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TASK Quarterly : scientific bulletin of Academic Computer Centre in Gdansk
2003 Vol. 7, No 4 623-641
EN The paper reviews the characteristics of pulsating or cyclic flow of bulk solids during gravity discharge in bins and silos. The dynamic load phenomenon is often referred to as "silo quaking" and is known to occur in silos of various geometrical shapes, operating under different flow patterns. Examp[...]
Image Processing & Communications
EN This paper presents a method for the investigations of the gravity flow of granular materials based on the analysis of CT images. The system of X-ray tomography allows to visualize the distribution of bulk material inside the silo model. The images of the distribution of the concentration of the mat[...]
Geology, Geophysics and Environment
EN Biostratigraphic analysis of fossils material has allowed the documentation of sediment gravity flows in the Skole basin during the Paleocene and Eocene times, and also in the Eocene-Oligocene transition. This most external basin of the NE Outer Carpathians was a marginal sea especially sensitive to[...]
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