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Prace Naukowe Instytutu Technologii Maszyn i Automatyzacji Politechniki Wrocławskiej. Konferencje
EN In Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM) sheets of different materials are applied. In majority cases the sheets of paper are used, however in case of Rapid Tooling or Rapid Manufacturing processes the product can be built by using sheets of steel. In presented investigations the product has been div[...]
Journal of Automation Mobile Robotics and Intelligent Systems
EN Adequate knowledge in the areas of intelligent coordinate metrology and design are important presuppositions to achieve waste free production and low costs of manufacturing with higher quality and accuracy at the same time. This is of extreme importance in present time of worldwide international com[...]
Journal of Machine Engineering
2012 Vol. 12, No. 1 119--130
EN High flexibility and strategic adaptability are two of the major challenges for manufacturing companies, who have to survive in a turbulent environment. They have to recognize the need for change and innovation on all company levels at an early stage in order to be in the position to implement neces[...]
Opto - Electronics Review
EN Orthoconic antiferroelectric liquid crystals (AFLCs) having 45° tilt angle have been proposed to overcome the problem of reduced contrast usually exhibited by regular antifrerroelectric displays. However, the pitch of the helix induced by chrality is customarily short in existing orthoconic material[...]
Machine Dynamics Research
EN The paper presents the construction procedure of pulley models with the noncircular rolling line which are applied in uneven-running strand transmissions with the cogbelt. The characteristic feature of these type of transmissions is the cyclic variation of kinematic and dynamic features. The constru[...]
2010 R. 83, nr 3 145-148
PL Stan obecny, perspektywy i strategie rozwoju przemysłu wytwórczego. Formy zmienności maszyn i systemów wytwórczych. Wytwarzanie nowej generacji (NGM). Przyszłościowe technologie wytwórcze, wytwarzania zrównoważone i cyfrowe. Zmiany konieczne w nauce i edukacji w innowacyjnej gospodarce.
EN Current condition and production development prospects and strategies. Changes which occur to the production systems and machines. Specific design work on the new generation (NGM) machines. Prospective process profiles: clean production, balanced production, digital production. Changes which should [...]
Przemysł Chemiczny
2010 T. 89, nr 4 438-439
Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering
PL Klasyczne procesy wytwarzania polikrystalicznych ścierniw elektrokorundowych metodą topienia wsadu stopniowo tracą znaczenie przemysłowe. Przyczynami tego zjawiska są duża energochłonność procesów, brak możliwości wytwarzania ziaren ściernych o z góry określonej stereometrii i brak zdolności tak wyt[...]
EN Classical processes of manufacturing polycrystalline electro-corundum abradants, using the method of charge melting, have gradually been loosing their industrial significance because of two high energy consumtion, inability to manufacture abrasive grains with the pre-defined stereometry patterns, as[...]
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering
EN Analysing some of the aspects that show us what influence choice of materials for manufacturing of friction pairs has on their duration period, maintenance and exploitation costs, it was undoubtedly determined that greater attention must be devoted to choosing of materials (which is done at construc[...]
Management and Production Engineering Review
EN The paper is to present a multi-criteria approach for sustainability assessment of manufacturing processes, which can be applied to carry out the sustainability assessment of manufacturing processes requiring less detailed data, time, and expert knowledge, but still providing a company-level analysi[...]
Postępy Techniki Przetwórstwa Spożywczego
2009 nr 1 122-127
PL Celem artykułu jest przedstawienie zagadnień dotyczących istoty i znaczenia procesów i systemów logistycznych w sferze produkcji oraz metod umożliwiających koordynację przepływu produktów przedsiębiorstwa, powiązań pomiędzy wewnętrznymi dostawcami i odbiorcami z uwzględnieniem aspektu ekonomicznego [...]
EN The goal of this article is to present the aspects of purpose and meaning of logistic processes and systems in production, methods of coordination the flow of company products, ties between inner supplier and receiver considering the economic and organizational aspects.
Journal of Machine Engineering
EN Product and process design is time- and cost consuming [15]. To reduce the cost of product development, it is necessary to integrate product and process design. The proposed product planning approach integrates activities involved in product design and manufacturing process. The aim of this paper is[...]
Journal of Machine Engineering
EN The complexity in automotive manufacturing increased enormously in the last couple of years. Reasons therefore are due to a widened product portfolio, enlarged manufacturing capacities distributed over several manufacturing sites and a large number of suppliers feeding the manufacturing network arou[...]
Engineering of Biomaterials
Journal of Machine Engineering
EN Foresight. as modern planning tool. "Clean Sky" project will effect in creating new technologies, which usage in aviation will improve fast progress of technique. The paper indicates the newest technologies or technologies which will develop in about 25 years. Aircraft industry future technologies f[...]
International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics
2010 Vol. 16, No. 3 375--386
EN Swedish manufacturing industry has previous held a leading position regarding the development of attractive industrial work environments, but increasing market competition has changed the possibilities to maintain the position. The purpose of this literature study is therefore to describe and analyz[...]
Computer Methods in Materials Science
PL Standardowy proces wytwarzania opierający się na przeróbce plastycznej obejmuje urządzenia zlokalizowane w różnych miejscach. Przekazywanie danych pomiędzy agregatami wykorzystywanymi do badania materiałów, symulacji i wytwarzania gotowych produktów odbywa się za pośrednictwem urządzeń służącymi do [...]
EN A standard metal forming research process includes equipments in different locations. The data between the testing, simulation and manufacturing equipments are usually transmitted with different storage devices. The purpose of the project is to eliminate the need of these storage devices by allowing[...]
Ekologia i Technika
PL Przedstawiono wymagania technologiczności konstrukcji wyboru oraz ogólne zasady konstrukcji wyrobu złożonego. Wymieniono aspekty ekologiczne technologiczności wyrobu. Przedstawiono ogólne formy oddziaływania procesów wytwarzania na środowisko pracy.
EN The features of product producibility, including ecological aspects, are described. The forms of influence of the manufacturing on the environment are presented. Interdependence between various elements of product design process, including technolgical process selection, are defined.
Systems : journal of transdisciplinary systems science
PL Dokumentacja techniczna montażu dźwignic nie zawsze opracowywana jest z uwzględnieniem wszystkich warunków występujących w miejscu montażu ostatecznego. Niedostatecznie skrupulatna analiza warunków montażu zewnętrznego może prowadzić nie tylko do komplikacji organizacyjnych, lecz stwarza także zagro[...]
EN Erection at sile is the most important stage of manufacturing. Costs of a mistake at the site can be equal to the appliance price. The importance of assembly procedure and quality of its execution is often neglected even b\ well known manufacturers. The erection team do usually their routine work ac[...]
Management and Production Engineering Review
EN This paper proposes the application of the Analytic Hierarchy Process method to support decision making regarding the selection of an Enterprise Resource Planning system in a manufacturing company. The main assumption of the work is that the management of the selection of an ERP system should consid[...]
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