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w słowach kluczowych:  finite element analysis
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Acta Mechanica et Automatica
EN In this paper the subsequent stages of tire rubber coupons mechanical properties experimental assessment are presented. Experimental uniaxial tension and compression tests were carried out on the strength testing machine with the assistance of high-speed camera and special software for strain meas[...]
Journal of Machine Engineering
EN When compared to steel or cast iron, carbon fibre composites offer excellent tensile and bending stiffness together with significantly smaller density. Research at the Research centre of Manufacturing Technologies in Prague has been aimed at the application of composite materials in structural parts[...]
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
2010 Vol. 48 nr 2 505-516
PL W pracy przedstawiono analizę porównawczą wyników eksperymentalnych i otrzymanych z metody elementów skończonych (ANSYS) w odniesieniu do kolumn zbudowanych ze stalowych rur wypełnionych betonem (CFTS). Analizę numeryczną przeprowadzono dla kolumn o przekroju kwadratowym wzmacnianym normalną mieszan[...]
EN Concrete-filled steel tube (CFST) beams are studied and verified by the Finite Element program ANSYS against experimental data. In the nu- merical analysis, the cross sections of the CFST are square steel sections, and sections strengthened by being filled with normal mix concrete and quarry waste c[...]
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
2002 Vol. 40 nr 3 575-593
PL Ostatnie osiągnięcia w dziedzinie konstrukcji "inteligentnych" zwracają uwagę na zastosowanie cienkich folii i włókien piezoelektrycznych o grubości ... jako czujników i elementów wykonawczych w aktywnych kompozytach. W pracy zawarto matematyczną analizę i wyniki symulacji numerycznych dla takich w[...]
EN Recently, thin piezoelectric foils or fibers with a thickness between ... and ... have been manufactured and used sensor/actuator components of smart composite structures. The paper deals with the mathematical analysis and numerical simulation of such smart composite structures. A concept for lamina[...]
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
2000 Vol. 38 nr 3 476-498
PL Zastosowanie metody elementów skończonych do analizy i projektowania piezoelektrycznie sterowanych konstrukcji inteligentnych Praca daje przegląd nowych osiągnięć z zakresu modelowania, analizy numerycznej i projektowania konstrukcji inteligentnych z piezoelektrycznymi elementami wykonawczymi. Omówi[...]
EN The paper gives an overview of about recent developements in modelling, numerical analysis and design of piezoelectric controlled smart structures. Then, the theoretical basis of a general purpose finite element simulation tool developed by the authors is presented. This tool contains a number of co[...]
Advances in Materials Science
EN When bonded joint is subjected to mode I fracture loading, the adhesive joints analytical solutions treats the adhesive layer, usually, as not existing or 1D Hook elastic layer. In the case of 1D elastic layer, represented as Hooks spring element, is acting, only, in direction contrary to the applie[...]
Engineering Transactions
EN Several parameters can affect the fatigue delamination growth in laminates - these in-clude e.g. constituent material properties and/or composite shape. Knowledge about effects of these parameters can lead to a better understanding of the fatigue delamination behaviour and can also pinpoint directio[...]
Archives of Acoustics
EN The paper explores the potentials of reducing the amplitude of plate vibrations and radiated noise through the use of piezoelectric actuators in an asymmetric configuration. Tests were run on a aluminium plate, bonded on one edge. On one of the surfaces there were four piezoelectric actuators, on th[...]
Applied Mechanics and Engineering
2000 Vol. 5, no 1 127-142
EN In the paper, a general purpose finite element software for the simulation of piezoelectric material systems and controlled smart structures is presented. The equations of coupled electromechanical problems are given in a weak form, which are used for the development of 1D, 2D, 3D as well as multila[...]
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
2016 Vol. 54 nr 2 369--383
EN Loading conditions and complex geometry have led cylinder heads to become the most challenging parts of diesel engines. One of the most important durability problems in diesel engines is due to cracks in the valves bridge area. The purpose of this study is thermo- -mechanical analysis of cylinder he[...]
