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Machine Dynamics Research
EN The method for automated formation of the ontological knowledge base software tools construction by converting of the structured encyclopedic resource to the appropriate ontology objects has been presented in the article. The developed method is based on the algorithm and model from the Petri networ[...]
Journal of Polish Safety and Reliability Association
2008 Vol. 1 117--121
EN Bootstrap and resampling methods are the computer methods used in applied statistics. It is a type of Monte Carlo method based on observed data. Bradley Efron described it in 1979 and he has written a lot about the method and its generalizations since then. Here we apply these methods in an empirica[...]
Journal of Machine Engineering
EN This paper presents the factors and needs which make it necessary to increase the accuracy of machine tools. Types of machine tool errors, their causes and ways of identifying, measuring, reducing and compensating them are described. The most effective methods of identifying machine tool errors are [...]
Journal of KONES
EN Modelling the process of traffic flow was previously studied from different points of view and different mathematical methods where used to describe the same process. All authors have an agreement on basic traffic flow parameters like, traffic flow density, traffic flow rate or the average speed of [...]
Artificial Satellites : Journal of Planetary Geodesy
EN Tri-axial gyroscopes used to be the only instrument used to measure the angular increments of airplanes. However, because there were no reference devices, drift and accumulation errors affected the accuracy of the estimated attitude. In this paper, we propose a novel method for measuring angular inc[...]
Archives of Acoustics
EN In spite of Polish observing the Schengen Convention connected with the freedom of internal moving in European Union, the problem of operating the external frontiers is still valid. Such border crossings can be crossed only at the special border crossing points and in defined time. The controls over[...]
Management and Production Engineering Review
EN This short analysis presents perspective and a holistic method for approaching and measuring customer satisfaction. The Balanced Critical Factor Index (BCFI) method is a measurement tool to indicate which attribute of a business process is critical and which is not, based on the experience and expec[...]
Studia Geologica Polonica
2005 Vol. 124 11-20
EN Deep water lowermost Cambrian sedimentary successions, Yangtze Plate, China, contain a variety of organic (acritarchs) and siliceous (sponge spicules, radiolarians) microfossils, representing oceanic both plankton and benthos. Predominant rock types are dark bedded cherts and black shales, with phos[...]
Problemy Inżynierii Rolniczej
2003 R. 11, nr 3 127-132
PL Przedstawiono metodę szacowania przeciętnego wykorzystania środków mechanizacji rolnictwa w skali kraju. Przy jej zastosowaniu wyznaczono roczne wykorzystanie wybranych maszyn w Polsce.
EN Paper presented the method to evaluating average making use of farm mechanization means in the scale of whole country. Annual operation of selected agricultural machines in Poland was determined with the use of described method.
ECONTECHMOD : An International Quarterly Journal on Economics of Technology and Modelling Processes
EN The research presents the method of predicting the output losses in the two-staged project of agricultural production which takes into consideration the volumes of production; technological requirements concerning directory temps of carrying out operations; properties of technical resources; interde[...]
Problemy Techniki Uzbrojenia
2006 R. 35, z. 99 195--202
PL W artykule przedstawiono wyniki badań parametrów układów zabezpieczających UZ-KX dla rakiet 3M9ME. Wybraną próbkę układów poddano badaniom w zależności od napięcia zasilającego oraz od temperatury w komorze klimatycznej. Badaniom poddano także kluczowe, dyskretne elementy elektroniczne odpowiedzialn[...]
EN Some test results on technical characteristic depending on the changes of temperature and supply voltage of protecting units UZ-KX for 3M9ME rockets are presented in the paper. Also some key electronic components working in the time delay chain were tested. Test results were compared with the specif[...]
Journal of Machine Engineering
EN Product configuration is focused on achieving customer satisfaction. Configuration methods should use previous experiences related to product changes One of the methods of storing experiences is elaboration of knowledge bases with the use of proper knowledge representation method. In the paper ident[...]
Materials Science Poland
2016 Vol. 34, No. 2 330--336
EN Wrinkled graphene, derived from a facile thermal decomposition and chemical method, was subjected to various analysis techniques and the results have been reported here. Raman studies revealed the presence of highly graphitized amorphous carbon, which was evident by the appearance of five peaks in t[...]
