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w słowach kluczowych:  mathematical model
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Fundamenta Informaticae
EN Recently, Haseltine et al. published a mathematical model of dynamics of viral infection that has consisted of reaction-diffusion type differential equations for wild-type and infected cells, virions and interferon. The model serves as a mathematical description for two-dimensional viral infection s[...]
Archives of Hydro-Engineering and Environmental Mechanics
EN This paper presents a method for calculating the water-hammer effect in a hydraulic system with a spring safety valve. A model of the valve including its dynamic functioning is presented. The developed model, enables simulation testing in order to estimate the influence of construction parameters of[...]
Journal of New Technologies in Environmental Science
2018 Vol. 2, nr 3 134--139
EN This article proposes a mathematical formulation of the problem of casting a metal in a water-cooled mold. The model includes a heat conduction equation that describes thermal phenomena under appropriate boundary conditions.
Technika Chłodnicza i Klimatyzacyjna
2008 nr 8 312-316
PL W artykule przedstawiono opis matematyczny procesu skraplania zachodzącego w skraplaczu chłodzonym konwekcyjnie w małym urządzeniu chłodniczym pracującym z zeotropowym roztworem binarnym węglowodorów nasyconych propan - n butan. Wskazano kryteria, na podstawie których dokonano wyboru struktury przep[...]
EN Mathematical model of condensation process on air cooled condenser operating in small refrigeration device operating with zeotrapic blend of saturated hydrocarbons: propane and n-butane has been presented in the paper. Criteria of change of two-phase flow pattern as well as model assumptions have be[...]
ECONTECHMOD : An International Quarterly Journal on Economics of Technology and Modelling Processes
EN The mathematical model of process of portale and besieging of hard particles from the dust stream of vertical vehicles is examined in the article. The calculation chart of dust catcher of vertical vehicles is built with the jalousie separator of a new principle type.
2008 Vol. 11 11-18
EN The paper presents results of theoretical analysis of the finite amplitude plane wave propagation problem. The case of harmonic plane wave propagation in non-dissipative medium was considered. The mathematical model and some results of numerical investigations are presented. The mathematical model w[...]
Journal of KONES
EN In the presented work the sound generation design procedure is presented. On its basis the mathematical model of calculation of the noise emission by a gearbox of cars of family GAZ-3110, 31105 is created. Diagrams of emission of noise by a gearbox depending on frequency of rotation of its entrance [...]
Woda-Środowisko-Obszary Wiejskie
PL W pracy przedstawiono zmodyfikowaną metodę generowania dobowych danych meteorologicznych (promieniowania całkowitego, temperatury maksymalnej i minimalnej oraz opadów) skonstruowaną na bazie znanego modelu WGEN. W modelu uwzględniono sezonowe korelacje pomiędzy zmiennymi bloku energetyczno- cieplneg[...]
EN A modified WGENK generator of meteorological data based on well known WGEN model is presented in this paper. The model generates daily data of solar radiation, maximum and minimum temperature, and total precipitation. New trends in data generating like parameterization of serial correlation, transit[...]
Journal of KONBiN
2006 No. 1 97--104
EN The paper presents parameters influencing the interaction forces induced by a self-berthing ship between the ship side and the quay. The classification and hierarchization of the parameters has been done according to the accuracy of the model experiments program arrangements and the formulation of m[...]
Ars Separatoria Acta
EN A mathematical model, describing the dependence of the composition of the vapour resulting from the liquid composition for a positive azeotrope [formula] and a negative azeotrope [formula] is discussed. These models were used for calculating the differential distillation process for the material bal[...]
Journal of KONES
EN The subject of discussion is the T-72 main battle tank. The tank is treated as three distinct bodies, representing thull, the turret and the gun. The rigid bodies are subject to a set of kinematics constraint relationships, which provide the physical interface of the system. The gun and turret are a[...]
Inżynieria Rolnicza
PL W referacie przeprowadzono analizę stanu wiedzy z zakresu analitycznego modelowania przebiegu zużywania w warunkach oddziaływań korozyjnych i mechanicznych. Zdobyta w ten sposób wiedza pozwoliła na sformułowanie własnego kompleksowego algorytmu obliczeniowego. Na jego podstawie opracowano program ko[...]
EN The study analyses state of the art on analytical modelling of the course of wear in conditions of corrosive and mechanical reactions. The obtained knowledge allowed to form own complex calculation algorithm. On its basis software for full simulation of corrosive-cum-mechanical wear of uneven surfac[...]
2002 No. 44 (1) 81-110
EN This paper presents the numerical simulations of the influence of food ingestion by a herbivorous copepod on phytoplankton and zooplankton biomasses (PZB) in the sea. The numerical studies were carried out using the phytoplankton-zooplankton-nutrient-detritus PhyZooNuDe biological upper layer model.[...]
Journal of Polish CIMAC
2011 Vol. 6, no 3 269-278
EN In the paper has been presented an analysis of the influence of the electrolyte flow volume stream on the geometry of the work-piece and physical parameters of ECM electrochemical machining. Equations resulting from the principles of momentum, mass and energy conservation describing the physical phe[...]
Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Technical Sciences
2013 Vol. 61, nr 2 475--484
EN In the paper the three different mathematical models of motion of a spin-stabilized, conventional artillery projectile, possessing at least trigonal symmetry, have been introduced. The vector six-degrees-of-freedom (6-DOF) differential equations of motion are an updated edition of those published by[...]
Advances in Science and Technology Research Journal
EN Two-mass model of bitool chambering was introduced. Build on its basis mathematical model of deep holes chambering was used to conduct numerical analysis of the system. By optimizing parameters of machine-fixture-part-tool system one can reduce the time of transitory processes, increase dynamic rigi[...]
Annual of Navigation
2000 No. 2 5-14
EN A smoothing algorithm is applied to differentiation-gathered velocities from full-scale turning test results. It produces with enough accuracy a clear picture of resultant forces acting during the turning maneuver and thus enables a direct and proper parameters identification in ship motion equation[...]
Opto - Electronics Review
EN The main aim of our work is to present a theory of light propagation through a liquid crystal display worked out in our University. This theory takes into account real conditions of a display operation such as temporal coherence of light source, interference phenomena, spectral characteristics of re[...]
Prace Naukowe Instytutu Matematyki i Informatyki Politechniki Częstochowskiej
2009 Vol. 8, nr 1 185-191
EN In the paper mathematical and numerical model of air convection in 3D region is considered. Governing equations of the model are presented. Main assumptions of numerical approach are discussed. Finite Element Method (FEM) with Characteristic Based Split (CBS) scheme is used to solve the problem. Tw[...]
Oceanological Studies
EN This paper presents chosen results of modelling of upward light flux over a rough sea surface covered with an oil film. In upward irradiance computations (by means of Monte Carlo method), the optical parameters of two types of water were taken into consideration: water typical for bays of the Baltic[...]
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