Archives of Electrical Engineering
2017 Vol. 66, nr 3 523--531
EN The paper considers the influence of core saturation on the dynamics of magnetostrictive fast-acting actuator. The field-circuit mathematical model of the dynamic operation of the capacitor-actuator system is applied. Two kinds of magnetostrictive core nonlinearity are taken into account. It has bee[...]
Journal of Machine Engineering
EN The phase transformation model incorporated via the user subroutines to the commercial finite element software to accurately predict changes occurring during cooling of metallic components is presented in the paper. The cooling process of steel rings used in airplanes was selected as a case study. P[...]
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
2013 Vol. 51 nr 4 883--890
EN A micromechanical model for solution of the problem of transverse stiffness of unidirectional fiber reinforced composites taking into account the presence of the interphase and a random distribution of fibers over the transverse cross-section has been developed. The influence of interphase propertie[...]
Computer Methods in Materials Science
2014 Vol. 14, No. 2 108--113
PL W pracy badano wpływ parametrów materiałowych na wytrzymałość na wzdłużne ściskanie kompozytu jednokierunkowo wzmocnionego. W tym celu wykorzystano metodę elementów skończonych oraz komórkę elementarną kompozytu z początkową imperfekcją włókien i plastyczną matrycą. Analizowano zmianę krzywej ściska[...]
EN This research focuses on studying the effect of material parameters upon the compressive response of a unidirectional fiber reinforced polymer matrix composite. To investigate this effect, the finite element method and a periodic unit cell model of unidirectional composite with an initial fiber wavi[...]
Archives of Electrical Engineering
2016 Vol. 65, nr 1 141--150
EN Many imaging techniques are playing an increasingly significant role in clinical diagnosis. In the last years especially noninvasive electrical conductivity imaging methods have been investigated. Magnetoacoustic tomography with magnetic induction (MAT-MI) combines favourable contrast of electromagn[...]
Poznan University of Technology Academic Journals. Electrical Engineering
2016 No. 85 245--254
EN The paper presents a coupled dynamic mechanical-electromagnetic finite element analysis of a vibration energy harvesting converter with permanent-magnet excitation. The system consists of a small, miliwatt power range, linear-motion permanent-magnet generator connected to a cantilever-beam spring el[...]
Computer Applications in Electrical Engineering
2016 Vol. 14 256--267
EN The paper presents the coupled static and dynamic mechanical–electromagnetic finite element analyses of an electromechanical vibration energy harvesting converter with permanent–magnet excitation. The system consists of a small, milliwatt power range, linear–motion generator connected to a cantileve[...]
Archives of Metallurgy and Materials
EN In this study, we have focused on the role of silicon morphology on the hardness of eutectic Al–12 wt.% Si–0.5 wt.% Sb alloy solidified at different cooling rates. The alloys were produced by using induction melting, arc-remelting and melt-spinning techniques. The cooling rates of the alloys were de[...]
Computer Methods in Materials Science
PL Efektywny proces kucia na gorąco zależy znacząco od cyklu życia matryc. W konsekwencji termicznych i mechanicznych interakcji pomiędzy materiałem wsadowym i powierzchnią narzędzia, okazuje się, iż głównym powodem awarii matryc jest zużycie spoiwa i ścierniwa. Poprzez przeprowadzanie procesu w wysoki[...]
EN The efficiency of hot forging processes significantly depends on the service life of the dies. As a consequence of thermal and mechanical interactions between workpiece and tool surfaces during the forming process, adhesive and abrasive die wear occurs, that is a major failure reason of hot forging [...]
Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
EN Purpose: of this paper is to present a practical and robust methodology developed to evaluate the fatigue life of seam welded joints under combined cyclic loading. Design/methodology/approach: Fatigue analysis was conducted in virtual environment. The finite element stress results from each loading [...]
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