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International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy
2013 Vol. 14 58--68
EN The effects of Al2O3 on the crystallization behavior of glass compositions in the Na2O-CaO-SiO2 system were investigated by differential thermal analysis (DTA), X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Effect of Al2O3 content on the mechanical, density, phase formation and mic[...]
Materials Science Poland
EN TiO2 doped yttria-zirconia nanosized powders were prepared by the coprecipitation method, with particle sizes of 10-15 nm. The effects of TiO2 content and calcining temperature on the phase structure and grain size of powders were studied. Nanopowders were compacted uniaxially and densified in a muf[...]
Materials Science Poland
2009 Vol. 27, No. 2 539--545
EN ZrxCu1-x amorphous films were prepared on Si(111) substrates by magnetron co-sputtering of pure Zr and Cu targets. It was found that the amorphous forming ability of the films increased with x when x was smaller than 65. It was therefore different from their bulk counterparts, which only for x = 35 [...]
Przemysł Chemiczny
2012 T. 91, nr 6 1283-1287
Prace Naukowe Instytutu Inżynierii Ochrony Środowiska Politechniki Wrocławskiej. Konferencje
PL Zbadano wpływ wielokrotnego przetwarzania na temperaturę krystalizacji polipropylenu PP w blendach z poliamidem PA. Przedstawiono wyniki DSC dla tak sporządzonych blend. L/D jednoślimakowej wytłaczarki, na której przetwarzano w/w blendy, wynosiło 25.
EN The paper should be typed using any version of the word processor Word for Windows and sent to the organizers via e-mail. The text area (without page number) should be 13.5x19 cm. An informative and "short abstract (10-15 lines) should be given at the beginning of the paper. Recommended format of th[...]
LAB Laboratoria, Aparatura, Badania
Optica Applicata
EN The primary crystallization of Co78Si9B13 metallic glass starts at 648 K and as a consequence of this the ?-Co(Si) phase with needle morphology is created. The second stage of crystallization (at 773 K) is the eutectic and as a result of this ?-Co(Si) and boron phases: (Co,Si)3B, (Co,Si)2B are forme[...]
Chemical and Process Engineering
PL Przedstawiono wyniki badań doświadczalnych kinetyki krystalizacji bezwodnego siarczanu sodu w laboratoryjnej instalacji wyparnej zawierającej krystalizator typu DTB o pojemności ok. 1 dm3. Model krystalizatora MSMPR wykorzystano do wyznaczania liniowej szybkości wzrostu kryształów i efektywnej szybk[...]
EN Results are presented of experimental investigations on the kinetics of crystallization of anhydrous sodium sulfate. The measurements were made in a laboratory evaporative installation containing a 1 dm3 crystallizer. The linear crystal growth and effective nucleation rates have been estimated from [...]
Przemysł Chemiczny
2001 T. 80, nr 8 334-337
Polish Journal of Applied Chemistry
EN In this paper the prinriples of purifying process for chemical substances by the continuous crystallization method, involving reflux, are desaibed. The influence of the reflux value both on the purifying effect and on the way of calculating (of zone transport continuous process with reflux) is prese[...]
Archives of Materials Science
EN The effect of thermal treatment and severe plastic deformation such as high pressure torsion straining (HPT) on the crystalisation behaviour of rapidly quenched Al88Y7Fe2 glasses was investigated. Calorymetry and microstructural analyses clearly indicate that HPT strongly promotes the development of[...]
Przegląd Odlewnictwa
PL Funkcją źródła ciepła krystalizacji nazywa się generowany w krzepnącym odlewie efekt cieplny (W/kg lub W/m3), który zależy od składu chemicznego stopu i jego jakości (modyfikacja i inne zabiegi), kształtu odlewu i położenia rozważanej elementarnej objętości w odlewie oraz od warunków stygnięcia odle[...]
EN The function of the source of the crystallization heat, that is called the generated in the solidifying casting heat effect (W/kg or W/m3), which depends on the chemical composition of a given alloy and its quality (inoculation or other treatments), on the shape of the casting and on the position of[...]
Materiały Elektroniczne
PL Zbadano wpływ warunków krystalizacji na zdefektowanie kryształów czteroboranu litu. Prze-prowadzono badania optyczne uzyskanych monokryształów oraz oszacowano w nich naprężenia. Ustalono wymagania, które muszą być spełnione, aby monokrysztaty odpowiada ty jakością materiałowi podłożowemu dla akustyc[...]
EN Thermal system with 70 mm diameter platinum crucible was constructed and the optimal growth condictions for LBO were found. Lithium tetraborate single crystals obtained earliery were used as a charge material. Core-free single crystals also free of other macroscopic defects were obtained in case of [...]
Polish Journal of Chemistry
1999 Vol. 73, nr 12 2027-2033
EN Distribution coefficients, D, trace amounts of metal ions M2+ ave been determined during crystallization from water solutions as well as from hydrochloric acid solutions of different concentrations. Their dependencies on the electron configurations of metal ions, their ionic radii as well as solubil[...]
Przegląd Odlewnictwa
PL W artykule przedstawiono próbę zastosowania metody jednoczesnej analizy ATD-AED do badań metalograficznych, oraz próby oceny właściwości mechanicznych stopów rafinowanych i modyfikowanych. Badania były prowadzone na stopach AK9 i AK11 poddanych typowym zabiegom rafinacji i modyfikacji. Uzyskane krzy[...]
EN The article describes the application of a method of simultaneous ATD-AED analysis in metallographic examination, and an attempt at the assessment of the mechanical properties of refined and modified alloys. The investigation was carried out on AK9 and AK11 alloys subjected to typical refining and m[...]
Acta Geologica Polonica
EN Cancrinite and analcime were synthesized in the two hydrothermal systems: acid plagioclase - Na2CO3 - H2O and basic plagioclase - Na2CO3 - H2O under widely varying temperatures and salt concentrations in the solution. The IR 1^H MAS NMR DTG/TG analyses were carried out to determine water position in[...]
Materials Science Poland
2014 Vol. 32, No. 1 102--106
EN Indium tin oxide (ITO) films were deposited on glass substrates by dip-coating and thermal pyrolysis methods. Sn (IV) is often used in the spray method as a precursor salt, but in this research we have employed a new procedure that uses Sn (II) and In(NO3)3 for preparation of transparent conductive [...]
Archives of Metallurgy and Materials
EN The authors own computer software, based on the Ueshima mathematical model with taking into account the back diffusion, determined from the Wołczyński equation, was developed for simulation calculations. The applied calculation procedure allowed to determine the chemical composition of the non-metal[...]
Przemysł Chemiczny
2016 T. 95, nr 10 1994--1996
PL Podczas izotermicznego odparowywania wody z roztworów o różnych proporcjach molowych składników w układzie wystąpiło przesycenie roztworu oraz nastąpiły zmiany pól krystalizacji w stosunku do układu modelowego, a zwłaszcza zanikło pole krystalizacji siarczanu sodu. Dodatkowym zjawiskiem związanym z [...]
EN Cr₂(SO₄)₃ was added to aq. soln. of KCl and Na₂SO₄ to study the changes in the phase diagram at 25°C after supersatn. The presence of the Cr³⁺ in the system resulted in disappearing the area of Na₂SO₄ crystn. and creeping the crystals formed.
Inżynieria i Aparatura Chemiczna
2004 Nr 3s 157-158
EN The goal of this paper is to determine the phase diagram for solid-liquid binary system on the basis on thermal effects accompanying dissolution and crystallization processes. The study was made for the adipic acid/ water system. The Mettler-Toledo RCl reaction calorimeter was used to perform the ex[...]
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