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Technical Sciences / University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn
2016 nr 19(2) 139--149
EN The main aim of this article is to develop mathematical equations of the performance stream (Vc) of a water ram with regard to the height of water delivery (hc). The study was performed on the sample water ram of my own design mounted on a specially designed test stand. The content of the article is[...]
Demonstratio Mathematica. Warsaw Technical University Institute of Mathematics
EN The systems of evolution equations modelling elasticity and thermoelas-ticity of viscoporous bounded media are considered. The existence of co-semigroups of contractions defining solutions to the systems is proved. The asymptotic vanishing of energies of solutions when t -> (infinity) is explained.
Opuscula Mathematica
2001 Vol. 21 11-30
ECONTECHMOD : An International Quarterly Journal on Economics of Technology and Modelling Processes
EN Accuracy of engineering and economic calculations in different areas requires the use of accurate and prompt values of heat capacity for new or modified materials. A number of existing methods have an error in measuring the heat capacity of powder materials, and use non-standard devices and electric[...]
Fundamenta Informaticae
Roczniki Inżynierii Budowlanej
2011 z. 11 81--84
EN This paper presents the sketch of the model that can be used for the analysis of concrete cover in the corrosion conditions. The application of this model requires formulation of FEM theory equations. The presented model in the sense of idea is complete and can be used for determination of exploitat[...]
Fundamenta Informaticae
EN Language equations are equations where both the constants occurring in the equations and the solutions are formal languages. They have first been introduced in formal language theory, but are now also considered in other areas of computer science. In the present paper, we restrict the attention to l[...]
Archives of Metallurgy and Materials
EN The paper offers mathematical equations of the influence of micro-jet cooling on structure and impact toughness properties of metal weld deposit. Weld metal deposit (WMD) was carried out for standard MIG welding and for MIG welding with micro-jet cooling. This new method is very promising mainly due[...]
Archives of Control Sciences
2019 Vol. 29, No. 3 529--548
EN Although the explicit commutativitiy conditions for second-order linear time-varying systems have been appeared in some literature, these are all for initially relaxed systems. This paper presents explicit necessary and sufficient commutativity conditions for commutativity of second-order linear tim[...]
Biuletyn Wojskowej Akademii Technicznej
PL Analizowano izotermy adsorpcji pary wodnej zmierzone na niemodyfikowanych i silnie utlenionych węglach aktywnych w temp. 298 K przy użyciu różnych równań adsorpcji. Pokazano, że znane równania Dubinina-Sierpińskiego zawodzą w opisie izoterm adsorpcji pary wodnej na silnie utlenionych węglach aktywny[...]
EN Adsorption isotherms of water vapor measured on unmodified and strongly oxidized active carbons at 298 K were analyzed by using different isotherm equations. It was shown that the wellknown Dubinin-Serpinsky equations fail to describe adsorption isotherms of water vapor on strongly oxidized active c[...]
Journal of Water and Land Development
2001 no. 5 89-105
PL W przypadku braku obserwacji hydrologicznych istnieje problem ustalania i przyjmowania kształtu fali i podstawowych jego elementów: czasów wznoszenia ts i trwania fali T, objętości fali V i przepływu kulminacyjnego Qmax. Dlatego przeprowadzono badania prowadzące do ustalenia związków empi[...]
EN Since the middle sixties, statistical analyses have been conducted in Poland on the description and identification of a hydrograph of a typical flood wave in rivers according to the concept of STRUPCZEWSKI (1964). These works have been enlarged by studies on relationships between basic elements of h[...]
Systems : journal of transdisciplinary systems science
EN The paper considers the time dependent system of systems where the system total task must be executed during constrained time resource. For the developed model, general analytical equations for the evaluation of system of systems downtime, availability function, and total expected cost function are [...]
Technical Sciences / University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn
2000 nr 3 77-92
PL W pracy przedstawiono podstawy teoretyczne ruchu cząstki kulistej poruszającej się wewnątrz wirującego pionowego stożka, mającego promieniwo rozmieszczone łopatki. Sformułowano równanie opisujące ruch cząstki kulistej określono warunek rozpoczęcia ruchu przez cząstkę kulistą. Wyznaczono położenie cz[...]
EN The paper presents theoretical bases of spherical particle motion inside a rotating vertical cone with blades radially. An equation deseribing the of a spherical particle was formulated. The condition of starting the particle motion was defined. The position of a spherical particle in the state of e[...]
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