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w słowach kluczowych:  heterogeneity
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Operations Research and Decisions
EN Poisson models are fundamental in the modelling of purchase frequencies. However, very often they are statistically incompatible with the data. This stems from the fact that the mean is assumed to be equal to the variance and, in consequence, this fails to capture heterogeneity. Thus Poisson mixture[...]
Polish Journal of Chemistry
1998 Vol. 72, nr 9 2103-2114
EN An essential development is presented of our new method of quantitative estimation of the energetic heterogeneity of adsorbent and catalysts surfaces from Temperature Programmed Desorption spectra, based on the Statistical Rate Theory of Interfacial Transport. That method, presented in a series of o[...]
Scientific Journal of the Military University of Land Forces
EN The issue of organizational boundaries is a problem discussed from the beginning of the development of the theory of management sciences. Today, it seems that this issue should be subjected to a new conceptualization due to the growing importance of multidimensional spaces in which enterprises opera[...]
Polish Journal of Chemistry
1999 Vol. 73, nr 9 1563-1579
EN Theoretical predictions of mixed-gas adsorption, based on the knowledge of single-gas adsorption, create a great challenge. The possibilities of the IE (Integral Equation approach to solve that important theoretical problem are examined. A special attention is given to possibilities of arriving at r[...]
Computer Science
2015 Vol. 16 (1) 55--73
EN The increasing availability and popularity of computer systems has resulted in a demand for new language- and platform-independent ways of data exchange. This demand has, in turn, led to significant growth in the importance of systems based on Web services. Alongside the growing number of systems ac[...]
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
2016 Vol. 54 nr 2 463--475
EN Modelling of SH-waves in an anisotropic fiber-reinforced layer provides a great deal of support in the understanding of seismic wave propagation. This paper deals with the propagation of SH-waves in a fiber-reinforced anisotropic layer over a pre-stressed heterogeneous half-space. The heterogeneity [...]
Archives of Hydro-Engineering and Environmental Mechanics
EN Heterogeneity of granular materials triggers shear zone formation. In the paper, the FE-analysis of the effect of the material heterogeneity on the formation of a spontaneous shear zone inside of granular materials during a plane strain compression test is presented. The numerical calculations are p[...]
Hutnik, Wiadomości Hutnicze
PL W pracy określono wpływ warunków kucia oraz wyżarzania rekrystalizującego na mikrostrukturę stopu Fe-36Al-0,2Mo-0,05Zr--0,1C-0,02B. Stwierdzono, że dopiero zastosowanie po kuciu dodatkowego wyżarzania rekrystalizującego prowadzonego przez 4 h w temperaturze 750 °C umożliwia uzyskanie w pełni zrekrys[...]
EN In this paper the effect of forging and reerystallization annealing conditions on the microstructure of Fe-36Al-0.2Mo-0.05Zr-0.1C-0.02B alloy, were determined. It was found that until using of additionally recrystallization annealing, conducted for 4 h at 750 °C, after forging make possible obtainin[...]
Polish Journal of Chemistry
EN Theoretical description of mixed-gas adsorption can be made in a variety of ways, corresponding to various physical assumptions and various approaches used. Theoretical predictions of mixed-gas adsorption equilibria based on the IAS approach are presented and compared with those offered by IE approa[...]
Archiwum Technologii Maszyn i Automatyzacji
PL W artykule przedstawiono wyniki badań struktury geometrycznej powierzchni elementów poddanych obróbce wykańczającej foliami ściernymi z ziarnami różnej wielkości. Badano po-wierzchnie walcowe pierścieni z obrobionej cieplnie stali łożyskowej ŁH15. Analizowano jedno-rodność struktury geometrycznej po[...]
EN In this work, the results of investigations carried out for surface geometrical structure of ele-ments finished by abrasive film with different grain size were presented. The investigations on heat treated rings of cylindrical surfaces made from ŁH 15 steel were carried out. Homogeneity of geometric[...]
Archives of Mechanics
2015 Vol. 67, nr 4 331--348
EN This paper presents the vibration behavior analysis of heterogeneous orthotropic conical shells with mixed boundary conditions. Basic equations of heterogeneous orthotropic truncated conical shells are derived using Donnell–Mushtari shell theory. Employing the separation of variables and Galerkin’s [...]
Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
EN Purpose: The motivation of present investigation is the study of deformation-induced processes during in-situ tensile and compression test at elevated temperature in order to elucidate the role of the microstructure changes during creep testing. Design/methodology/approach: Experiments were conduct[...]
Przegląd Górniczy
2014 T. 70, nr 1 62--73
PL W pracy scharakteryzowano zjawisko niejednorodności złóż polegające na obszarowym zróżnicowaniu średnich wartości parametrów złożowych oraz zróżnicowaniu struktury ich zmienności opisanej za pomocą semiwariogramów. Zwrócono w nim uwagę na niestabilność struktur zmienności parametrów złożowych. Stwie[...]
EN The results of geostatistical studies of variability structures of the Polish mineral deposits have been presented. Special attention has been paid to the heterogeneity of variability structures of deposit parameters. It has been pointed that the variability of the parameters can be marked by differ[...]
Acta Geophysica
EN The present paper is concerned with the propagation of shear waves in a homogeneous viscoelastic isotropic layer lying over a semi-infinite heterogeneous viscoelastic isotropic half-space due to point source. The inhomogeneity parameters associated to rigidity, internal friction and density are assu[...]
International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
2017 Vol. 27, no. 2 253--260
EN Earthquakes yield motions of massive rock layers accompanied by vibrations which travel in waves. This paper analyses the possibility of G-type wave propagation along the plane surface at the interface of two different media which is assumed to be heterogeneous and viscoelastic. The upper layer is c[...]
International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
EN In this paper we address an extension of a very efficient genetic algorithm (GA) known as Hy3, a physical parallelization of the gradual distributed real-coded GA (GD-RCGA). This search model relies on a set of eight subpopulations residing in a cube topology having two faces for promoting explorati[...]
Prace Instytutu Nafty i Gazu
2004 nr 130 793--796
PL Przebadano rdzenie z odwiertów Jasionka-4 i Chałupki Dębniańskie-3. Wykonano oznaczenia gęstości, porowatości i analizy porozymetryczne. Wydzielono klasy podobieństwa dla parametrów przestrzeni porowej i przeanalizowano zmienność wykształcenia właściwości zbiornikowych i filtracyjnych badanych utwor[...]
EN Core plugs from Jasionka-4 and Chałupki Dębniańskie-3 boreholes were investigated. Specific densiry, porosity and capillary pressure analyses were performed. The classes of similarity was distinguished for pore space parameters and heterogeneity of rocks was discussed, taking into account such param[...]
Biuletyn Państwowego Instytutu Geologicznego
PL Problem przeprowadzenia wiarygodnej oceny zasobowej w środowisku szczelinowym wiąże się ściśle z zagadnieniami dotyczącymi stopnia rozpoznania rzeczywistych parametrów tego środowiska i dróg przepływu, formujących się w jego obrębie. W zastosowaniu modelu ciągłego ośrodka są liczne ograniczenia, zwi[...]
EN Reliable assessment of groundwater resources in fractured medium requires a reasonable degree of recognition of real parameters of the rock environment and flow path network. There are numerous limitations in the use of the model of the equivalent porous medium, related e.g. both to the impossibilit[...]
Zeszyty Naukowe / Wyższa Szkoła Oficerska Wojsk Lądowych im. gen. T. Kościuszki
2011 Nr 4 342-358
PL W demografii jak też naukach aktuarialnych od dawna trwa dyskusja na temat tego, czy istnieje uniwersalne prawo opisujące proces wymierania populacji. Od wielu lat czynione są próby znalezienia takiego prawa. Mimo że proponowano wiele funkcji żadna z nich nie opisuje wystarczająco dokładnie rozkładu[...]
EN For a long time demographers and actuaries have been deliberating the issue of the laws of life. A number of proposed survival functions turned out to be unsatisfactory when they were applied empirically. One of the ways to overcome the difficulties is to modify the general survival functions by int[...]
Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering
EN In theory of concrete it is assumed that concrete composites are homogeneous on a macro scale. For example, it is assumed that a floor slab's or a beam's strength is identical in all directions and its nonhomogeneity is random. Hence neither calculations of the load-bearing capacity of structural co[...]
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