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Annual of Navigation
2011 No. 18 69--81
EN In the paper the methods to generate Numerical Models of Terrain for spatial visualization have been shown. For spatial visualization the application has been created, uses TIN, GRID methods: inverse distance to a power, nearest neighbour and natural one and NURBS (Non- Uniform Rational B-Splines). [...]
Journal of KONES
EN The use of a double spring in a vehicle suspension as a combination of elastic components of characteristics which are approximate to linear ones gives a nonlinear suspension nature, which should approximately meet the criterion of car motion smoothness connected with keeping the frequency of the fr[...]
International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics
2011 Vol. 17, No. 3 233--240
EN This paper describes the results of a study aimed at developing and validating a prediction model to assess the annoyance conditions at the operator station of compact loaders by using noise signal objective parameters only. For this purpose, binaural measurements were carried out on 41 compact load[...]
2012 No. 54 (2) 143-173
EN Hypothetical cases of oil spills, caused by ship failure in the northern Adriatic, are analysed with the aim of producing three-dimensional models of sea circulation and oil contaminant transport. Sea surface elevations, sea temperature and salinity fields are applied as a forcing argument on the mo[...]
2011 No. 53 (2) 565-585
EN In this study we modelled sea temperature (T), salinity (S) and density field dynamics using a 3D numerical model applied to Rijeka Bay (Croatia) in order to explore their effect on effluent plume dynamics in the vicinity of four submarine sewage outfalls when the bora wind (NE direction) is blowing[...]
Archives of Acoustics
EN The study was aimed at elaboration of a mathematical model to describe the process of acoustic wave propagation in an inhomogeneous and absorbing medium, whereas the wave is generated by an ultrasonic probe. The modelling process covered the phenomenon of ultrasonic wave backscattering on an elastic[...]
Geological Quarterly
EN Hydrogeological modelling of the Kampinos National Park (KNP) region has been carried out. The KNP comprises a hydrogeological unit of valley relatively simple structure, and has been investigated empirically and theoretically since the 1970's. Results of numerical modelling given here provide a qua[...]
2015 No. 57 (4) 318--327
EN The paper is focusing on the tides and on the strong tidal current generated in the western fjords of Svalbard. Numerical model is chosen as a tool to study the barotropic tides. Model results are compared against measured sea level and drifters. Numerical modeling and observation of tides point tha[...]
2015 R. 88, nr 7CD 725--732
PL Przedmiotem pracy są modele numeryczne dwóch zespołów budynków zdefiniowane w języku programowania Formian oraz opisy dwóch projektów koncepcyjnych przygotowanych na międzynarodowy konkurs architektoniczny eVolo2015, dla potrzeb których modele te opracowano. Projektowane budynki są posadowione na sy[...]
EN The subject of the paper refers to numeric models of two complexes of buildings defined in programming language Formian and to descriptions of two conceptual designs prepared for the international architectonic competition eVolo2015, for needs of which these models have been worked out. The designed[...]
Archives of Hydro-Engineering and Environmental Mechanics
EN The paper concerns investigations of regional variability of the wave climate in the Pomeranian Bay. Analysis is based on the wave measurements taken during a period of four months and numerical wave model WAM4 results. The calculations covered period of 3 months in 1997 (Oct., Nov., Dec.) and two y[...]
Journal of KONES
EN The subject of the paper are forced vibrations of the rear suspension of the biaxial vehicle fitted with the double spring spatial shell model and the viscous damper, under the force pulse input with the given transient response. The play between the master and auxiliary spring is a specific feature[...]
Journal of KONES
EN A double spring used in the vehicle suspension, as a combination of spring elements of characteristics close to linear ones, actually provides non-linear suspension characteristics. Due to requirements for the truck suspension being designed, the spring characteristics in the whole range of load cha[...]
Journal of KONES
EN A prototype double spring, consisting of the main four-leaf spring and the auxiliary two-leaf spring, designed for a truck (van) vehicles of a gross weight ofapp. 3,5 tons, makes the subject of considerations. This structural design is characterized by a clearance between the main and the auxiliary [...]
