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Molecular and Quantum Acoustics
2008 Vol. 29 27-32
EN Complexity of natural systems causes that results of experimental studies are often ambiguous and extremely unrewarding in interpretation. To overcome this difficulty, relative simple model systems may be investigated in order to provide physical grounds for further discussion. This study deals with[...]
Molecular and Quantum Acoustics
1999 Vol. 20 143-148
EN In the present paper, the authors discuss studies carried out for many years by numerous acoustics researchers, dealing particularly with two compounds: benzene and carbon disulphide. They are typical liquids in which acoustic Kneser-type relaxation occurs, caused by an irreversible vibrational-tran[...]
Molecular and Quantum Acoustics
2006 Vol. 27 169-188
EN There was presented in the paper the theoretical discussion about the ultrasonic relaxation process related to energy transfer between translational and vibrational degrees of freedom as well as with the existing of chemical isomerism. The part of the paper describes several ultrasonic equipments fo[...]
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