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Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
2010 Vol. 48 nr 2 517-524
PL W artykule przedstawiono wyniki analizy numerycznej struktury składającej się z dwóch identycznych chaotycznych oscylatorów zawieszonych na sprężystej belce. Obliczenia numeryczne przeprowadzono stosując profesjonalny pakiet programu ANSYS. Wykazano, że dla danych warunków wzbudzenia, początkowo nie[...]
EN Results of numerical analysis of a structure witch consists of two identical chaotic oscillators suspended on an elastic element are presented. The numerical calculations have been carried out with the use of the professional ANSYS software (User's Gude ANSYS 10). The findings show that for given co[...]
EN The article deals with the analysis of the natural discs frequencies realized by the means of mathematic simulation by the finite elements method, by which the programs AutoCAD and Cosmos M were used. First fifty natural frequencies are presented for the listed type of the steel disc. The experiment[...]
Archives of Thermodynamics
EN A systematic study on nucleate pool boiling from single artificial nucleation site to saturated, distilled water and methanol under atmospheric pressure is reported. Electrically heated sections have been employed to produce vapour bubbles. The cavities were drilled on a flat end of the copper rod. [...]
Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology
2013 nr 2 30--34
EN Mobile Telecommunication is one of the fastest growing technologies in the world. The effects of its high frequencies and complex modulations to the exposed population are considered in this paper. Experimental studies examining a variety of effects on all levels of the organism, ranging from effect[...]
Journal of Polish CIMAC
2007 Vol. 2, no 2 123-131
EN The paper has been intended to discuss an application of a diagnostic method based on measurements and analyses of frequency modulation. The method has been developed at Instytut Techniczny Wojsk Lotniczych – ITWL (Air Force Institute of Technology, Warszawa, Poland). It has been based on measuremen[...]
Materials Science Poland
2010 Vol. 28, No. 1 305--312
EN The dependence of frequency variations on the dielectric properties of Sm substituted barium lanthanum titanate was investigated. Dielectric ceramics based on the Ba4(La1-ySmy)9.33Ti18O54 system, where y = 0.0, 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, were synthesized and subsequently characterized for their structural and d[...]
Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Świętokrzyskiej. Nauki Techniczne
EN Rotor-stator interaction is a source of high-frequency pulsations. Presented paper focuses on simulation of these pulsations in low specific speed pump with guide vanes. Two approaches are compared: 3D simulation in time domain and 1D simulation in frequency domain. Three-dimensional unsteady comput[...]
Machine Dynamics Problems
EN The subject under consideration is the dynamics of two non-linear chaotic oscillators attached to an elastic beam. Duffing oscillators are stimulated by a periodic signal at w frequency. The conclusion is that for given conditions initially uncorrelated chaotic oscillators becomes periodic and synch[...]
Applied Mechanics and Engineering
EN Experimental time and temperature dependencies of the complex Young's modulus components have been analyzed for isotropic and uniaxially oriented polymers of different chemical structures. In the regions of relaxation transitions, these dependencies have been described by the equations of viscoelast[...]
Journal of Polish Safety and Reliability Association
2008 Vol. 2 247--254
EN The question of how the effects of management and organisational variables can be incorporated into assessment of frequency of loss containment events is currently of considerable interest. Usually these typology of events arises from an uncontrolled accidental phenomena or a combination of active a[...]
Woda-Środowisko-Obszary Wiejskie
PL Do opracowania wykorzystano dobowe temperatury powietrza z wysokości 2 m n.p.g. z 15 stacji meteorologicznych IMGW z okresu od października do kwietnia lat 1980/1981-1999/2000. Stwierdzono, że od 70 do 75% zimowych odwilży atmosferycznych osiąga intensywność od 0,1 do 4,5°C. Przeciętna intensywność [...]
EN Daily (24 hours) air temperatures at the level of 200 cm above the ground measured at 15 IMGW meteorological stations from October to April during the period from 1980/1981 to 1999/2000 were taken for this study. It was found that 70 to 75% of atmospheric thaws reached the intensity from 0.1 to 4.5°[...]
Woda-Środowisko-Obszary Wiejskie
PL Materiał wyjściowy do opracowania przebiegu odwilży atmosferycznych w okolicach Olsztyna stanowiły wartości średniej dobowej temperatury powietrza mierzonej na poziomie standardowym w latach 1952/1953-2001/2002. Klasyfikację odwilży atmosferycznych oparto na podziale Czarneckiej [Atlas ..., 1990]. O[...]