Prace Naukowe Politechniki Warszawskiej. Konferencje
2009 z. 26 25-33
PL Przedstawiono opis modelu numerycznego oraz przygotowanej aplikacji do wyznaczania osiągów układu energetycznego typu Brayton-Brayton jako sprzężonej instalacji turbiny gazowej spalinowej oraz powietrznej (rys.1.2.). Opracowany model typu bilansowego został wykorzystany do wyznaczenia zestawu charak[...]
EN This study demonstrates issues related to the construction and analysis of numerical model of the gas turbine Brayton - Brayton cycle. The study contains: basic information about the gas turbine systems, algorithms and equations used to create the model and the results of the numerical model calcula[...]
Prace Naukowe GIG. Górnictwo i Środowisko / Główny Instytut Górnictwa
2007 nr 1 71-84
PL Jednym z obowiązków samorządu gminnego jest opracowanie i wdrożenie gminnego systemu gospodarowania odpadami komunalnymi. Z uwagi na dużą liczbę zagadnień, które trzeba uwzględnić podczas planowania i nadzorowania działania takiego systemu, jest to zadanie bardzo skomplikowane. Szczególnie istotne j[...]
EN One of the duties of communal council is developing and implementation of municipal wastes management system. Due to a large number of questions, which should be considered during planning and supervising such system functioning, this task is very complicated. Particularly essential is to secure the[...]
Czasopismo Techniczne. Mechanika
PL W artykule zaprezentowano obiektowo zorientowaną technikę obliczeń równoległych w zastosowaniu do procesu walcowania slabów ze strefą półciekłą. Ze względu na ograniczoną moc komputerów będących do dyspozycji technologów obliczenia wymagające dużej precyzji mogą być niemożliwe lub czas obliczeń staj[...]
EN The paper presents an application of parallel object-oriented programming technique in modeling of rolling of steel plates with semi-solid zone. Due to limitations of available computer resources, a very accurate computation can sometimes be impossible or the time performance can be a barrier for pr[...]
Acta Mechanica et Automatica
PL Łożyska foliowe dzięki swoim wielu zaletom znajdują w ostatnim czasie coraz więcej zastosowań. Dzisiejszy poziom wiedzy pozwala na modelowanie własności łożysk foliowych przede wszystkim na podstawie badań eksperymentalnych, gdyż dotychczas opracowane modele obliczeniowe nie pozwalają na otrzymanie [...]
EN Foil bearings fulfil most of the requirements of novel oil-free turbomachinery. Only the experimental investigation of foil bearings giving us the fundamental knowledge of their behaviour, because of the luck of good numerical models. This work presented the preliminary stage of numerical modelling [...]
Zeszyty Naukowe Katedry Mechaniki Stosowanej / Politechnika Śląska
2006 z. 31 51-54
EN Outcomes of crash tests are very important factor which decide about well done validation of numerical models. Process of models creation of human body with detailed structure of cervical and lumbar spine in a situation corresponding to real road accidents are presented in this paper. Results of exp[...]
Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Białostockiej. Budownictwo
2008 Z. 32 173-187
PL Wpracy zaprezentowano modele stosowane w analizie numerycznej konstrukcji i elementów wykonanych z materiałów kruchych. Uwagę skoncentrowano na modelach zakładających kontynualną budowę materiału ośrodka. Przedstawiono charakterystykę poszczególnych modeli.
EN The work reviews constitutive models used in numerical analysis of brittle materials. Special attention is restricted to models based on the continuum theory. The paper is comprehensive survey of literature and mechanical modelling theories.
Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Białostockiej. Budownictwo
2006 Z. 27 7-27
PL Praca jest przeglądowym zestawieniem tendencji badawczych panujących na świecie w zakresie szkieletowego budownictwa drewnianego. Przedstawiono w niej kierunki badań doświadczalnych nad elementami składowymi oraz całymi konstrukcjami budynków szkieletowych. W dalszej części pracy przedstawiono zapro[...]
EN This work is review of trend in experimental and numerical researches over wooden frame buildings. There were presented directions of experimental researches over component elements or whole structures of wooden buildings. In the next part of article there were shown proposed numerical models descri[...]
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