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Technika Poszukiwań Geologicznych
2009 R. 48, nr 2 151-153
Przegląd Geofizyczny
2010 Z. 3-4 209-218
PL Zawarte w tytule określenie "matematyczność klimatu" nawiązuje do idei matematyczności przyrody, będącej w centrum zainteresowania zarówno samej matematyki, jak i filozofii i metodologii nauki. Analiza semantyczna pytania, dlaczego przyroda, w tym klimat, jest matematyczny, musi prowadzić w efekcie [...]
EN The term "mathematicity of climate " refers to the idea of mathematical aspect of nature, being in the centre of the interest both mathematics itself, philosophy and the methodology of the science. Analysis of the semantic question why nature, in this climate, is a mathematical must lead to the conc[...]
Acta Geologica Polonica
EN First an overview is given on the present state of modelling of karst aquifers and karst conduits. Emphasis is placed to early karstiffication in rock massives with low fissure density as suggested for states 1 and 2 in Ford's four-state-model. In this case early karstification proceeds under the co[...]
2002 nr 6 385-388
PL Dyskusja o globalnym ociepleniu toczy się od wielu lat. Nigdy jednak nie udowodniono, by występowały zmiany klimatyczne groźne dla ludzkości i by za zachodzące zmienności klimatyczne odpowiedzialny był efekt cieplarniany. Nie udowodniono także, by działalność przemysłowa człowieka wywierała istotny [...]
EN Global warming is a subject of many years discussions. Never are proved climate changes dangerous for the mankind and that the greenhouse effect is responsible for changes in the climate. There are no proofs also that industrial activity influences the green-house effect magnitude. However, lack of [...]
Polish Journal of Ecology
EN Analysis of multi-annual data on the population dynamics of the bank vole in many regions of the former Soviet Union enabled us to distinguish six "zones of similar population dynamics" within that territory. The data employed were obtained mostly by the trap-line method that has been widely used by[...]
Polish Journal of Ecology
EN This brief paper describes the history and conceptual framework underlying the research presented in the remaining papers in this volume. This project began in 1996 as an international effort to examine Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) ecosystem structure and function in one of the few accessible areas[...]
2007 Vol. 27 67-74
EN Environmental changes in Wigry Lake during the Late Glacial and Holocene were studied on the basis of subfossil Cladocera analysis. Cladocera are present in a long core WZS/03 (Słupiańska Bay), and a surface sediments. The sediment contains remains of twenty-seven species belonging to 5 families. Sp[...]
Zieleń Miejska
2017 Nr 5 12--13
PL Z uwagi na zaobserwowane w ostatnich dziesięcioleciach ekstremalne zjawiska pogodowe oraz znaczne wzrosty temperatury, konieczne jest podjęcie konkretnych działań, które pozwolą na zaadaptowanie się do zmian klimatu.
EN The circulation of Atlantic water along the European continental slope, in particular the inflow into the North Sea, influences North Sea water characteristics with consequent changes in the environment affecting plankton community dynamics. The long-term effect of fluctuating oceanographic conditio[...]
Technical Issues
2016 nr 2 60--66
EN The world consumes more and more energy and mineral resources are decreasing rapidly. There is a growing interest in renewable energy sources. Particularly noteworthy are photovoltaic systems, because due to the climatic conditions in Poland they may be the biggest potential energy from renewable so[...]
Modern Engineering
2019 2 55--60
EN Ventilation of facilities such as shelters is a very complex issue. First of all, such an object should be extremely tight so that intentional air pollution outside does not pose a threat to people inside. Secondly, the system must be characterized by high reliability, because for airtight objects t[...]
2013 Vol. 40, no. 2 145--152
EN We present the first analysis of the influence of climate change on carbon and oxygen isotope fractionation factors for two saccharides (glucose and α-cellulose ) of pine wood. The conifers grew in the Niepołomice Forest in Poland and the annual rings covered a time span from 1935 to 2000 AD. Glucos[...]
Studia Quaternaria
2007 Vol. 24 69-72
EN The present work is a part of the development of a method which uses the relative proportions of asexually and sexually reproducing chydorid females to reconstruct the length of the open-water season. Surface sediments (5 cm) of Lake Aitajärvi, northern Finnish Lapland, were examined for modern and [...]
2007 nr 4 243-247
PL Zamieszczono oświadczenie Światowej Rady Energetycznej na 2007 rok w sprawie zmian klimatycznych oraz szczegółowe informacje na temat najbliższego Światowego Kongresu Energetycznego, który odbędzie się w dniach 11–15 listopada 2007 r. w Rzymie.
EN Published in the World Energy Council declaration concerning the climate changes as well as the detailed informations on the nearest World Energy Congress that will take place in Rome on November 11-15, 2007.
2006 Vol. 25 67-76
EN Carbon, oxygen and hydrogen stable isotopes in tree rings are sensitive indicators of climate changes. We have measured carbon, oxygen and hydrogen isotope ratios in ?-cellulose extracted from annual rings of pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) and oak (Quercus robur L.) growing in the Niepołomice Forest, So[...]
Acta Geophysica
2013 Vol. 61, no. 6 1538--1555
EN We investigate the time dynamics of monthly rainfall series intermittently recorded on seven climatic stations in northern Lebanon from 1939 to 2010 using the detrending fluctuation analysis (DFA) and the Fisher-Shannon (FS) method. The DFA is employed to study the scaling properties of the series, [...]
Geological Quarterly
2015 Vol. 59, No. 4 615--653
EN Based on quantitative and qualitative analyses of the Triassic miospores assemblages from different regions of Poland climatic changes have been documented. Analyzed material came from the published and archival works of Orłowska-Zwolińska and author and comprised ten palynological zones distinguish[...]
Studia Quaternaria
2006 Vol. 23 37-45
EN This paper presents discussion on the results of subfossil Cladocera analyses from five lakes in Poland (Przedni Staw Lake, Perespilno Lake, Gościąż Lake, Imiołki- fossil lake and Ostrowite Lake). The Cladocera are represented in sediments by remains of planktonic (Bosminidae, Daphnidae) and littora[...]
EN Greater warmth and precipitation over the past several decades in the High Arctic, as recorded in meteorological data, have caused shrub expansion and affected growth ring widths. The main aim of the study was to develop a tree-ring chronology of polar willow (Salix polaris Wahlenb.) from southwest [...]
Polish Geological Institute Special Papers
2005 Vol. 16 103--108
EN The main features of vegetation and climate changes during Merkine Interglacial (Eemian) are discussed in the paper. Pollen data of about 34 sections were used in this study. Calculated climatic parameters indicate warmer and damper climate during the climatic optimum than at present in Lithuania. T[...]
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