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Journal of KONES
2017 Vol. 24, No. 2 315--322
EN Railway transportation is a backbone of any country for transporting people and cargo. At present Indian railway is the largest network in Asia. So that safety is always big concern. Here in this article low cost railway track surveillance and monitoring system is proposed which will identify drasti[...]
Image Processing & Communications
EN The local binary pattern (LBP) is a gray-scale and rotation invariant operator, and has been proved to be theoretically very simple, yet computational efficient approach for texture classification. As for the irregular texture surface image, like pavement surface image, the original LBP performs not[...]
Transactions of the Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery
2004 nr 115 37-68
EN It is widely acknowledged from literature that material or structural imperfections of the shaft crack type are capable, in some cases, of generating coupled forms of lateral-axial-torsional vibrations in the rotating machine. Such information, however, pertains to small or model objects of that typ[...]
Machine Dynamics Research
EN Due to the required high reliability of many responsible engineering constructions the structural health monitoring (SHM) systems must work in the on-line mode. Therefore, it is necessary to develop new fault detection techniques for improving faults detectibility and simultaneously to reduce the pr[...]
Archives of Acoustics
EN In this paper, the acoustical symptoms of a constructional element with an edge non-propagating crack on the example of a cantilever beam are searched. In this work the influence of a crack on flexural natural frequency was analysed. The crack is substituted by a rotational spring, which flexibility[...]
Fatigue of Aircraft Structures
2012 Iss. 4 58--63
EN Throughout its service life an aircraft is subjected to varying loads. Because of those periodically appearing stresses, undesirable and irreversible changes in structure may occur. As a consequence, cracks are formed, which reduce aircraft structural strength, significantly affecting structural int[...]
Journal of KONES
2016 Vol. 23, No. 1 289--296
EN The paper describes a method of accelerated fatigue strength testing of elements with the use of inertia forces. The presented test method is dedicated to the selected materials, constructions and joints used in the production of wheel rims for motor vehicles, tractors and special vehicles. The anal[...]
Archives of Acoustics
2007 Vol. 32, No. 4 941--954
EN A method for crack detection in beams by time-frequency analysis of flexural waves is described. Two different time-frequency representations, namely the continuous wavelet transform and the smoothed pseudo-Wigner distribution are employed. Simulated and measured exural waves in a cracked beam are a[...]
2008 nr 2(46) 17-20
PL W pracy opisano pewien sposób detekcji pęknięcia oraz identyfikacji jego lokalizacji. Jako wielkości wejściowe procesu identyfikacji wybrano wektory własne belki z pęknięciem. Jako model pęknięcia przyjęto przegub sprężysty, którego podatność wyznaczono na podstawie praw mechaniki pękania i twierdze[...]
EN This paper deals with detection of a transverse crack location in beam like structure. An input quantity for detection a natural mode of vibrations was chosen. The crack is substituted by rotational spring, which flexibility is calculated by using Castigliano theorem and laws of the fracture mechani[...]
TASK Quarterly : scientific bulletin of Academic Computer Centre in Gdansk
2015 Vol. 19, No 3 223--235
EN This work concentrates on Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) of a wind turbine tower. The paper investigates the use of a decision level data fusion based on bi-axial tracking of change in the neutral axis (NA) position for damage detection in wind turbine towers. A discrete Kalman Filter (KF) is em[...]
Hutnik, Wiadomości Hutnicze
PL Przedstawiona został aplikacja przemysłowa detekcji pęknięć podczas kształtowania blach karoseryjnych. Zaproponowane przez autorów rozwiązanie wykorzystuje zjawisko optyczne plamkowania powstałe na badanej powierzchni w wyniku emisji wiązki światła laserowego. Rozpoznawanie obrazu pęknięcia odbywa s[...]
EN The industrial application of crack detection in stamped auto-parts is presented. Solution proposed by the authors uses the phenomenon of speckle pattern occuring on the investigated surface by the laser beam emission. Crack image recognition is achieved through a comparison of two images: one with [...]
2004 Vol. 30, T. 1 249--256
PL Znanym z literatury jest fakt, że imperfekcje materiałowe lub konstrukcyjne typu pęknięcie wału w niektórych przypadkach są w stanie wygenerować sprzężone drgania poprzeczno-wzdłużno-skrętne maszyny wirnikowej. Informacje te odnoszą się jednakże do małych lub modelowych obiektów tego typu. W pracy p[...]
EN It is widely acknowledged from literature that material or structural imperfections of the shaft crack type are capable, in some cases, of generating coupled non-linear forms of lateral-axial-torsional vibrations in the rotating machine. Such information, however, pertains to small or model objects [...]
Pomiary Automatyka Robotyka
2013 R. 17, nr 2 558-563
PL W artykule przedstawiono wstępne badania laboratoryjne aplikacji rezystancyjnego czujnika drabinkowego. Czujnik, podobny do tensometru foliowego, może zostać użyty do wykrywania i określania długości pęknięć zmęczeniowych. Zaprojektowano specjalny układ pomiarowy do akwizycji danych, oraz przygotowa[...]
EN The paper presents preliminary laboratory verification of resistive ladder sensor application. The sensor, which is akin to foil strain gage, can be used for detection and length quantification of fatigue cracks. Special measurement circuit for data acquisition was developed and test specimens were [...]
Archives of Mechanics
EN In the paper the wave method of fault identification in rods, shafts and beams is proposed. This method is based on dynamical models consisting of structural macroelements with continuously distributed inertia!-visco-elastic properties, represented by individual segments of the investigated objects.[...]
Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Poznańskiej. Budowa Maszyn i Zarządzanie Produkcją
2004 Nr 1 137-146
PL W artykule przedstawiono zagadnienia diagnostyki kontrolnej węglowego młyna kulowego, a w szczególności stalowych kuł - podstawowych elementów zespołu mielącego. Standardowa procedura kontroli kuł, obejmująca ważenie, pomiar oraz próbę toczenia, nie gwarantuje wykrywania wad strukturalnych i materia[...]
EN The paper presents problems of testing diagnostics of coal ball mill, especially steel balls which are major elements of the milling unit. Standard testing procedure of the balls including: the weighting and measuring as well as rolling test does not guarantee the detection of structural and materia[...]
Control and Cybernetics
EN The topological sensitivity analysis consists in studying the behavior of a shape functional when modifying the topology of the domain. In general, the perturbation under consideration is the creation of a small hole. In this paper, the topological asymptotic expansion is obtained for the Laplace eq[...]
Gaz, Woda i Technika Sanitarna
2015 Nr 11 387--392
PL Gazociągi wysokiego ciśnienie są powszechnie badane przez tłoki do inspekcji wewnętrznej, wyposażone w czujniki służące do diagnostyki stanu ścianki gazociągu. Technologię EMAT zaprojektowano w celu wykrywania skutków korozji naprężeniowej, odspojeń zewnętrznej powłoki izolacyjnej, a także pęknięć m[...]
EN Gas transmission pipelines are commonly inspected by in-line tools equipped with sensors for nondestructive testing. EMAT inspection technology, designed for detection of stress corrosion cracking, is also sensitive to areas of disbanded coating and other crack-like features. An electromagnetic acou[...]
Journal of Technical Physics
EN Sensitivity analysis determines the dependence of global or local electromagnetic quantities on geometrical or physical parameters expressed in the form of an objective function. The final aim of the field calculation methods is generally the design of an electromagnetic device. Solution of inverse [...]
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