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Molecular and Quantum Acoustics
2001 Vol. 22 239-260
EN Nanostructure science and technology is clearly a very broad and interdisciplinary area of research and development activity worldwide. It has been growing exlosively in the past few ears, since the realisation that creating new materials and devices from nanoscale building blocks could access nwe a[...]
Opto - Electronics Review
EN In the light of recent advances in subwavelength optics, the development of optical nanodevices is nowadays conceivable. Among the best candidates to act as the elementary components of such devices are nanoscale structures of noble metals. These materials are capable to sustain resonant electron os[...]
TASK Quarterly : scientific bulletin of Academic Computer Centre in Gdansk
EN The photonic response exhibited by typical semiconductor nanodevices is modeled through a notionally universal descriptor by virtue of the Green’s function associated with the generic complete, inhomogeneous differential equation. It is derived that the photoresponse evolution is expressible as the [...]
Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Technical Sciences
2018 Vol. 66, nr 2 119--125
EN Non-equilibrium molecular dynamics method (NEMD) is applied to investigate a formation process of water nanovortex in 7 nm wide nanocavity (aspect ratio of which was equal to 3.6). The flow in the nanocavity was induced by Poiseuille 2D water nanoflow in a main nanochannel, to which the nanocavity i[...]
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