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Bio-Algorithms and Med-Systems
2012 Vol. 8, no. 4 339--349
EN Biological processes are controlled automatically. Registration of signals and measuring their relative strength is hence a key problem. Receptors may be relatively simple or complex. The complexity is the direct response to ambiguity of signals. If there is however a common feature of diverse signa[...]
TASK Quarterly : scientific bulletin of Academic Computer Centre in Gdansk
2002 Vol. 6, No 3 379-385
EN The entropy H of a continuous distribution with probability density function f* is defined as a function of the number of nodes (n) in a one-dimensional scalar random field. For the second order theory this entropy is expressed by the determinants of the covariance matrices and simulated for several[...]
Optica Applicata
EN This article contains basic theoretical results of mathematical interpretations of some fundamental phenomena in the modern digital electronic (electro-optical) imaging devices (systems) with pixel photodetection structure mainly from the standpoint of the mean mutual information. For that purpose, [...]
Fundamenta Informaticae
EN Symbolic value partitioning is a knowledge reduction technique in the field of data mining. In this paper, we propose a granular computing approach for the partitioning task that includes granule construction and granule selection algorithms. The granule construction algorithm takes advantage of loc[...]
Fundamenta Informaticae
EN In order to solve the premature convergence problem of the basic Ant Colony Optimization algorithm, a promising modification based on the information entropy is proposed. The main idea is to evaluate stability of the current space of represented solutions using information entropy, which is then app[...]
Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Technical Sciences
2019 Vol. 67, nr 4 679--685
EN In order to overcome the shortcomings of the dolphin algorithm, which is prone to falling into local optimum and premature conver-gence, an improved dolphin swarm algorithm, based on the standard dolphin algorithm, was proposed. As a measure of uncertainty, information entropy was used to measure th[...]
Fundamenta Informaticae
2014 Vol. 132, nr 3 291--313
EN In situations where available information or evidence is incomplete or uncertain, probabilistic two-way decisions/classifications with a single threshold on probabilities for making either an acceptance or a rejection decision may be inappropriate. With the introduction of a third non-commitment opt[...]
Rynek Energii
2011 nr 2 157-162
PL W siłowni lub elektrociepłowni gazowo-parowej kocioł odzyskowy stanowi połączenie otwartego obiegu turbiny gazowej i obiegu parowego. Połączenie obydwu obiegów w kotle odzyskowym powoduje, że dla pomiarowo dostępnych strumieni czynników przepływających przez kocioł oraz ich parametrów termicznych is[...]
EN Heat recovery steam generator (waste-heat boiler) constitutes a connection between open thermal cycle of a gas turbine and steam cycle in a gas-and-steam power or CHP unit. Connection of the both thermal cycles cause, that for measured fluxes of steam and flue gases and theirs thermodynamic paramete[...]
Archives of Thermodynamics
EN For the optimal location of an additional surplus measurements in the design of redundant measurements system, from data reconciliation point of view, of thermal processes, an information entropy has been applied. The relative entropy - Kullback-Leibler divergence, has been used. As a criterion of t[...]
Ochrona Środowiska
PL W pracy przedstawiono metodę oceny sieci monitoringu jakości wód podziemnych pod kątem ilości informacji, jaką sieć monitoringu jest w stanie dostarczyć do systemu kontroli. Traktując sieć monitoringu jako sygnałowy system komunikacyjny, mający zdolność przekazu informacji hydrologicznej, można do t[...]
EN With this method, the groundwater quality monitoring network is assessed in terms of the amount of information that can be supplied to the control system. If we assume that the monitoring network is a signal communication system capable of providing hydrological information, we can use the assessmen[...]
Journal of Power of Technologies
EN The development of distributed control systems and automatic storage of measuring data permits a better supervision of processes of energy conversion. In most cases the running energy evaluation of these processes based on the raw measuring data. The paper deals with the application of the data reco[...]
Archives of Transport
EN Carpooling has been long deemed a promising approach to better utilizing existing transportation infrastructure, the carpooling system can alleviate the problems of traffic congestion and environmental pollution effectively in big cities. However, algorithmic and technical barriers inhibit the devel[...]
Eksploatacja i Niezawodność
2018 Vol. 20, no. 3 450--454
PL W pracy zaproponowano oryginalną metodę liczbowej oceny zbiorów sprawdzeń stanu technicznego ciągnika rolniczego. Jako kryterium oceny wykorzystano entropię informacyjną, konieczną do uzyskania w badaniach diagnostycznych dla odpowiedniego zbioru sprawdzeń. Wykonano formalny opis procesu oceny stanu[...]
EN In this paper the authors propose an original method of the numerical evaluation of checkup sets for the technical condition of an agricultural tractor. Information entropy required in diagnostic tests for a specific checkup set was used as the evaluation criterion. A formal description is given for[...]
International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
2019 Vol. 29, no. 2 351--362
EN Reinforcement learning (RL) constitutes an effective method of controlling dynamic systems without prior knowledge. One of the most important and difficult problems in RL is the improvement of data efficiency. Probabilistic inference for learning control (PILCO) is a state-of-the-art data-efficient [...]
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