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Optica Applicata
2013 Vol. 43, nr 3 515--527
EN Proper fingerprint feature extraction is crucial in fingerprint-matching algorithms. For good results, different pieces of information about a fingerprint image, such as ridge orientation and frequency, must be considered. It is often necessary to improve the quality of a fingerprint image in order [...]
Bio-Algorithms and Med-Systems
EN Based on Gabor filter, an algorithm is worked out and presented in this work. The algorithm uses ridge endings and ridge bifurcation to represent a fingerprint image. The experimental results have proven the algorithm completion in preparing the fingerprint image for simple classification and hence [...]
Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research
2014 Vol. 4, No. 2 149--162
EN The aim of this work is to create a web-based system that will assist its users in the cancer diagnosis process by means of automatic classification of cytological images obtained during fine needle aspiration biopsy. This paper contains a description of the study on the quality of the various algor[...]
Journal of Medical Informatics & Technologies
2009 Vol. 13 53--58
EN This paper proposes a biometric system for authentication that uses the retina blood vessel pattern. The retina biometric analyzes the layer of blood vessels located at the back of the eye. The blood vessels at the back of the eye have a unique pattern, from eye to eye and person to person. The reti[...]
Przegląd Elektrotechniczny
2012 R. 88, nr 5a 227-230
PL Artykuł ma na celu przedstawienie metody umożliwiającej odwzorowanie dynamiki pracy algorytmu PID zaimplementowanego w sterowniku PLC przy wykorzystaniu LS-SVM. W artykule opisano rodzaje algorytmów PID zaimplementowanych w sterownikach PLC, jak również omówiono w skrócie różnice między SVM a LS-SVM[...]
EN The following paper presents a new approach to the dynamics mapping of the PID controller implemented in the PLC using the LS-SVM. The article describes the types of PID algorithms implemented in the PLC. The differences between SVM and LS-SVM are also briefly discussed. The process of features sele[...]
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