Computational Methods in Science and Technology
2017 Vol. 23, No. 4 317--329
EN The present work is concerned with thermoelasticity without the energy dissipation theory for a problem of an infinitely long and isotropic annular cylinder of temperature dependent physical properties.We employ the thermoelasticity theory of GN-II and derive the basic governing equations with varia[...]
Artificial Satellites : Journal of Planetary Geodesy
EN The classic TRIAD was used to obtain the attitude of air vehicles. However, the accuracy was dominated by the sensor noise and the calculation order. To improve that in this paper, a new method based on weighting the vectors summation and difference was proposed. Then both simulation and experiment [...]
Inżynieria Rolnicza
2005 R. 9, nr 2 31--43
PL Nieustanne dążenie badaczy do pełniejszego rozumienia i wyjaśnienia praw rządzących przyrodą spowodowało, że rosnącego znaczenia nabierają poszukiwania nowych metod badawczych, coraz efektywniej wspomagających procesy poznawcze. Należą do nich niewątpliwie uzupełniające modele symulacyjne, tworzone[...]
EN Endless efforts made by researches in order to better understand and explain principles governing the nature, has caused that it is becoming of greater importance to seek new investigation methods, which play an increasingly more significant role in enhancing the cognitive processes. Such are, beyon[...]
Pomiary Automatyka Kontrola
2011 R. 57, nr 12 1586-1588
PL W metrologii obserwuje się ciągły rozwój metod i przyrządów do pomiaru impedancji pętli zwarcia. Wynika to zarówno z faktu, iż pomiar impedancji pętli zwarcia bezpośrednio związany jest z bezpieczeństwem użytkowania urządzeń elektrycznych, jak również z rozwoju nowych technologii.W publikacji przeds[...]
EN Loop impedance measuring methods in electro energetic low-voltage power supplies are still developing and evolving. The first device for examining the effectiveness of neutralization was described in 1936 by Pflier [2]. In Poland a MZU-1 device was the first device for measurements of the short cir[...]
Inżynieria Rolnicza
2011 R. 15, nr 9 123-129
PL Przedstawiono opracowaną metodę Wskaźnika Zespolonego Jakości Maszyny Ogrodniczej umożliwiającą dokonanie wyboru optymalnej maszyny do koszenia trawy przy uwzględnieniu wielu cech o różnowymiarowych jednostkach miary. Przeprowadzano ocenę wybranych wykaszarek i kosiarek ogrodniczych przy zastosowani[...]
EN The study presents a developed method of the Complex Index of Garden Machine Quality, which enables selection of an optimal grass mower with consideration of many properties of heterodimensional measurement units. Evaluation of the selected strimmers and lawnmowers with the use of a developed method[...]
Inżynieria Rolnicza
PL W pracy przyjęto za cel przeprowadzenie oceny czterech typów kombajnów do zbioru kolb kukurydzy metodą Wskaźnika Zespolonego i wyznaczenie spośród nich optymalnego do zbioru kolb kukurydzy. Optymalnym kombajnem spośród badanych okazał się kombajn BOURGOI JDL 410D, który uzyskał najwyższą wartość Wsk[...]
EN The purpose of the work was to evaluate four types of harvesters picking corn cobs using the "Complex Index" method, and to select one of them as optimal for corn cob harvesting. The BOURGOI JDL 410D harvester turned out to be optimal among all tested ones - it reached highest Complex Index value of[...]
Inżynieria Rolnicza
2010 R. 14, nr 1 307-314
PL Przedstawiono metodę wyznaczania nacisków krytycznych. Metoda ta różni się od metody standardowej tym, że prosta aproksymująca przebiegi eksperymentalne zagęszczania w zakresie odkształceń pierwotnych wyznaczana jest jako styczna do kilku przebiegów eksperymentalnych zarejestrowanych przy różnych wa[...]
EN The work presents the method used to determine critical pressure values. This method differs from standard method with regards to the fact that straight line approximating experimental compaction trajectories in the scope of primary strains is determined as the tangent to several experimental curves[...]
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