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Geologia Sudetica
2014 Vol. 42 96--96
Zeszyty Naukowo-Techniczne Stowarzyszenia Inżynierów i Techników Komunikacji w Krakowie. Seria: Materiały Konferencyjne
PL Jednym ze sposobów zabezpieczenia osuwisk jest właściwe odwodnienie i osuszenie skarpy osuwiska za pomocą przewiertów drenażowych. Polega to na wykonaniu przewiertu z rury stalowej perforowanej w górnej części, wypełnionej materiałem o wysokim współczynniku wodoprzepuszczalności. W opracowaniu tym z[...]
EN One of the ways for landslide protection is proper dehydration and landslide slope drying by drainage rebores. The case of active landslide liquidation on national road S-7 in the town Chabówka has been presented in the paper. The landslide protection was executed by the method of drainage rebore in[...]
Geological Quarterly
EN Based on the analyses of landslide spatial occurrence, a regional landslide susceptibility model for the area of Slovenia with medium spatial resolution was calculated. Of 3241 landslides with known locations, 67% were selected randomly but representatively as the learning sub-set and used for univa[...]
Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica
EN The article presents the results of research of the activated landslide in Radziszów in 2010. The study focused on the evaluation of engineering geology conditions, preceded by geophysical surveys. It mainly focused on the GPR method using the IDS georadar equipped with antennas in the frequency ran[...]
Geological Quarterly
EN Geological setting and precipitation triggers seem to be obvious parameters controlling landslides, but their relation to individual sliding processes has not been clear. We take on interdisciplinary approach (combining Earth science methods with an engineer ing-geotechnical approach) to examine sli[...]
Journal of Ecological Engineering
2016 Vol. 17, nr 4 218--227
EN The study discusses the topic of planning decisions taken for the purposes of studies prepared on the municipality level and related to the development of landslide areas in Poland. The aim of the research is to demonstrate the scale of the issue consisting in designating areas at risk of subsidence[...]
Archives of Hydro-Engineering and Environmental Mechanics
EN This paper presents the results of a numerical simulation of a slope deformation process. The landslide slope “Grabina” inKoronowo near Bydgoszcz (Poland) serves as an example.Aslope profile located in the central part of the slope, between the main scarp and the toe of the landslide, was selected. [...]
Czasopismo Inżynierii Lądowej, Środowiska i Architektury
2018 z. 65, nr 3 119--126
EN The paper deals with the assessment of slope stability on the road II / 595 near the village Zlatno. The assessment of slope stability was made before and after the landslide caused by floods in 2010. For proposal for a comprehensive assessment and possible remedial action is necessary to know the g[...]
Zeszyty Naukowo-Techniczne Stowarzyszenia Inżynierów i Techników Komunikacji w Krakowie. Seria: Materiały Konferencyjne
2012 Nr 3(99) 259--275
PL W artykule przedstawiono problem osuwiska w miejscowości Sadowie na ważnej linii kolejowej nr 8 Kraków - Warszawa. Osuwisko to wykazywało aktywność już od 1934 roku, a w 2010 roku po ulewnych deszczach i powodzi w Polsce uaktywniło się i zagroziło linii kolejowej. Omówiono mechanizm powstawania osuw[...]
EN The problem of landslide in a town of Sadowie along important railway line No. 8 Warszawa - Kraków has been presented in the paper. The landslide has been active since 1934, but in 2000, after torrential rain and flood, it activated and the railway line was threatened with it. The geological structu[...]
EN Dendrochronological methods can be applied to the reconstruction of different types of en-vironmental events such as climate changes, fires, glacier movements, floods, earthquakes, volcano activity. In the field of geomorphology dendrochronology is increasingly frequently used for the abso-lute dati[...]
