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w słowach kluczowych:  nondestructive testing
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Journal of Automation Mobile Robotics and Intelligent Systems
EN This paper presents the results of investigation on the tensile stresses dependence of magnetic characteristics of the L17HMF steel casting. To ensure uniform stress distribution in the sample for this investigation and the closed magnetic circuit, the frame-shaped samples were used. This is very im[...]
Fatigue of Aircraft Structures
2015 Iss. 7 5--11
EN Structural properties of materials change under stress, temperature and work environment. These changes are generally unfavorable. They cause a reduction in strength of materials. This has an impact on the safety and service life of machines and constructions. In the chemical and petrochemical indus[...]
Optica Applicata
2006 Vol. 36, nr 4 s. 609--619
EN An overview of the spectral optical coherence tomography which is the alternative to the traditional Time domain version is given. Examples of applications in ophthalmology as well as in art preservation are presented.
Measurement Automation Monitoring
2015 Vol. 61, No. 6 223--227
EN This paper presents a comparison of two methods used for non-destructive testing: thermal impedance (Zth) and wavelet transform (WT). The transient heating process of a textolite plate with defects was measured using a thermographic camera. Based on the measurement results, a qualitative and quantit[...]
Journal of KONES
2013 Vol. 20, No. 2 167--173
EN Presently a lot of designs of light armours are based mainly on the multilayer composite materials. Thanks to these materials it was possible to achieve highest levels of ballistic resistance of specific armour at limited weight. The weight (area density) and the performance have direct influence on[...]
Metrology and Measurement Systems
2014 Vol. 21, nr 3 545--552
EN The photoacoustic cell is the heart of the nondestructive photoacoustic method. This article presents a new simple lumped-components CRLC model of the Helmholtz type photoacoustic cell. This model has been compared with the well known literature models describing the Helmholtz type cells for photoac[...]
Opto - Electronics Review
EN In this paper the experimental results of piezoelectric and magnetostrictive ultrasonic stimulation are comparatively analyzed in the evaluation of impact damage in a graphite epoxy composite sample chosen for a round robin test. By comparing theoretical and experimental results, it is shown that th[...]
Pomiary Automatyka Kontrola
PL W pracy została przedstawiona aplikacja modelująca pole harmonicznej płaskiej ultradźwiękowej fali rozproszonej na cienkiej płaskiej sztywno podpartej niejednorodności w materiale sprężystym. Aplikacja może być użyta jako narzędzie wspomagające proces nieniszczących ultradźwiękowych badań elastyczny[...]
EN An application for modeling of plane harmonic SH wave scattering on a thin plane rigidly supported inclusion in a uniform background (in two-dimensional Euclidean space) is presented. The application can be used as a tool in nondestructive testing of clastic materials with thin plane rigidly support[...]
Fatigue of Aircraft Structures
2016 Iss. 8 55--64
EN This paper presents the results of the quantitative evaluation of the degree of damage caused by plastic strain accumulated in static tensile tests and creep tests. To detect changes in the structure of the material and in order to determine the degradation of the materials, nondestructive methods w[...]
Napędy i Sterowanie
2018 R. 20, nr 5 102--108
PL Stal martenzytyczna P91 należy do grupy stali stosowanych w energetyce. Komponenty maszyn i wyposażenie wykorzystujące stale z tej grupy (K18 - P 265 i 13 HMF) są użytkowane w eksploatacji przy podwyższonych temperaturach. Stale te są narażone na obciążenia zmęczeniowe cieplne, przyspieszoną korozję[...]
EN The martensitic steel P91 belongs to the group of steels used in power engineering. Machine components and equipment using steels from the group (K18 - P 265 and 13 HMF) are utilized in service at increased temperatures. Such steels are exposed to thermal fatigue loads, accelerated corrosion, dynami[...]
Advances in Materials Science
EN Over the past twenty years, the increase of use of structural materials in Aerospace is due to many reasons. While the properties of metallic materials are mastered, the risk behavior of composite materials requires monitoring of the structure. That’s why many methods of non-destructive testing (NDT[...]
