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Przemysł Chemiczny
2011 T. 90, nr 4 606-609
Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
EN Purpose: In orthodontic treatments, wires of different metallic alloys are used for alignment, leveling, correction of the molar position, space closing, finish and retention. The purpose of the paper is the characteristics of austenitic stainless steel wires, with a square traverse section, which w[...]
Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Technical Sciences
2015 Vol. 63, nr 2 527--532
EN This study aimed at the simulation of bone tissue remodeling within a bone defect with the utilization of the finite element method (FEM), enabling - via elaborated application - objective evaluation of orthodontic forces which positively influence periodontium in vivo. The initial position of each [...]
Przemysł Chemiczny
2012 T. 91, nr 5 896-899
Advances in Materials Science
EN The objective was to evaluate and assess the surface quality of fixed orthodontic appliances after intraoral usage for several months. Nine sets of orthodontic brackets by three different manufacturers and twelve archwires differing in chemical composition were analyzed in a scanning electron micros[...]
Problemy Nauk Stosowanych
2014 T. 2 109--118
PL Wstęp i cel: Praca została poświecona próbie reperacji drutów NiTi, które z różnych przyczyn uległy uszkodzeniu i deformacji. W dotychczasowej literaturze, Autorzy nie napotkali na informacje dotyczące reperacji elementów wykonanych z materiału z pamięcią kształtu. Połączeń dokonano metodą spawania [...]
EN Introduction and aim: The paper was dedicated to try to repair NiTi wires, which for various reasons have been damaged and deformed. In the prior literature, the Authors have not found the information on repairing components made of a shape memory material. Connections made by welding argon, solderi[...]
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