using the Microsoft .NET framework and the C# language. All technical aspects were subject to analysis. Presented[...]
Measurement Automation Monitoring
EN The paper presents an innovative data classification approach based on parallel computing performed on a GPGPU (General-Purpose Graphics Processing Unit). The results shown in this paper were obtained in the course of a European Commission-funded project: “Research on large-scale storage, sharing an[...]
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