Badania Nieniszczące i Diagnostyka
2018 nr 3 19--23
PL W referacie przedstawiono rozwój metod nieniszczących na podstawie: • prac naukowo – badawczych w PAN, wyższych uczelniach oraz instytutach naukowo – badawczych; • konferencji naukowo – technicznych; • publikacji w postaci monografii, artykułów i referatów; • kursów i studiów podyplomowych. Przedsta[...]
EN The paper presents the development of nondestructive methods based on: scientific and research works at • the Polish Academy of Sciences, universities and research institutes; • scientific and technical conferences; • publications in the form of monographs, articles and lectures; • courses and post-[...]
Acta Geophysica
EN Moisture ingress is one of major damaging factors for masonry buildings. As the complex resistivity (CR) is sensitive to textural properties as well as to the pore fluid chemistry of wet porous media, its nondestructive application can provide helpful information for conservators. In a comprehensive[...]
Maszyny Elektryczne : zeszyty problemowe
2016 Nr 3 (111) 115--120
PL W artykule przedstawiono opis nieniszczących metod badań diagnostycznych elementów mechanicznych maszyn (badania NDT–Non Destructive Testing). Badania nieniszczące urządzeń i konstrukcji stanowią grupę metod badawczych, które dostarczają informacji o własnościach materiału obiektu, nie wpływających [...]
EN The description of non-destructive testing methods (NDT) for diagnosing mechanical elements of machines is given in the paper. The non-destructive tests of devices and structures belong in the class of diagnostic methods providing information about the material of tested element, and the tests do no[...]
Machine Dynamics Problems
EN This paper is a contribution into a wider discussion about nondestructive testing in material engineering. The aim of described research is the enhancement of experimental possibilities for subsurface defects detection in materials, products and structures by using an infrared scanning detector came[...]
Archives of Metallurgy and Materials
2019 Vol. 64, iss. 3 1117--1124
EN The main goal of the article is to identify artificially created defects like lack of fusion and incomplete penetration in buttweld joint using non-destructive volumetric methods. These defects are the most serious defects in welds of steel constructionsfrom the safety point of view. For identificat[...]
Przegląd Elektrotechniczny
PL Turbiny wiatrowe są złożonymi strukturami kompozytowymi, których stan powinien być stale badany. W niniejszym opracowaniu krótko przedstawiono metody nieniszczącego badania łopat turbin wiatrowych, które są obecnie stosowane lub są możliwe do wdrożenia. Nowe techniki wykorzystujące zjawiska elektrom[...]
EN Wind turbines are complex composite structures, which condition should be constantly tested. In this paper the techniques which are already used or are implementable for non-destructive examination of wind turbine blades will be presented shortly. New electromagnetic techniques like active IR testin[...]
Selected Engineering Problems
2012 nr 3 35--40
EN To ensure the quality of the welded joints on the pipes, instead of one procedure for non-destructive inspection, many times, two or more procedures are used, which complete each other. That is why it is important to have several procedures for the non-destructive inspection. The compared analysis i[...]
Machine Dynamics Problems
PL Artykuł opisuje zastosowanie analizy falkowej w przetwarzaniu sygnałów typu impulsowego. Analizowano kilka typów modeli sygnałów, których opis matematyczny zaczerpnięty był ze znanych z teorii dystrybucji przybliżeń δ - funkcji Diraca. Do opisu wyników transformaty autorzy zaproponowali wprowadzenie[...]
EN The paper deals with the application of wavelet transform to processing of impulse-type signals. This article analyses a number of impulse signal models. The mathematical description of these models has been taken from the Dirac delta function approximation. The authors have proposed use of certain [...]
Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering
2014 Vol. 14, no. 4 661--670
EN A discernible increase in importance of the methods used to evaluate and to control industrial processes has been observed over recent years. More and more frequently, companies utilize advanced methods of non-destructive testing to be competitive on the market and to provide high quality products. [...]
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