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Geology, Geophysics and Environment
EN Studies were carried out in three rock formations: the Vardebukta Formation (Early Triassic) and the Bravaisberget Formation (Middle Triassic) from Spitsbergen and the Botneheia Formation (Middle Triassic) from Edgeøya (Eastern Svalbard). Collected samples are diversified and represent various litho[...]
Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Rzeszowskiej. Budownictwo i Inżynieria Środowiska
EN The paper describes the experimental research of the concrete specimens in creep tension at temperature up to 400 °C.
Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Technical Sciences
EN The isothermal and non-isothermal characteristics of silicon carbide Schottky diodes in the wide range of currents and ambient temperatures are investigated in this paper. The measurements of the diodes characteristics have been performed with the use of a pulse method, with fast registration of mea[...]
Image Processing & Communications
EN The good quality of several manufactured components frequently depends on solidliquid interactions existing during processing. Nowadays, the research in material engineering focuses also on modern, automatic measurement methods of joining process properties, i.a. wetting force and surface tension, w[...]
Advances in Materials Science
EN In this paper we give a presentation of the recently developed approaches concerned of the rate of oxidation the Arema steel at high-temperature in first stage of this process. The comparison analysis was performed on the basis of the experimental results of oxidation of cylindrical specimens made o[...]
Archives of Metallurgy and Materials
EN Recently, attempts have been made to use porous metal as catalysts in a reactor for the hydrogen manufacturing process using steam methane reforming (SMR). This study manufactured Ni-Cr-Al based powder porous metal, stacked cubic form porous blocks, and investigated high temperature random stack cre[...]
Materials Science Poland
2015 Vol. 33, No. 2 356--362
EN The effect of porosity on high temperature compression and creep behavior of porous Cu alloy for the new molten carbonate fuel cell anodes was examined. Optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy were used to investigate and analyze the details of the microstructure and surface deformation.[...]
PL W artykule przedstawiono wybrane surowce do produkcji termoizolacji wysokotemperaturowych, czyli stosowanych w bezpośrednim lub pośrednim kontakcie z gorącymi mediami lub czynnikami gorącymi. Opisano ich podstawowe właściwości oraz podano główne obszary zastosowania.
EN The article presents selected raw materials used in the production of high-temperature thermal insulation, i.e. used in direct or indirect contact with hot media or hot agents. It describes their basic properties and indicates the main areas of their application.
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering
EN The paper describes the technique for studying the kinetics of thermal processes on real contact spots. Experimental results are presented. The effect of the load on the size distribution of hot spots (sources of heat radiation) is shown. The sliding velocity, surface topography and materials used a[...]
Elektronika : konstrukcje, technologie, zastosowania
PL W artykule opisano obudowę czujnika Halla przeznaczonego do pracy w wysokich temperaturach, do 300°C. Obudowa wykorzystuje płytkę bazową wykonaną z AI₂O₃ lub AlN. Dyskutowana jest konstrukcja obudowy i przydatność użytych materiałów. Przydatność opracowanej obudowy sprawdzono na modelu czujnika podd[...]
EN The article describes a Hall sensor package designed to work at high-temperatures, up to 300°C. The package is based on a base plate made of AI₂O₃ or AlN. The package construction and the applicability of the materials used is discussed. Applicability of the package is checked on a model sensor subj[...]
Archives of Metallurgy and Materials
2018 Vol. 63, iss. 3 1411--1415
EN In this study, high performance magnesium-yttria nanocomposite’s room temperature, strength and ductility were significantly enhanced by the dispersion of nano-sized nickel particles using powder blending and a microwave sintering process. The strengthening effect of the dispersed nano-sized nickel [...]
Prace Instytutu Elektrotechniki
2012 Z. 258 149-156
PL W artykule przedstawione zostały wyniki badań nad napromieniowaniem neutronami struktur halotronowych bazujących na antymonku indu (InSb). Część próbek została napromieniowana w strumieniu neutronów termicznych (widmo naturalne neutronów reaktora MARIA w Świerku), a pozostałe próbki w strumieniu neu[...]
EN We report on irradiation experiments of InSb-based Hall samples at two types of neutron spectrums. One with thermal neutrons (natural neutron spectrum of fission reactor) and second with fast neutrons (filtered spectrum). Fluences in both cases reached almost 1018 cm-2 and that led to significant de[...]
International Journal of Electronics and Telecommunications
EN Silicon carbide materials, with its high mechanical strength, high thermal conductivity, ability to operate at high temperatures, and extreme chemical inertness to most of the electrolytes, are very attractive for high-power applications. In this paper, properties, advantages, and limitations of SiC[...]
Archives of Foundry Engineering
EN Results are hereby presented of heat-resistance tests of two Fe3Al and FeAl intermetallic phase-based alloys in the context of St41k-type boiler steel and 50H21G9N4 high-temperature creep resistant steel. It has been ascertained that heat resistance of the 50H21G9N4 steel and of the Fe3Al and FeAl i[...]
Wiadomości Elektrotechniczne
PL Przedstawiono sposoby poprawy efektywności dystrybucji energii elektrycznej za pomocą przewodów typu ACCC/TW.
EN Methods of improvement of effectiveness of power distribution with the help of ACCC/TW cables are presented.
Wiadomości Elektrotechniczne
PL Przedstawiono zasady stosowania przewodów wysokotemperaturowych do przesyłu mocy przy założeniu dużych zmian obciążenia w skali doby.
EN The paper presents principles of application of high temperature cables for power transmission, presuming big changes of the load during the day.
Wiadomości Elektrotechniczne
PL Przedstawiono koncepcję wykorzystania wysokotemperaturowych kabli nadprzewodzących do przesyłu energii elektrycznej.
EN The paper presents an idea of application of high temperature superconducting cables for electric power transmission.
Archiwum Odlewnictwa
2001 R. 1, nr 2 206--211
PL W pracy przedstawiono wyniki prób wytwarzania powłok Al-Cu-Si-Fe nakładanych (metodą pasty) na staliwo żarowytrzymałe LOH17N36S. Jako zmienne parametry procesu wybrano: czas wygrzewania, ilość topnika i lepiszcza. Uzyskane powłoki poddano badaniom strukturalnym. Dzięki obliczeniom statystycznym otrz[...]
EN In this paper results of manufacturing trials of Al-Si-Fe-Cu coatings obtained from paste on LOH17N36S high-temperature creep resisting cast steel are presented. Process time, quantity of fluxing agent and quantity of binding agent was chosen as variables of a process. Mathematical relationship betw[...]
Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology
2001 nr 1 18-26
EN The paper reviews the problems related to BOX high-temperature instability in SOI structures and MOSFETs. The methods of bias-temperature research applied to SOI structures and SOI MOSFETs are analysed and the results of combined electrical studies of ZMR, and SIMOX SOI structures are presented. The[...]
PL W artykule przedstawiono procedury badawcze oraz wyniki badań modułu sprężystości fibrobetonu z dodatkiem włókien polipropylenowych poddanego oddziaływaniu wysokiej temperatury zbliżonej do temperatury występującej w środowisku pożaru. Oznaczenie modułu sprężystości wykonano na próbkach betonowych o[...]
EN This paper presents research methods and studies results of the elastic modulus of fibers reinforced concrete with polypropylene fibers subject to high temperature, close to the temperatures occurring during the fire. The elastic modulus was determined for both concrete samples and fibers reinforced[...]
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