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w słowach kluczowych:  feature extraction
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Fundamenta Informaticae
EN Recent research has shown the integration of multiple classifiers to be one of the most important directions in machine learning and data mining. In this paper, we present an algorithm for the dynamic integration of classifiers in the space of extracted features (FEDIC). It is based on the technique[...]
Foundations of Computing and Decision Sciences
EN "The curse of dimensionality" is pertinent to many learning algorithms, and it denotes the drastic increase of computational complexity and classification error in high dimensions. In this paper, principal component analysis (PCA). parametric feature extraction (FE) based on Fisher's linear discrimi[...]
Measurement Automation Monitoring
2015 Vol. 61, No. 6 191--194
EN In this work the human detection method in infrared has been presented. The proposed solution focuses on the use low-level features and detecting parts of the human body. Low–level processing is based on modified HOG (Histogram of Oriented Gradients) algorithm. First, the only squared cells have bee[...]
Machine Graphics and Vision
EN Automated leukocyte detection, segmentation, and classification is an important task in clinical diagnosis. In this paper we present an approach to leukocyte cytoplasm and nucleus segmentation that is robust with respect to image quality and cell appearance. Cell properties are described by a set of[...]
Machine Graphics and Vision
EN We examine the problem of discriminating between objects of more than two classes using "minimum information". Discrete Cosine Transforms (DCT) represents a computationally simple and efficient method that preserves the structure of the data without introducing significant distortion. In this paper,[...]
Archives of Acoustics
EN In this paper, a new feature-extraction method is proposed to achieve robustness of speech recognition systems. This method combines the benefits of phase autocorrelation (PAC) with bark wavelet transform. PAC uses the angle to measure correlation instead of the traditional autocorrelation measure, [...]
Machine Graphics and Vision
EN This paper presents a hidden Markov model-based online handwritten character recognition for Gurmukhi script. We discuss a procedure to develop a hidden Markov model database in order to recognize Gurmukhi characters. A test with 60 handwritten samples, where each sample includes 41 Gurmukhi charact[...]
Schedae Informaticae
2016 Vol. 25 25--35
EN Supervised kernel-Principal Component Analysis (S-kPCA) is a me thod for producing discriminative feature spaces that provide nonlinear decision regions, well-suited for handling real-world problems. The presented paper proposes a modification to the original S-kPCA concept, which is aimed at improv[...]
Pomiary Automatyka Kontrola
2012 R. 58, nr 10 872-875
PL Praca zawiera przykład klasyfikacji danych rzeczywistych opisujących sygnały niekrytyczne, przedkrytyczne i krytyczne. Celem jest rozpoznanie stanów niebezpiecznych tak wcześnie jak to możliwe. Ze względu na brak separowalności liniowej danych w celu separacji klas użyto klasyfikacji hierarchicznej [...]
EN The paper presents an application of classification methods to time-continuous signals (1). Signals with values that exceed a certain critical maximum are called dangerous or critical, otherwise we speak about normal or routine operation of the system under consideration, Fig. 1. The problem is to r[...]
Archives of Mechanics
EN A framework for extracting features in 2D transient flows, based on the acceleration field to ensure Galilean invariance is proposed in this paper. The minima of the acceleration magnitude (a superset of acceleration zeros) are extracted and discriminated into vortices and saddle points, based on th[...]
Journal Biuletyn of Polish Society for Geometry and Engineering Graphics
2003 Vol. 13 5--8
EN This paper deals with problems that are related to a feature extraction from 3D objects. The main aim of the feature extraction is to describe a shape of 3D object by a feature vector. Then the elements of this feature vector characterize the shape of the own 3D objects and they can serve as a key i[...]
Archives of Acoustics
2017 Vol. 42, No. 4 619--629
EN Usually, the judgement of one type fault of vehicle pass-by noise is difficult for engineers, especially when some significant features are disturbed by other interference noise, such as the squealing noise is almost simultaneous with the whistle in the exhaust system. In order to cope with this pro[...]
Control and Cybernetics
EN In this paper, an asymmetric version of the kcentroids clustering algorithm is proposed. The asymmetry arises from the use of the asymmetric dissimilarities in the k-centroids algorithm. Application of the asymmetric measures of dissimilarity is motivated by the basic nature of the k-centroids algor[...]
Metrology and Measurement Systems
EN In the last decade of the XX-th century, several academic centers have launched intensive research programs on the brain-computer interface (BCI). The current state of research allows to use certain properties of electromagnetic waves (brain activity) produced by brain neurons, measured using electr[...]
Przegląd Elektrotechniczny
2011 R. 87, nr 5 272-274
PL W pracy analizowano izolację podziemnych kabli DC. Opracowano algorytm odszumiania wpływów interferencji zewnętrznych pól elektromagnetycznych. Przedstawiono główne kategorie interferencji, zaproponowano statystyczne operatory do ekstrakcji danych.
EN In the contribution, some preliminary work on insulation subway cable was reported. Accordingly, the paper mainly deals with two problems, focusing on denoising algorithms, associated with various outside interferences existing in the field, and feature extraction method, regarding the evaluation an[...]
Przegląd Elektrotechniczny
PL W artykule zaproponowano nowa metodę klasyfikacji obrazów z kolorowa teksturą wykorzystującą wykorzystującą metody kodowania tekstury 2D. Metodę testowano na dwóch przykładach baz danych i porównano z metodami dotychczas stosowanymi.
EN Color texture classification is an important step in image segmentation and recognition. The color information is especially important In textures of natural scenes. In this paper, we propose a novel approach based on the 2D and semi 3D texture feature coding method (TFCM) for color texture classifi[...]
Fundamenta Informaticae
EN This paper presents a research on the construction of a new unsupervised model for learning a semantic similarity measure from text corpora. Two main components of the model are a semantic interpreter of texts and a similarity function whose properties are derived from data. The first one associates[...]
Poznan University of Technology Academic Journals. Electrical Engineering
2010 No. 61 207-213
EN Face pose determination represents an important area of research in Human Machine Interaction. In this paper, I describe a new method of extracting facial feature locations from a single monochromatic monocular camera for the purpose of estimating and tracking the three dimensional pose of human fac[...]
Opto - Electronics Review
EN Geometrical methods of feature extraction from ear images in order to perform human identification are presented. Geometrical approach is motivated by the actual procedures used by police and forensic experts (so-called ear otoscopy). In their work, geometrical features of ears such as size, height,[...]
Fundamenta Informaticae
EN In this paper a new feature extraction technique for texture analysis is evaluated. This method is based on spectral correlation function (SCF) that provides a second-order statistical description in the frequency domain of signals. Two one dimensional signals are obtained from each image by orderin[...]
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