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Górnictwo i Geologia
PL Artykuł przedstawia przykłady przypuszczalnego, negatywnego wpływu uskoków zlokalizowanych na obszarach górniczych Rybnickiego Okręgu Węglowego. Przedstawione materiały są próbą nakreślenia problemu prawdopodobieństwa negatywnego wpływu uaktywnionych i nieaktywnych uskoków na budynki znajdujące się [...]
EN Paper presents the examples of negative impact of faults located in mining areas Rybnik Coal District. The material is an attempt to draw the problem of the likelihood of negative impact of activated and inactive fault on buildings located on ground surface. The paper presents examples of damaged bu[...]
Journal of Technology and Exploitation in Mechanical Engineering
PL Artykuł opisuje metodę wyznaczania siły reakcji podłoża oddziałującej na ciało człowieka podczas zeskoku. W pracy przedstawiono prosty, jednomasowy model ciała człowieka wraz z opisującym go równaniem ruchu. Zbudowano model ciała w środowisku Adams, a następnie przeprowadzono obliczenia siły reakcji[...]
EN The article presents a study on calculating the ground reaction force, which affects the human body during landing after the jump. A basic, one mass model of human body and an equation of movement are presented in the paper. The model for the studies was created in Adams software and the study on a [...]
Acta of Bioengineering and Biomechanics
2013 Vol. 15, nr 2 119--126
EN The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between somatotype, muscle torque, maximal power output and height of rise of the body mass centre measured in akimbo counter movement jump (ACMJ), counter movement jump (CMJ) and spike jump (SPJ), and power output measured in maximal cyc[...]
Acta of Bioengineering and Biomechanics
EN Vertical jump tests are used to assess lower-limb power of athletes in sport sciences. Flight time measurement with jump-mat systems is the most common procedure for this purpose. The aim of this study was to analyze the concurrent validity and reliability of two proprietary systems (Globus and Axon[...]
Archives of Mechanics
EN This paper deals with a continuum model of rigid superconductors. It is assumed that their property of shifting to the superconductive state for suitable values of temperature and magnetic field is due to a vectorial internal variable, related to the superelectron current by a linear constitutive la[...]
Aktualne Problemy Biomechaniki
2015 z. 9 83--88
EN Figure skating is considered a highly technical discipline. Coaches and researchers are constantly looking for the most effective and safest movement model for jumps, especially Axel Paulsen, which is the hardest kind of all jumps. This research was taken to verify the usefulness of performing doubl[...]
International Journal of Microelectronics and Computer Science
EN Measuring, monitoring and analysis of dynamic movements in sports is becoming more important than ever. Many methods used currently may only be applied in the artificial environment of a laboratory. Other methods require too much processing to be used during a real-time competition. To overcome thes[...]
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