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Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing
EN Results of investigation of physical, chemical and energetic properties of steam and coking coal slurries deposited in twenty Polish impoundments are presented in the paper. Coal slurry was sam-pled in accordance with a certain procedure from different locations and depths at each impoundment wherea[...]
Geology, Geophysics and Environment
2012 Vol. 38, no. 4 459--460
EN Nadzieja Spring, artesian deep well is located in confined Jurassic carbonate fissured aquifer. The well belongs to network of wells used as an emergency water supply for urban population and is open for public use. Therefore this water should be safe for health and its chemical composition should b[...]
LAB Laboratoria, Aparatura, Badania
Advances in Materials Science
EN In this study process fluids were tested after the addition of nanoparticles. Cooling and lubricating process fluids are used in machining to reduce wear on tools, to increase machine performance and to improve product quality. The use of process fluids leads to their pollution and contamination. Na[...]
Landform Analysis
2015 Vol. 29 49--61
EN Loess-soil sequences provide one of the most continuous and detailed records of the climate changes on land areas in the Quaternary. The Late Pleistocene loess section in Dankowice (Niemcza-Strzelin Hills) is one of the best recognized in SW Poland. For the investigation of the chemical composition [...]
Journal of KONES
EN The aim of the study was to determine the possibility of the isolation of valuable chemical compounds from pyrolysis oil obtained from the pyrolyzed waste car tires. Produced pyrolysis oil were subjected to a distillation process to isolate medium naphtha fraction average naphtha that contains limon[...]
Geology, Geophysics and Environment
EN Metasomatism is a process leading to changes in the chemical composition of a rock or its portion. It involves introduction or removal of chemical components due to the interaction of the rock with aqueous fluid (Zharikov et al. 2007). Here we present a case study of metasomatic changes in metapelit[...]
Journal of Ecological Engineering
2016 Vol. 17, nr 1 154--160
EN The aim of the study was to identify and define the processes that affect the variability of the chemical composition of Supraśl river water at selected measuring points. One of the recognized multivariate statistical methods was used for identification. The research area covered the Suprasl river. [...]
Archives of Metallurgy and Materials
EN The present work compares corrosion behaviour of four types of S30403, S31603, S32615 austenitic and S32404 austeniticferritic stainless steels in chloride solutions (1%, 3% NaCl) and in Ringer solution, at 37°C temperature. Corrosion resistance was determined by potentiodynamic polarization measure[...]
Materials Science Poland
2017 Vol. 35, No. 1 254--264
EN The paper presents results of the investigation on the influence of deposition parameters, such as substrate temperature, total gas pressure and reactive gas composition on the structure, chemical composition and mechanical properties of aluminum oxynitride coatings obtained by pulsed laser depositi[...]
Archives of Metallurgy and Materials
EN This paper focuses on developing an advanced test method and its use to study hot tearing defects in aluminium alloy castings. The paper consists of two parts. The first part introduces the reader to hot tearing in general, and provides theoretical analysis of the hot tearing phenomenon. The second [...]
Archives of Materials Science and Engineering
EN Purpose: The role of the chemical composition of cast irons for mill rolls in tendencies of diffusionless transformations in the matrix was determined. The investigations of the chemical composition, microstructure and hardness influence on tribological properties of mottled cast iron is presented i[...]
Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
2011 Vol. 47, nr 2 137--148
EN Purpose: The influence of the chemical composition on a microstructure and tribological properties (wear and friction coefficient) of cast steels used for the mill rolls is presented in the paper. The role of the chemical composition in a tendency of the graphite formation was determined. Design/met[...]
Biuletyn Państwowego Instytutu Geologicznego
1999 nr 387 41--43
Drewno : prace naukowe, doniesienia, komunikaty
EN Pinus sylvestris L. is the most popular wood material used in building construction and pulp technology. However, it can be also applied for other, more economically beneficial purposes like ethanol, commercial quantities of xylose or glucose as well as substrates for chemical synthesis. The selecti[...]
Journal of Research and Applications in Agricultural Engineering
PL W roku 2001 badano próbki wód gruntowych pobieranych ze studzienek zlokalizowanych na polu doświadczalnym oraz ze studni wiejskich w Złotnikach k. Poznania. W wodach oznaczono pH, przewodność elektrolityczną właściwą (EC), NO3 NH4(+), K(+), Na(+), Mg2(+), Ca2(+). Wykazano przekroczenie norm zawartoś[...]
EN ln the year 2001 samples of ground water taken from water traps on experimental field Zlotniki as well as from dug wells of this village were analyzed. In the water electrolytic conduction (EC), pH and NO3, NH4(+), K(+), Na(+), Mg2(+), Ca2(+) components were investigated. Results showed over standar[...]
Materiały Wysokoenergetyczne
2014 T. 6 72--77
PL Praca prezentuje nowe podejście do wstępnego etapu analizy zależności pomiędzy składem chemicznym materiałów wybuchowych (MW), a ich właściwościami. Dokonano, formalnie oczywistego, ale - ze względu na brak podobnego podejścia innych autorów - nowatorskiego podziału wszystkich możliwych typów składn[...]
EN This paper presents a new approach to the first stage of analysis of relationships between chemical composition of explosives (Ex) and its properties. It has been done, formally obvious, but – because of lack of similar approach of another authors – newly division of all possible types of components[...]
Journal of Casting & Materials Engineering
EN The influence of the chemical composition of selected armature brasses on the formation of hard inclusions was investigated. In metallographic studies using optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy with X-ray microanalysis (EDS), it was found that hard inclusions attain sizes ranging from[...]
Archiwum Odlewnictwa
2002 R. 2, nr 3 16--23
PL Przedstawiono wyniki badań w zakresie technologii produkcji odlewów z żeliwa sferoidalnego. W szczególności określano możliwości uzyskiwania wymaganych gatunków żeliwa sferoidalnego, zmieniając skład chemiczny żeliwa. Badania przeprowadzano w przedsiębiorstwie „Kauno Ketaus Liejykla S.A.” w Kownie. [...]
EN We report the study on ductile iron producing technology. The possibilities to get desirable ductile iron grade with various chemical compositions were investigated. The investigations were been carried out on the Join-Stock Company “Kauno Ketaus Liejykla”. It is determined the link between the chem[...]
Polish Journal of Ecology
EN The aim of this paper was to study comparatively the amount, chemical composition and energy content of litter from forest and grassland ecosystems along a transect in Central Siberia, running from the north (68[degrees] N, Forest tundra) to the south (50[degrees] N, Dry steppes); it is about 2 000 [...]
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