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Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Rzeszowskiej. Mechanika
2006 z. 68 [231] 249-254
EN The cutting edge renewal speed impact on the cutting elements wear while the supercalander stack packed paper shafts (SSPPS) mechanical processing with the cup-shaped cutters has been examined.
Journal of Machine Engineering
2013 Vol. 13, No. 1 117--124
EN Machining of hollow core honeycomb sandwich materials is a challenging job as the mechanical properties of various layers (skin, core) are quite dissimilar, and the conventional solid cutting tool experiences a sudden change of conditions while machining that might lead to damage on the tool/part. A[...]
Journal of Machine Engineering
EN Experimental investigations of plastic deformation and uniaxial tension of elasto/visco-plastic (E/V-P) material (41Cr4) were conducted to characterize the flow behavior of the material. Dynamic effects, constitutive damage law and contact with non-linear friction in simulations were described using[...]
Journal of Machine Engineering
EN Analysis of the geometric features and determination of the condition of the surfaces machined during an abrasive process is of crucial importance for evaluation of their wear properties. Numerous parameters can be used for assessing topography of technical surfaces. Many of them contain information[...]
Materials Science Poland
2008 Vol. 26, No. 3 548--554
EN Principal features of aluminium matrix composites are put forward. Emphasis is put on temperatures of melting and coefficients of heat conduction of matrix and reinforcement. The paper presents results of electrical discharge machining of aluminium matrix composites with particular attention given t[...]
Metrology and Measurement Systems
EN The prediction of machined surface parameters is an important factor in machining centre development. There is a great need to elaborate a method for on-line surface roughness estimation [1-7]. Among various measurement techniques, optical methods are considered suitable for in-process measurement o[...]
Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
EN Purpose: Of this paper: The purpose of this paper is to built an adaptive control system which controlling the cutting force and maintaining constant roughness of the surface being milled by digital adaptation of cutting parameters. Design/methodology/approach: The paper discusses the use of combini[...]
Pomiary Automatyka Robotyka
2009 R. 13, nr 2 756-765
PL Przedmiotem niniejszej pracy jest przedstawienie obszarów wykorzystania pomiarów termograficznych w obróbce skrawaniem. Zakres pracy obejmuje omówienie zagadnień generowania ciepła podczas procesu skrawania oraz pomiarów z wykorzystaniem systemów termograficznych. W pracy przedstawiono praktyczne ob[...]
EN The article presents the areas of usage measurements in machining. The range of work includes the problems of heat generation during machining and measurement with using thermographic system. The article presents practical areas of using thermographic technique during evaluation of thermal state of [...]
Advances in Manufacturing Science and Technology
PL Zagadnieniem ważnym w przemyśle maszynowym jest osiągnięcie niezawodności technologicznej obróbki wałków o małej sztywności. W pracy podjęto próbę opracowania podstaw teoretycznych i doświadczalnych sterowania stanem sprężyście odkształcalnym elementów maszyn w trakcie realizacji procesu technologic[...]
EN Achieving the technological reliability of machining low rigid shafts is essential problem in machine industry. Therefore studies on theoretical and experimental bases of controlling the elastic deformable state of elements during the technological process is very important. The definition of techno[...]
Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Rzeszowskiej. Mechanika
PL W artykule jest omówiony problem ścisłości, dokładności i jednoznaczności definicji technicznych na przykładzie definicji "skrawanie materiałów".
Prace Naukowe Katedry Budowy Maszyn / Politechnika Śląska
2008 nr 3 7-16
PL W artykule opisano zakres działalności Koła Naukowego "obrabiarkowcy", funkcjonującego przy Katedrze Budowy Maszyn. Szczegółowe sprawozdanie z działalności Koła obejmuje swym zakresem ostatni rok kalendarzowy (2008).
EN The article describes the scope of activities of the scientific society Obrabiarkowcy which functions at the Departement of Machine Technology. The detailed report on the activities of the scientific society to covers the last calendar year (2008).
Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Rzeszowskiej. Mechanika
2006 z. 68 [231] 193-198
EN The original construction of assembling and machining centers is offered that with the purpose of expansion technological abilities, increase of a universality, productivity and more complet usage of working space - assembly, instrumental and loading positions are disposed on surfaces of three spher[...]
Przegląd Mechaniczny
2000 nr 13 7-13
EN The present-day development tendencies of the lathers. Basing on the source data of the known manufacturers of machine tools and the author's own observations from the largest European machine tool fairs the author presents directions of development in the field of design and process applications of[...]
PL Potrzeba rozwoju ubytkowych procesów wytwarzania. Pokonywanie granic technologicznych. Istota procesów hybrydowych. Zapewnienie powtarzalności procesów hybrydowych. Możliwości i tryb przemysłowego wprowadzania procesów hybrydowych.
EN The need for development of machining. Overcoming technological limitations. Essence of hybrid processes. Characteristic of exemplary hybrid processes. Assurance of hybrid processes repeatability. Possibilities and course of bringing hybrid processes into industrial practise.
Technologia i Automatyzacja Montażu
1999 nr 4 5-9
Prace Naukowe Instytutu Technologii Maszyn i Automatyzacji Politechniki Wrocławskiej. Konferencje
EN Supervised neural network algorithms are developed for use as a direct modelling method, to predict forces for ball-end milling operation. The training of the networks is performed with experimental machining data This paper uses the regression neural networks approach to evolve an efficient model f[...]
1998 z. 6 890-901
PL Wypróbowano metodę "chłodzenia" strumieniem pary wodnej strefy skrawania podczas toczenia i frezowania. Wyniki wskazują na większą efektywność środowiska pary wodnej w porównaniu z cieczami. Dla wyjaśnienia tego faktu uwzględniono kinetykę penetracji środowiska wodnego w formie ciekłej i gazowej za [...]
EN The method of cutting zone 'cooling ' during turing and miling using water steam jet was tested. The results have showed the higher effectiveness of steam environment in comparision with fluid one. For explanation of this fact the comparative accounts of water environment penetration kinetic in liqu[...]
2000 Nr 11 376-382
PL Omówiono wyniki badań wpływu parametrów obróbki na składowe siły skrawania przy frezowaniu czołowym różnych tworzyw węglowych. Na podstawie analizy statystycznej uzyskanych w trakcie badań wyników pomiarów wyznaczono wartości właściwego oporu skrawania badanych tworzyw oraz starych i wykładników pot[...]
EN The article discusses the investigation results of the influence of machining parameters on component powers of machining during face milling of various carbon plastics. On the basis of statistical analysis obtained during investigation of measurement results values of proper machining resistance wa[...]
Journal of Machine Engineering
EN The problem of the technological quality of elements is one of the primary problems of modern machine production. In many cases, elements are made from new construction materials with specific properties considered to have poor machinability in cases where conventional technologies are applied. Thus[...]
Journal of Machine Engineering
EN Composites based on anthracite grains and carbon scrap containing also two mirror components were investigated. A milling machine allowing cutting speeds in the 100-400mm/min range connected to a piezoelectric dynamometer and a video camera was used. The debris formed was screened through sieves and[...]
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