Prace Naukowe Instytutu Górnictwa Politechniki Wrocławskiej. Konferencje
PL W maju 1998 na wschodnim zboczu nieczynnej kopalni glin ogniotrwałych "Halina" koło Jaroszowa (Przedgórze Sudeckie) powstało jedno z największych osuwisk strukturalnych w SW Polsce. Jego rozwój postępował w górę stoku. Początkowo ruch miał charakter translacyjny i odbywał się wzdłuż listrycznej powi[...]
EN In 1998, 5 years after exploitation in fire-clay open pit "Halina" (Sudetic Foreiand) stopped, a complex structural landslide developed on the eastern slope of the quarry and subsequently affected also the eastern external pit heap. Mass movement initiated as translational slide with the basal slip [...]
Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology
2015 nr 2 44--51
EN The paper describes the mechanism of electromagnetic emission generation in active landslides and measuring techniques. Special attention is given to electromagnetic emission fields. The author proposes an original system for measuring both continuous and pulsed magnetic emission of landslides. For [...]
Landform Analysis
2009 Vol. 11 71-76
EN Geomorphological events are very important disturbance factors for cliff forests and forests located on steep mountain slopes. In this study we present dendrochronological reconstruction of two types of disturbances which affect subalpine forest growing in such extreme habitats in Roztoka Valley in [...]
Meteorology Hydrology and Water Management. Research and Operational Applications
EN This article presents material about the flood on the Vere River on 13-14 June, 2015. It caused significant economic and ecological damage to the country, and there were also human victims. The reasons for the ecological disaster are evaluated and appropriate hydrological calculations have been carr[...]
Geological Quarterly
2016 Vol. 60, No. 3 586--596
EN Landslides are one of the most prominent processes degrading the Beskidy Mts. slopes. Susceptibility assessment is based on the detailed mapping of the Dukla commune (235 km2) at the scale 1: 10,000 in frames of the project Landslide Counteracting System. The terrain affected by landslide[...]
Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich
2017 nr IV/2 1619--1631
EN Following the torrential rain and floods that occurred between 1997 and 2010, there has been an emergence of new and previously activated processes related to soil and rock landslides in the Polish Carpathians. In light of the damage incurred by landslides, there is a problem with the thorough diagn[...]
Archives of Hydro-Engineering and Environmental Mechanics
2018 Vol. 65, nr 4 243--254
EN The paper presents the results of numerical calculations of the stability and deformation process of several idealized slopes performed by the elasto-plastic finite difference method, using the commercial codes FLAC3D and FLAC2D. The results of 3D analysis of these slopes are compared with those obt[...]
Czasopismo Inżynierii Lądowej, Środowiska i Architektury
2018 z. 65, nr 4 69--80
EN The paper presents the concept of the risk evaluation for road infrastructure exposed to natural hazards - floods and landslides. Floods and surface mass movements impose a serious threat to the contemporary activities and people’s lives in modern economy. The natural meteorological and hydrological[...]
2018 Vol. 45, no. 1 223--234
EN The aim of our study was to compare patterns of tree-ring eccentricity developed in Norway spruce trees as a result of landsliding with the one caused by the prevailing wind (in 2 study sites), and with the normal growth of trees (in 2 reference sites). We sampled 20 trees per study site and 10 per [...]
Zeszyty Naukowe Instytutu Gospodarki Surowcami Mineralnymi i Energią PAN
2013 nr 84 117--130
PL W artykule opisano problemy osuwiskowe na drodze relacji Kraków—Zakopane na obejściu Mogilan. Omówiono zagrożenie osuwiskami w Polsce i zniszczenia na trasach drogowych spowodowanych tym zagrożeniem. Zaproponowano wykorzystanie nowoczesnej technologii naziemnego skanera laserowego w badaniach powier[...]
EN This paper describes the landslide problems associated with the Cracow-Zakopane road at the Mogilany bypass. It addresses the danger of landslides in Poland and the risk of route destruction caused by landslides . The use of modern technology (terrestrial laser scanning) in the study of surface defo[...]
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