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AGH Drilling, Oil, Gas
2013 Vol. 30, no. 1 269--286
EN Tripping events are expensive and time-consuming. Thus, minimizing tripping time through choosing optimized tripping velocity becomes urgent. Surge or swab pressures in the wellbore and dynamic loading of drillstring will be generated during tripping. Also, dynamic velocity, which is the velocity at[...]
Przegląd Elektrotechniczny
2003 R. 79, nr 10 690-692
EN The paper presents a new toolbox containing a wide range of optimization methods to be used by students in undergraduate studies of electrical engineering. Both deterministic and stochastic optimization techniques can be applied to a large set of known test functions. The computer laboratory course [...]
Control and Cybernetics
EN The well-known problem of price-based coordinability is studied for the case of a multi-agent system in which information regarding the goals of the interacting subsystems is asymmetric. The paper illustrates how the uniform-price-based coordination rulet may create incentives to anticipate the valu[...]
Computer Assisted Mechanics and Engineering Sciences
EN During the manufacturing process of multilayered fibre-reinforced composites with variable fibre orientations, residual stresses build up due to the directional expansion of the single unidirectionally reinforced layers. Dependent on the laminate lay-up, these inhomogeneous residual stresses, which [...]
Computer Applications in Electrical Engineering
2013 Vol. 11 370--379
EN The article presents results of research on the calculation of the shape of a mirror reflector, which ensures the highest possible average illuminance, and uniformity of illuminance. A multiobjective genetic algorithm was used to carry out optimization calculations.
Gospodarka Materiałowa i Logistyka
2010 nr 1 30-32
PL Podejmowanie w logistyce wielu trudnych decyzji o charakterze ilościowym stanowi proces przetwarzania informacji wymagający stosowania badań operacyjnych. Możliwość praktycznego wykorzystania badań operacyjnych umożliwiają komputery oraz ich odpowiednie oprogramowanie, które opracowano na bazie odpo[...]
EN In the article the general rule of functioning of chosen optimization, simulation and heuristic methods and models was presented. These tools are very useful in nowadays logistics, various industrial branches and material management.
Decision Making in Manufacturing and Services
EN In the paper, we consider a problem of scheduling a set of tasks on a single processor. Each task must be preprocessed before it can be started on a processor. The efficiency of preprocessing is variable, i.e., the rate of the task preprocessing depends on the amount of continuously divisible resour[...]
Electrical Power Quality and Utilisation. Journal
EN The installation of electronic devices, digital equipment, and nonlinear loads in both industrial and domestic applications have dramatically increased in recent years, which in turn increased the level of harmonics in the system. Harmonic distortion is widely recognized as a significant cause of da[...]
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
2018 Vol. 56 nr 4 1179--1191
EN The purpose of this paper is to present a novel mechatronic system for gait re-education which consists of a body weight support system (BWS system) and a treadmill. This publication covers mainly issues related to the design and optimization process of a control algorithm dedicated for the unloadin[...]
Transactions of the Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery
2003 nr 113 75--83
EN Nowadays, various programs for optimization and simulation of power systems are used. Mathematical model based on particular system element characteristics is a core of this type of programs. How accurate the modelling is depends on the accuracy of implemented characteristics. In the course of time,[...]
Polish Maritime Research
2018 nr 4 30--38
EN The purpose of the article is to present the goal of optimization of transport and logistics processes, followed by literature review in the field of optimization methods. The optimization methods were categorized and the most commonly used methods were listed. The tasks of static and dynamic optimi[...]
Archives of Environmental Protection
EN Zinc plant residue is a hazardous waste which contains high quantity of nickel and other valuable metals. Process parameters such as reaction time, acid concentration, solid-liquid ratio, particle size, stirring speed and temperature for nickel extraction from this waste were optimized using factori[...]
Technical Sciences / University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn
2013 nr 16(2) 147--164
EN Airborne laser scanning (ALS) is one of the LIDAR technologies (Light Detection and Ranging). It provides information about the terrain in form of a point cloud. During measurement is acquired: spatial data (object’s coordinates X, Y, Z) and collateral data such as intensity of reflected signal. The[...]
Pomiary Automatyka Kontrola
2012 R. 58, nr 10 887-891
PL W artykule przedstawiono oryginalną metodę formułowania zadań optymalizacji wielogałęziowych ustrojów prętowych, polegającą na dekompozycji ustroju na pojedyncze pręty, sformułowaniu warunków współpracy oraz normalizacji ich długości. Wykazano, że zaprezentowana metoda umożliwia, w odniesieniu do us[...]
EN The paper presents an original method for formulating problems of optimization of multi-branch bar arrangements which consists in decomposing them into single bars, formulating their cooperation conditions, and normalizing their lengths. In Section 2 there is defined the concept of multi-branch arr[...]
Prace Naukowe Politechniki Warszawskiej. Konferencje
2007 T. 1, z. 25 105-113
PL W referacie przedstawiono problem optymalizacji ruchu elektrociepłowni kolektorowej posiadającej tylko turbiny przeciwprężne. W pierwszej części przedstawiono zagadnienie prostej optymalizacji rozdziału obciążeń oraz efekty możliwe do uzyskania. W drugie części przedstawiono zagadnienie optymalizacj[...]
EN The operation optimization problem for (header-structured) CHP provided only with back-pressure turbines is presented. In the paper's first part, the problem of simple optimization of load distribution and possible profits are shown. In the second part, adding a condensing turbine supplied from the [...]
Schedae Informaticae
2012 Vol. 21 169--175
EN Automatic differentiation is an often superior alternative to numerical differentiation that is yet unregarded for calculating derivatives in the optimization of imaging optical systems. We show that it is between 8% and 34% faster than numerical differentiation with central difference when optimizi[...]
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
2008 Vol. 46 nr 4 813-828
PL W pracy badano problemy optymalizacji płyt pierścieniowych poddanych działaniu równomiernie rozłożonych obciążeń temperaturowych, z uwagi na częstość drgań. Poszukiwano takiego rozkładu grubości płyty (kołowo symetrycznej) o stałej objętości, który prowadzi do maksymalizacji jej częstości drgań. Ogr[...]
EN In the paper, the optimization of annular plates subject to circularly symmetric distribution of thermal loading with respect to vibration frequency is considered. What is searched for is such a distribution of plate thickness of a constant volume which maximizes its lowest vibration frequency. The[...]
Operations Research and Decisions
EN When dealing with multi-criteria decision making problems, the concept of Pareto-optimality and Pareto-dominance may be inefficient (e.g. generally multiple solutions exist), especially when there is a large number of criteria. Our paper considers the fuzzy multi-criteria decision making problem bas[...]
Journal of Polish CIMAC
EN The system of recognizing the state of machines should enable: control of the state, forecasting the state in case of the applicability of the machine, location of damage in case of the unfitness of the machine, genesis of state and describing the probable reason for the appearance of located damage[...]
Archives of Electrical Engineering
EN This paper presents optimization results for a two-phase, modular transverse flux switched reluctance motor (TFSRM) with an outer rotor. In particular, the main disadvantage of the considered motor structure, that is the zero starting torque in some rotor positions, is eliminated by construction opt[...]
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