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ECONTECHMOD : An International Quarterly Journal on Economics of Technology and Modelling Processes
EN Web-galleries which take into account user’s interests can reorganize the structure of its content according to user’s interests and peculiarities of their behaviour. Each Webgallery encompasses expositions that to some extent reveal defined thematic categories. Each exposition contains exhibits whi[...]
PL Zagadnienie sterowania ruchem drogowym jest obecnie bardzo ważnym elementem w związku z gwałtownie rosnącym ruchem ulicznym w miastach. Opracowanie efektywnej strategii działania w ustaleniu przełączeń świateł drogowych i wyznaczaniu alternatywnych dróg transportu w przypadku kolizji lub zatorów wym[...]
EN Control of traffic in urban conditions is nowadays very important element in connection with dramatic increase of traffic in the cities Preparation of the effective strategy in traffic lights switching and determination of alternative transport ways in the case of collision or blockade demands more [...]
Geodeta : magazyn geoinformacyjny
2006 nr 6 39-44
Geodeta : magazyn geoinformacyjny
2006 nr 6 30-33
Polish Geological Institute Special Papers
2002 Vol. 7 119-124
EN In an attempt to make use of scientific potential for geological evaluation like resource management, a join German-Ukrainian project was carried out during the last four years. The aim of this project was the introduction and application in the Donets Basin of a computer based coal resources assess[...]
Napędy i Sterowanie
2009 R. 11, nr 3 133-135
PL Zapewnienie bezawaryjnej pracy systemu SCADA oraz zachowanie nieprzerwanego nadzoru nad procesem technologicznym pozwala na bezpieczne i wydajne funkcjonowanie zakładu. Niezależnie od branży żadne przedsiębiorstwo nie może pozwolić sobie na zastój w produkcji wynikający z awarii systemów sterujących[...]
Metrology and Measurement Systems
EN With advances in IT technologies even complex machines with several gears and bearings, running at varying rotational speed can be effciently monitored with an algorithm consisting of a combination of signal envelope and synchronous resampling. For implementation, robust advanced software developmen[...]
Napędy i Sterowanie
PL Echocollect to prosty i niezawodny zapis zmiennych pochodzących ze sterowników PLC do baz danych (Oracle, SAP, dB2, MS-SQL…) lub na kartę Flash (*.csv). Traceability, MES, PIMS – to nazwy, pod którymi kryje się m.in. proces gromadzenia istotnych danych produkcyjnych wykorzystywanych na własne potrze[...]
Foundations of Control and Management Sciences
2008 No. 10 83-93
EN This paper contains some of the results from the application of PHP scripts for the extraction of information from newspaper announcements, and from the transferring of this information to the MySQL database. The announcements concern joint stock companies, and are published in the print version of [...]
Poznan University of Technology Academic Journals. Electrical Engineering
2008 No 58 133-140
EN The paper includes a proposal of monitoring of operational parameters of a nonlinear object on the example of a photovoltaic module. For these purposes an application has been developed, designed for local monitoring of operational parameters of the module. A key element of the application is a data[...]
Foundations of Control and Management Sciences
2004 No. 2 27-35
EN The article describes issues connected with the use of information in creating the products quality. Information and decision making processes accompany every action of each and every organization. Information is especially important in unusual conditions being a subject of constant changes. In such[...]
TASK Quarterly : scientific bulletin of Academic Computer Centre in Gdansk
1998 Vol. 2, No 1 177-181
EN The computer software Hydrogeological Monitoring System-Graphical Presentation was produced in the Polish Geological Institute. There are two versions of this software, a PC didactic version and Internet version. These two versions of the software are aimed at enabling the fast and easy access to da[...]
Polish Maritime Research
TASK Quarterly : scientific bulletin of Academic Computer Centre in Gdansk
1999 Vol. 3, No 4 465-474
EN The implementation of a database management system in a clinical open-architecture picture archiving and communication system (PACS) is discussed. Standardization of communication protocols and file formats permit the equipment of various vendors to be linked. The main functions of the database mana[...]
Fundamenta Informaticae
EN Authorization specification in object oriented databases is being increasingly investigated recently by many researchers [4,5,7,9,10]. However, most of the work todate suffers from a lack of formal logic semantics to characterize different types of inheritance properties of authorization policies am[...]
Zeszyty Naukowe. Organizacja i Zarządzanie / Politechnika Śląska
2004 z. 22 193-201
PL W artykule przedstawiono wstępne koncepcje struktur rozproszonej bazy danych dla strategii magazynowej w przedsiębiorstwach o "federacyjnym" schemacie organizacyjnym. Przedstawione propozycje obejmują niejednorodne, jednorodne oraz klient-serwer układy rozproszonej bazy danych o uszkodzeniach maszyn[...]
EN In the paper the initial conceptions of the dispersed database structures for inventory strategy in the enterprises, which use an organizational structure of concern has been presented. This conceptions includes heterogenous, homogenous and client - server systems of dispersed database. The method[...]
Journal of Applied Computer Science Methods
2010 Vol. 2 No. 1 97--107
EN Some technical differences between virtualization platforms will be shown. Us-ing the MySQL database we present the efficiency tests. Different hardware platforms were used: PC Intel and different mainframe computers (z/9'series). Usefulness of virtualization techniques was also shown. An example of[...]
Zeszyty Naukowe Akademii Morskiej w Gdyni
2014 nr 84 92--105
EN The paper presents the results of experiments, which aim was to evaluate the influence of selected factors on the cost and time of the query in database systems. The cost and execution time are criteria of assessment of query plans by the cost-based optimizer of a database system. Essential for cons[...]
Geodeta : magazyn geoinformacyjny
2006 nr 2 31-34
Bio-Algorithms and Med-Systems
EN The complexity of the hardware and the amount of data collected during the PET imaging process require application of modern methods of efficient data organization and processing. In this article, we will discuss the data structures and the flow of collected data from the novel TOF-PET medical scann[...]
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