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w słowach kluczowych:  noise reduction
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Archives of Acoustics
EN The low-noise surfaces such as porous asphalt have become more frequently used to reduce traffic noise. This method of noise control may be effective where reductions of the order of a few decibels are required, and may provide a more economic solution compared to other forms of noise control, such [...]
Archives of Acoustics
EN The main aim of this study is to calculate magnitudes describing the sound radiation by a system containing two vibrating circular pistons located in tree-wall corner. It is assumed that there is no influence of the surrounding medium on the sources vibrations and the vibration velocities of the pis[...]
Archives of Acoustics
2007 Vol. 32, No. 3 631--642
EN The vehicle noise from a road with a bump consists of the deceleration noise, bump noise, and acceleration noise. The bump is modeled by the Dirac delta function. The linear density of sound energy (in Joules per meter) is used for the calculation of sound energies, ec and e, emitted by a vehicle on[...]
Optica Applicata
2010 Vol. 40, nr 4 991--1005
EN This paper presents a method for reducing noise in a digital hologram, which occurs during acquisition. The algorithm proposed initially transforms a digital hologram into frequency-domain data through a discrete cosine transform (DCT), and separates the object from the background in the transformed[...]
International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics
2007 Vol. 13, No. 4 419--426
EN The paper presents noise reduction (NR) of spiral ducts as a result of computational modeling of acoustic wave propagation. Three-dimensional models were created with the finite element method in COMSOL Multiphysics version 3.3. Nine models of spiral ducts with 1–9 spiral leads were considered. Time[...]
Mikroelektronika i Informatyka : prace naukowe
2007 Z. nr 7 73-80
PL Artykułprzedstawia dwa nowe algorytmy adaptacyjne, bazujace na znanym algorytmie NLMS (ang. Normalized Least Mean Squares). Algorytmy te powstały w wyniku prac nad uproszczeniem implementacji (także sprzętowej) filtrów adaptacyjnych, wykorzystujacych wspomniany algorytm NLMS. Obydwa algorytmy został[...]
Advances in Electronics and Telecommunications
EN The idea and practical realization of a measurement system dedicated for highly attenuated eye diagrams diagnostics is presented in the paper. It is specially oriented on high-speed modulated optical data transmission signals which amplification is difficult and/or undesired. The presented measureme[...]
Archives of Acoustics
2014 Vol. 39, No. 2 261--266
EN The paper shows the new method for noise reduction in external gear pumps based on the analysis of the pressure in inter teeth volumes. The simulation model and measurement results of pressure changes in the inter teeth volume has been presented. Based on simulation results an additional volume has [...]
Archives of Acoustics
EN The aim of the project was to work out a laboratory method for measurements of noise reduction of ear-muffs whose results are in better agreement with real-world performance than the results of sound attenuation measurements according to PN-EN 24869-1. The paper presents the methodology for noise re[...]
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
2005 Vol. 43 nr 2 327--344
PL W pracy omówiono zagadnienia dotyczące możliwości zastosowania nieparametrycznych metod wygładzania krzywych: metody MA (ang. moving average), LOESS (ang. locally weighted scatter plot smooth) oraz SG (ang. Savitzky-Golay filtering) do poprawiania jakości estymowanych modeli modalnych. Dla danych be[...]
EN In the paper, issues concerning curve smoothing methods such as the locally weighted scatter plot smooth method (LOESS), moving average method (MA), Savitzky-Golay filter method (SG) are discussed. Results of the ERA analysis for measured noisy frequency response functions smoothed by curve smoothin[...]
International Journal of Electronics and Telecommunications
2018 Vol. 64, No. 3 285--292
EN Optimization of encoding process in video compression is an important research problem, especially in the case of modern, sophisticated compression technologies. In this paper, we consider HEVC, for which a novel method for selection of the encoding modes is proposed. By the encoding modes we mean e[...]
Poznan University of Technology Academic Journals. Electrical Engineering
2017 No. 91 165--173
EN One of the most difficult problems that appears during the process of archival sound restoration is the detection and reduction of the pulse type noise. This kind of noise is the result of contamination or damage to the analog record material. Pulse interference detection algorithms are prone to fal[...]
Archives of Control Sciences
EN In this paper a novel class of filters designed for the removal of impulsive moise in color images is presented. The proposed filter family is based on the kernel function which controls the noise suppression properties of the proposed filtering scheme. The comparison of the new filtering method wit[...]
Archives of Acoustics
2020 Vol. 45, No. 1 111--117
EN The paper presents results of the localization of main noise sources in the industrial plant. Identification of main noise sources was made with an acoustic camera using Beamforming Method. Parallel to the measurements by means of the acoustic camera, sound level measurements on the main noise sourc[...]
Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology
2005 nr 3 91-95
EN This paper concerns the possibilities of applying wavelet analysis to discovering and reducing distortions occurring in time series. Wavelet analysis basics are briefly reviewed. WaveShrink method including three most common shrinking variants (hard, soft, and non-negative garrote shrinkage function[...]
Bio-Algorithms and Med-Systems
EN The analysis of the Adaptive Weight Smoothing (AWS) and the Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) application in the MRI images improvement is presented. The results show how the AWS and the DWT algorithms can be used for the noise reduction in the MRI. The DWT application gives much better visual result[...]
Journal of KONES
EN The world used several solutions exhaust systems of motor vehicles. Today, in addition to the core function of which is to discharge exhaust gases from a combustion engine and noise reduction, these systems must comply with the functions associated with aftertreatment and impact on the characteristi[...]
Journal of Automation Mobile Robotics and Intelligent Systems
EN A robust throttle valve control has been an attractive problem since throttle by wire systems were established in the mid-nineties. Control strategies often use a feed-forward controller which use an inverse model; however, mathematical model inversions imply a high order of differentiation of the s[...]
Engineering Transactions
EN A monitoring system for fatigue crack propagation was developed using a non-contact acoustic emission (AE) monitoring system. The AE signals generated during the plane bending fatigue test were first monitored. The AE generation rate increased after approximately 0.5 of the fatigue life ratio. The m[...]
Pomiary Automatyka Kontrola
PL Praca dotyczy zagadnienia redukcji szumów pomiarowych obrazów z zastosowaniem metod regularyzacji. W pracy przedstawiono rezultaty filtracji obrazu testowego (16×16 pikseli) przeprowadzonej przy użyciu metody regularyzacji Tichonowa, TSVD, DSVD oraz ME [1, 3]. Do rekonstrukcji obrazów o dużych rozmi[...]
EN In practical applications of signal processing, the problem of picture reconstruction on the basis of a recorded noisy picture is frequently encountered. Such a problem is an inverse, ill-posed problem (Fig. 1), which means that even small disturbances of the recorded picture have significant influe[...]
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