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Machine Dynamics Problems
EN Appearing stimulus in the region of fracture increasing an activity of bone cells has beneficial influence for our health and mood. Wide known fact is stimulating the cells in due time and in due place. It can extract energy to rebuilt the old bone structure or to create the suitable environment for[...]
Acta of Bioengineering and Biomechanics
EN The purposes of this study were to analyse the stability of the system formed by the Ilizarov fixator and the thigh being elongated. The research was conducted under laboratory (tests on physical models) and clinical (tests on real objects) conditions during the process of the elongation of the femu[...]
Zeszyty Naukowe Katedry Mechaniki Stosowanej / Politechnika Śląska
2006 z. 26 149-154
EN The measurement of osteogenesis gives the possibility to more precise diagnostics of the fractures, and can be also applied to the computer techniques like e.g. artificial intelligence. The treatment of long bone fractures by external fixators affords an unique opportunity to control the healing of [...]
Acta of Bioengineering and Biomechanics
EN We asked how bone fragment displacement could influence the distribution of radiological density in bone regenerate formed during the process of bone lengthening. The metatarsi of 21 sheep were lengthened by 20 mm by the Ilizarov method. The bone fragments were externally fixed with a specially desi[...]
Machine Dynamics Problems
EN Human needs are forming in a most incredible ways. People expectation to keep ability of the active life manner are changing according to techniques development that caused increasing quality in the other domains of human life. Nowadays the situation are changing from day to day  in and is especiall[...]
Modelowanie Inżynierskie
EN In this article the authors draw attention to the possibilities of treatment for complicated bone fractures. They present their own design, laboratory tests and numerical solutions (i.e. strength analyses and reliability assessments) of the various types of internal and external fixators applied in [...]
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