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Archivum Combustionis
EN The inspiration behind this research is the attempt to explain the mechanism of the loss of the mass of coal particles during the process of their combustion in a circulating fluidized bed. The subject of research is related to various types of Polish bituminous and lignite coal. On the basis of res[...]
Archivum Combustionis
EN The authors propose a concept of HTAC technology application to the power boilers fired with pulverized coal. So far, HTAC technology was implemented mainly in industrial furnaces fired with gaseous fuels or light oils. In order to investigate the HTAC boiler, several series of numerical simulations[...]
Journal of Machine Engineering
EN The high-pressure water jet comminution of coal is presents in the paper. For such procedure a special prototype of hydrojetting apparatus have been developed. Three different types of coal were examined: hard-, brown-, and charcoal. Obtained results point out that high-pressure water jet usage for [...]
Chemical and Process Engineering
EN In the paper, on the basis of our studies and the available literature data, a model of changes in the number of active centers corresponding to the structure of the reactive coal particle has been developed. A new distribution function that links the specific surface area of a particle with its por[...]
Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Technical Sciences
2013 Vol. 61, nr 2 499--505
EN The problem of methane existence in coal beds has been known for many years. It was and still it is a danger to coalminers. The aim of the research, presented in the paper, is to show and assess the porosity structure (especially micro and nanoporosity) in accordance to the dimensions of carbon diox[...]
Acta Chromatographica
EN Upgrading of the efficiency of industrial power-production systems and environmental aspects, e.g. reduction of emission of greenhouse gases, is of particular interest to the Polish power sector, inherently depending on its own coal resources and coal processing technologies. Some information on fue[...]
Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing
EN Coal, the world's most abundant, most accessible and most versatile source of fossil energy was brought to the forefront of the global energy scene by the industrial revolution of the 19th century. Like any fossil fuel, coal is associated with naturally occurring radioactive materials. This is due t[...]
Geology, Geophysics and Environment
2013 Vol. 39, no. 4 341--349
EN Type, amount and composition of gases which form in rocks and coals during a metamorphism process depend on a number of factors in particular genetic type of original matter, way and conditions of its gathering, temperature, pressure and geological time. Sorption tests were done by the volumetric me[...]
AGH Drilling, Oil, Gas
2013 Vol. 30, no. 1 261--267
EN To-day, the conventional technologies of coal mining are distinguished several shortages as negative influence on the environment and lower efficiency of coal potential energy use and higher labor capacity of underground works. In accordance with these shortages the natural gas became a play key rol[...]
AGH Drilling, Oil, Gas
2012 Vol. 29, no. 4 463--478
EN The purpose of the study is to determine the sorption capacity of hard coals from Polish collieries with respect to several sorbets: ethane, ethylene, propane, propylene. The knowledge of the sorption capacity of coal with respect to a wide range of sorbates is essential to ensure the miners' safety[...]
Polish Geological Institute Special Papers
2002 Vol. 7 189-198
EN Combustion of coal is still one of the main sources of energy and electricity in Poland. For cost reasons, and because of the need to protect the environment, it is important to use coal as efficiently as possible. One of the indicators of coal combustion efficiency is the amount of unburned organic[...]
Polish Geological Institute Special Papers
2002 Vol. 7 45-50
EN Low-rank coals of the same rank level but of different genetic types and different tendency to self-ignition have been studied by means of coal chemistry. It has been shown that oxygen- and sulphur-containing functional groups, especially bridge-bonds, are responsible for the structure and propertie[...]
Polish Geological Institute Special Papers
2002 Vol. 7 245-252
EN Coal deposit "Katrishte" located in south-western Bulgaria, Ro = 0.34%, was subjected to geochemical study. By chromatographic and spectral methods, a variety of coal biomarkers in bitumen extract has been revealed. n-Alkane distribution pattern indicated at least two possible sources, lacustrine an[...]
Mechanizacja i Automatyzacja Górnictwa
PL W artykule przedstawiono przykłady wyników badań próbek węgla z różnych grup pokładów występujących w Polsce w Górnośląskim Zagłębiu Węglowym, które potwierdzają ich niestandardowe wartości wzajemnych korelacji pomiędzy standardową temperaturą zapłonu i wskaźnikiem Grahama. Wskazano znaczenie tych r[...]
EN The paper refers to the model characteristics that describe the process of coal self-heating in the context of standardized parameters of the ignition temperature and the Graham.s coefficient. Based on the investigation of coal samples taken from the selected coal seams of different parameters, this[...]
Mechanizacja i Automatyzacja Górnictwa
PL Scharakteryzowano infrastrukturę systemową oraz jej segmenty: zasilanie, informatykę i automatykę. Określono wpływ uwarunkowań i innych czynników na poziom jakościowy elementów infrastruktury systemowej. Przedstawiono propozycję wielokryterialnej oceny poziomu innowacyjności elementów infrastruktury[...]
EN The system infrastructure including its elements like supply, informatics and automation has been characterized in the paper. The impact of conditions as well as other factors on the quality level of the elements included in the system infrastructure has been defined. A proposal of multicriterion ev[...]
Przemysł Chemiczny
2008 T. 87, nr 4 364-370
Ochrona Powietrza i Problemy Odpadów
2007 Vol. 41 nr 6 176-181
PL Przedstawiono przegląd technologii wzbogacania węgla, jakie stosowane są w zakładach przeróbczych w Polsce. Omówiono potrzebę wzbogacania węgla kamiennego w aspekcie ochrony środowiska. Wskazano, jaki rodzaj domieszek stanowi zbędny balast w węglu surowym, który podczas spalania jest źródłem tworzen[...]
EN A review of technologies used for coal enrichment plants in Poland is presented. The need of coal enrichment is discussed in the aspect of environmental protection. Types of admixtures which are useless ballast in raw coal were indicated as a source of the air pollution in the coal combustion proces[...]
Prace Naukowe Instytutu Chemii i Technologii Nafty i Węgla Politechniki Wrocławskiej. Konferencje
EN It has been studied the interaction of coals ranging from brown coal (Cdaf=70.4%) to anthracite (Cdaf=95.2%), with equimolar nitrating system HNO3-Ac2O (20-2C) yielding nitrated coals named as structurally modified coals (SMCs). In comparison with the parent coals, SMCs have more disordered structur[...]
2001 Nr 6 190-198
PL Przedstawiono współczesny stan rozwoju energetyki węglowej. Opisano technologie wprowadzane w ostatnich latach do eksploatacji, jak również rozwiązania znajdujące się obecnie na etapie badań.
EN Contem situation in development of coal based electric power generation sector has been presented. The article depicts technologies that have been implemented to exploitation within recent years as well as solutions being at the stage of investigations.
Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Earth Sciences
EN The results presented in this paper are a successive contribution to investigations on the couse of gas and coal outbursts phenomena, initiated under laboratory conditions. The paper presents results of experiments carried out in order to assess the impact to pressure wave reflected from the open e[...]
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