EN Material for the study of atmospheric thaws in the Olsztyn surroundings was based on mean daily air temperatures recorded at the standard level in the period from 1952/1953 to 2001/2002. Thaws were studied in 2, 5, 10, 20 days long series [Atlas ..., 1990] with an average winter daily temperature ab[...]
International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy
2013 Vol. 3 1-11
EN In this paper a waveguide structure consisting of a pair of left-handed material (LHM) and dielectric slabs inserted in vacuum is investigated theoretically. Two cases of the LHM are considered, loss-less case and loss case as well as the frequency dependence of permittivity and permeability of it i[...]
Prace Naukowe Instytutu Górnictwa Politechniki Wrocławskiej. Studia i Materiały
PL W artykule przedstawiono możliwości zmian zakresu i częstotliwości badań. Odniesiono się do zapisów w normach dotyczących możliwych korekt badań. Przytoczono wyniki badań ilustrujące zapisy normowe.
EN The article presents the possibility of changes in the scope and frequency of testing. Reference was made to the provisions of the standards for testing of possible adjustments. The results of studies showing the records specified by standards.
Archives of Acoustics
2013 Vol. 38, No. 3 389--395
EN Noise measurements have been carried out at eleven different sites located in three prominent cities of the Tarai region of India to evaluate the effectiveness of vegetation belts in reducing traffic noise along the roadsides. Attenuation per doubling of distance has been computed for each site and [...]
Elektronika : konstrukcje, technologie, zastosowania
PL Wykorzystując komputerowe wspomaganie projektowania można zastosować dla projektowania charakterystyki Nyquista. Dla tych charakterystyk można też określić zapas wzmocnienia i fazy tak jak dla charakterystyk Bodego. Zaprezentowano pewne użyteczne modyfikacje charakterystyk Nyguista ułatwiające uwzgl[...]
EN Using the technique of the computer aid of the designing it is possible in apply for the designing of Nyquist characteristics. For these characteristics it is possible to describe the margins as like as for Bode characleristics. Certain useful modifications of Nyquist characteristics improving the a[...]
Elektronika : konstrukcje, technologie, zastosowania
PL W artykule tym przedstawiono modele matematyczne aktuatorów piezoelektrycznych w zastosowaniu do zadań mikropozycjonowania. Pierwszy opisujący zachowanie się samego aktuatora, bez uwzględnienia jego mocowania [5, 7, 10], natomiast drugi uwzględniający parametry mechaniczne mocowania aktuatora. Obydw[...]
EN In this paper are presented two mathematical models of piezoelectric actuators. The first describes the behavior of the actuator, without considering its attachment [5,7,10], and the second takes into account the mechanical parameters of the actuator mounting. Both models are implemented in MATLAB a[...]
Czasopismo Techniczne. Mechanika
PL Specjalnie zbudowane urządzenie pozwalało na określenie relacji między logarytmicznym dekrementem drgań a częstością, używając do tego celu tylko jednej próbki. Zmiana logarytmicznego dekrementu drgań była uzyskiwana dzięki redukcji masy.
EN A specially device was done. That device gave us possibility to determine relation between logarithmic decrement and frequency using only one sample. The change of vibrations frequency was obtained by the change of reduced mass. From the proceeding of vibrations logarithmic decrement was calculated.
Przegląd Mechaniczny
2009 nr 9 23-27
PL W pracy przedstawiono zastosowanie metody Galerkina do analizy widmowo-modalnej w celu wyznaczenia charakterystyk częstotliwościowych ciągło-dyskretnego układu mechatronicznego. Praktycznym efektem takiego ujęcia jest badanie charakterystyk w dziedzinie częstości. Zastosowane ujęcie i otrzymane wyni[...]
EN Purpose of this paper is the application the approximate method called Galerkin's method to solve the task of assigning the frequency-modal analysis and characteristics of a continuous-discrete mechatronic system. Practical implications of this approach were presented, that means in the domain of fr[...]
Acta of Bioengineering and Biomechanics
EN The frequency of corrective signal (the centre of corrective (COC) signal), which is the decomposition of COP (centre of pressure) and estimated COM (centre of mass) time series, is one of the indicators reflecting the quality of postural control during stance. Young children, in the period of inten[...]
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