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Fundamenta Informaticae
EN Common approaches for robot navigation use Bayesian filters like particle filters, Kalman filters and their extended forms. We present an alternative and supplementing approach using constraint techniques based on spatial constraints between object positions. This yields several advantages. The robo[...]
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
2000 Vol. 38 nr 2 367-375
PL "Więzy deplanacji" przyłożone do belki cienkościennej Celem pracy jest analiza więzów zewnętrznych, którym poddana jest belka o profilu cienkościennym. W zsczególności omówione zostały więzy uniemożliwiające spaczenie ścianki poprzecznej, do której zostały one przyłożone. Sformułowano i udowodniono [...]
EN This paper is principally aimed to present an analysis of constraints applied to a thin-walled beam. A particular type of constraints; i.e., the constraints of warping are considered in detail. A theorem on the constraints that make warping impossible has been proved.
Fundamenta Informaticae
EN We provide here a proof theoretic account of constraint programming that attempts to capture the essential ingredients of this programming style. We exemplify it by presenting proof rules for linear constraints over interval domains, and illustrate their use by analyzing the constraint propagation p[...]
Prace Naukowe Instytutu Technologii Maszyn i Automatyzacji Politechniki Wrocławskiej. Konferencje
PL Streszczenie. W artykule zaprezentowano metodę tworzenia harmonogramów. Zaprezentowana metoda bazuje na warunkach syntezy systemu. W tym celu została zaaplikowana teoria ograniczeń. Ograniczenia są wykorzystane dla utworzenia sekwencji warunków, których spełnienie jest jednoznaczne z możliwością prz[...]
EN Abstract. A method for creating the schedule of manufacturing systems is dealt in the paper. The method bases on the synthesis of constraints. Theory of constraints is applied in this approach. Constrains are used for creation the sequence of sufficient conditions that should be accomplish for a new[...]
Materials Science Poland
2018 Vol. 36, No. 2 242--254
EN Glass forming ability of lone-pair semiconductors was analyzed for (x = 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10) system. Values of lone pair electrons L were calculated using average coordination number of valence electrons. These values were found to decrease, as the system was moving towards the rigid region. L > 3 val[...]
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
1999 nr 3 607-623
PL Na przebudowę kości mają zasadniczy wpływ dwa procesy: resorpcja tkanek oraz synteza nowej matrycy. W stanie ustalonym są one w równowadze, lecz gdy na skutek zmiennych warunków zewnętrznych któryś z nich zaczyna przeważać może nastąpić nawet znaczna zmiana struktury wewnętrznej i zewnętrznego kszta[...]
EN Continuous bone remodeling consists in simultaneous resorption of tissues and synthesis of a new matrix. If, due to variable external or internal conditions, the equilibrium is disrupted, significant rearrangments of the micro-structure and bone shape are possible. Many mathematical and computationa[...]
Fundamenta Informaticae
EN In this paper we consider how constraint-based technology can be used to query semistructured data. As many concerns in semistructured data (e.g., representing and retrieving) are also found in computational linguistics, this last area could provide an interesting angle to attack some of the problem[...]
Polish Maritime Research
2013 nr 1 11--22
EN The basic selecting peculiarities of the optimal project characteristics of the small waterplane area twin hull ships compared to conventional ships are considered. The description of the mathematical model and the ship operating model is given. The choice of the optimization method is justified.
Machine Dynamics Research
EN This paper is concerned with automatic checking of design constraints. It continues the work presented in (Palacz, 2015) by proposing an enhanced version of the constraint specification language described in that paper. The language is based on many-sorted first-order logic formulas - the proposed e[...]
Journal of Automation Mobile Robotics and Intelligent Systems
EN A common method used to obtain 3D range data with a 2D laser range finder is to rotate the sensor. To combine the 2D range data obtained at different rotation angles into a common 3D coordinate frame, the axis of rotation relative to the mirror center of the laser range finder should be known. This [...]
International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
EN In this paper, a robust fault-tolerant control strategy for constrained multisensor linear systems, subject to sensor faults and in the presence of bounded state and output disturbances, is proposed. The scheme verifies that, for each sensors-estimator combination, suitable residual variables lie in[...]
International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
EN The handling of various input constraints in the self-tuning generalized predictive control (STGPC) problem of ARIMAX/ARMAX systems is considered. The methods based on the Lagrange multipliers and Lemke's algorithm are used to solve the constrained optimization problem. A self-tuning controller is i[...]
Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology
2001 nr 3 3-14
EN Envelope constrained filter design is concerned with the time domain synthesis of a filter whose response to a specified input signal stays within prescribed upper and lowe bounds and in addition has minimal noise enhancement. In many practical applications, a "soft" approach, such as least mean squ[...]
International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
EN Linear stationary dynamical systems with multiple constant delays in the state are studied. Their relative and approximate controllability properties with constrained controls are discussed. Definitions of various types of controllability with constrained controls for systems with delays in the stat[...]
Fundamenta Informaticae
EN Graph constraints and application conditions are most important for graph grammars and transformation systems in a large variety of application areas. Although different approaches have been presented in the literature already there is no adequate theory up to now which can be applied to different k[...]
Fundamenta Informaticae
EN We elaborate on the semantics of an enhanced object-oriented semantic network, where multiple instantiation, multiple specialization, and meta-classes are supported for both kinds of objects: entities and properties. By semantics of a semantic network, we mean the information (both explicit and deri[...]
Ekonomia i Środowisko
2015 nr 3 42--55
PL W polskiej i zagranicznej literaturze przedmiotu wielokrotnie poruszano zagadnienia związane z doborem zestawu czynników lokalizacyjnych pozwalających na wskazanie przestrzeni właściwych do posadowienia elektrowni wiatrowych. Tego typu badania podejmowano lokalnie w odniesieniu do obszarów województ[...]
EN The paper proposes an analytical approach for supporting the choice of the suitable areas for wind energy development. At the beginning the actual state of renewable energy resources use in Poland and podlaskie voivodeship was analyzed. Then the predisposed locations for wind energy development area[...]
Acta Geophysica
2018 Vol. 66, no. 4 623--631
EN Seismic impedance inversion is a well-known method used to obtain the image of subsurface geological structures. Utilizing the spatial coherence among seismic traces, the laterally constrained multitrace impedance inversion (LCI) is superior to trace-by-trace inversion and can produce a more realist[...]
Fundamenta Informaticae
2017 Vol. 155, nr 4 321--340
EN The present paper deals with the discrete inverse problem of reconstructing binary matrices from their row and column sums under additional constraints on the number and pattern of entries in specified minors. While the classical consistency and reconstruction problems for two directions in discrete[...]
Journal of Language Modelling
2016 Vol. 4, No. 2 183--224
EN Linguistic description and language modelling need to be formalny sound and complete while still being supported by data. We present a linguistic framework that bridges such formal and descriptive requirements, based on the representation of syntactic information by means of local properties. This a[...]
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