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Archivum Combustionis
EN The paper is devoted to the development of the concept of dual-bed internal circulating fluidized bed (ICFB) gasifier. The concept is also known as fast internal circulating fluidized bed (FICFB) or dual fluidized bed (DFB) gasification and refers to the promising gasification process basing on two [...]
Acta Chromatographica
EN Upgrading of the efficiency of industrial power-production systems and environmental aspects, e.g. reduction of emission of greenhouse gases, is of particular interest to the Polish power sector, inherently depending on its own coal resources and coal processing technologies. Some information on fue[...]
Przemysł Chemiczny
2006 T. 85, nr 8-9 1247-1251
Archivum Combustionis
EN In this work numerical simulation of the reburning process have been done. The calculations were modeled using the GRI-Mech 2.11 mechanism for reactions between the reburning fuel and flue gases from hard coal combustion. As reburning fuel, gas from sewage sludge gasification process was used. Becau[...]
Gospodarka Surowcami Mineralnymi
2007 T. 23, z. 3s 243-255
PL Zgazowanie węgla i wykorzystanie go do produkcji wodoru jako powszechnego nośnika energetycznego jest zgodne z priorytetem bezpieczeństwa energetycznego Unii Europejskiej. Opracowanie długofalowej strategii energetycznej dla Europy wymaga uwzględnienia różnych źródeł energii oraz równoległego wykorz[...]
EN It is the gasification of coal and conversion him to production of hydrogen as general energetistic carrier peaceable with priority of energetistic safety of European Union. The study of long-wave - energetistic strategy for Europy requires the regards the different sources of energy as well as para[...]
Prace Instytutu Nafty i Gazu
2009 nr 162 153-158
EN This paper presents the results of numerical and experimental study of plasma steam and air gasification of solid fuels at an arc reactor. Calculations were fulfilled using numerical code TERRA for thermodynamic computation. The numerical results were compared with experimental data. Kazakhstan bitu[...]
Prace Naukowe Instytutu Chemii i Technologii Nafty i Węgla Politechniki Wrocławskiej. Konferencje
PL Stwierdzono, że niskogatunkowe oraz zasolone węgle mogą być wykorzystane jako surowiec do otrzymywania gazów redukcyjnych w procesie gazyfikacji tlenkiem węgla w temperaturze 1000 C. Wstępna obróbka węgli za pomocą 1% roztworu zasady pozwala wydzielić sole metali kwasów huminowych oraz zwiększyć szy[...]
EN It has been established that low-grade and salty coals in principle could be used as raw material for reception of reducing gases by the method of carbon dioxide gasification at the temperature of 1000 C. The preliminary treatment of these coals by 1% alkaline solution allows to extract the humates [...]
Gospodarka Surowcami Mineralnymi
PL Artykuł zawiera dostępne informacje dotyczące pracujących obecnie bloków gazowo-parowych na gaz z węgla: Demkolec (Buggenum, Holandia) - 253 MWe, uruchomiony w 1994 r.; Wabash River (Indiana, USA) - 252 MWe w 1995 r.; Tampa EC (Floryda, USA) - 250 MWe w 1996 r.; Pinon Pine (Nevada, USA) - 100 MWe w [...]
EN The paper will contain available information about newly commissioned integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) units: Demkolec (Buggenum, NL) - 253 MWe in 1994; Wabash River (Indiana, USA) - 252 MWe in 1995; Tampa EC (Florida, USA) - 250 MWe in 1996; Pinon Pine (Nevada, USA) - 100 MWe in 1997; [...]
Archivum Combustionis
EN The effect of calcium compounds present in lignite on the effectiveness of steam gasification of lignite chars has been studied at the temperature of 750° C. lignites from three Polish mines were used. Samples were demineralized with 2M HCl to remove alkali and alkaline earth metals. The demineraliz[...]
EN An experimental linear direct current (DC) plasma generator, with stepped anode, stabilized with air/water vapor, argon/water vapor and argon/air vortexes operating at atmospheric pressure had been designed and constructed in Plasma Processing Laboratory at Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI, Kaunas).[...]
Polityka Energetyczna
2015 T. 18, z. 3 37--48
PL Węgiel brunatny – ze względu na duże zasoby tego paliwa w Polsce – jest jednym z podstawowych surowców energetycznych. Udokumentowane zasoby geologiczne węgla brunatnego liczą ponad 26 mld ton, a możliwości występowania węgla brunatnego w obszarach potencjalnie węglonośnych ocenia się na ponad 140 m[...]
EN Lignite is one of the primary energy resources in Poland. This is caused by its large existing and perspective reserves in Poland. Documented lignite geological resources are more than 26 ∙ 109 Mg while the possibility of lignite occurrence is estimated to be 140 ∙ 109 Mg. It shows the potential for[...]
Journal of Ecological Engineering
EN The paper refers to the main problem connected with biomass gasification - a presence of tar in a product gas. This paper presents preliminary results of tar decomposition in a microwave plasma reactor. It gives a basic insight into the construction and work of the plasma reactor. During the experim[...]
Acta Chromatographica
2013 Vol. 25, no. 2 317--330
EN The process of steam co-gasification of hard coal and biomass is regarded as environment friendly alternative to classical fossil fuel combustion, especially in the light of continuous increase in energy demand and recognition of environmental concerns related to fossil fuel processing. In the paper[...]
Drewno : prace naukowe, doniesienia, komunikaty
EN This paper presents the results of the gasification of sawmill waste – pine sawdust, deciduous sawdust, bark pine, wet sawdust and wood pellets. The moisture content of the waste in the test varied from 9 to 48%. The higher the moisture of biofuels, the lower the quality of the energy. This was conf[...]
Journal of Ecological Engineering
2016 Vol. 17, nr 5 132--137
EN Gasification of solid fuels is an alternative process for energy production using conventional and renewable fuels. Apart from desired compounds, i.e. carbon oxide, hydrogen and methane, the produced gas contains complex organic (tars) and inorganic (carbonizate, ammonia) contaminants. Those substan[...]
Journal of KONES
2015 Vol. 22, No. 4 109--116
EN Ecology problems are addressed in all areas of engineering. Gasification is widely used methodology, which allows to power vehicles and fuel generators via alternative fuel. The more it seems important to address the issues of gasification in the group of scientists dealing with machines. In article[...]
Archives of Thermodynamics
EN Millions tons of municipal solid waste are generated annually in the world which is usually deposited. The incineration process, generated heat energy, drastical reducition of the volume of solid waste for deposition, but the ashes and flue dusts are very toxic residues. The plasma gasification and [...]
Gaz, Woda i Technika Sanitarna
2001 Nr 4 77-79
EN Planning of supplying districts with power carrying media. Legal and economic conditions for power planning coordination. Analysis of gas supply profitability. Stages of district gasification implementation.
Polish Journal of Chemical Technology
EN One of the promising processes, belonging to the so-called clean coal technologies, is catalytic coal gasification. The addition of a catalyst results in an increased process rate, in which synthesis gas is obtained. Therefore, the subject of this research was catalytic gasification of low-ranking c[...]
Mining Science
EN Despite its poor environmental credentials, coal remains a crucial contributor to energy supply in numerous countries. It is the most widespread fossil fuel around the world, and more than 75 countries have coal deposits. The energy resource plays an important role in delivering energy access, which[...]
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