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Przemysł Chemiczny
2003 T. 82, nr 8-9 1143-1145
Inżynieria Ekologiczna
2005 Nr 12 149-151
Journal of KONES
EN The paper provides the results of an integrated research of the energy, environmental performance and traction indicators and the characteristics of fuel feed and performance of A41, 2F511, VALMET 320 DMG and Audi 1Z highspeed, direct-injection diesel engines when converting their operation from min[...]
2008 nr 1 77-80
PL Badaniom poddano świeżą biomasę wybranych gatunków wieloletnich roślin energetycznych w dwóch terminach jej pozyskania. Analizowano gatunki dające biomasę w postaci drewna: wierzba energetyczna odmiany Sprint i Wodtur (pędy jednoroczne) i róża wielokwiatowa; gatunki dające biomasę półzdrewniałą: śla[...]
EN Investigated was fresh biomass obtained in two crop terms from selected spe- cies of energetic perennials. Analysed were species giving biomass in form of wood: common ozier (Salix viminalis) - sub-species Sprint and Wodtur (annual sprouts) and rambler rose (Rosa multiflora); species giving semi-lig[...]
Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Rzeszowskiej. Mechanika
2004 z. 62 [209] 185-193
EN There is a tendency to use biodiesel (methyl ester of rapeseed oil in particular), rapeseed oil and their blends with diesel as an alternative fuel for diesel engines. The mathematical modelling of the fuel spray is a wide-spread approach lo facilitate the problem solving in this area. The paper stu[...]
Journal of Polish CIMAC
2009 Vol. 4, no 1 155-159
EN The World is strongly dependent on crude oil for its transport needs. In order to diminish this dependence, we need to introduce clean, CO2-efficient, secure and affordable transportation fuels. The current production of liquid biofuels in the EU25 is less than 1% of the market. Recent assessments h[...]
Biuletyn Urzędu Regulacji Energetyki
2009 nr 2 10-27
Gospodarka Paliwami i Energią
2004 nr 1 2-3
Advances in Science and Technology Research Journal
EN This paper presents the development and genesis of the use of alternative fuels in internal combustion ignition engines. Based on the analysis of the literature, this article shows various alternative fuels used in Poland and all over the world. Furthermore, this article describes the research direc[...]
Polish Maritime Research
2010 nr 2 36-43
EN In this paper the problem is discussed of supplying high power diesel engines with biofuels in the aspect of consequences which occurr during their operation. Attention was paid to advantages and difficulties associated with application of biofuels to self-ignition engines. A relevant research probl[...]
Journal of Ecological Engineering
2017 Vol. 18, nr 5 137--143
EN The focal point is to present the areas where the technology in buildings can be supported by proper motivation and take substantial advantage measurable in technical units. The need to understand the integration between ecology, society, economy and technology is crucial when global improvements ar[...]
Inżynieria Rolnicza
PL Na sektor biopaliw w Polsce w znacznym stopniu oddziałuje otoczenie prawne, polityczne, ekologiczne i międzynarodowe. Rozwój sektora uzależniony jest przede wszystkim od sytuacji polityczno-prawnej i świadomości ekologicznej. Artykuł analizuje wybrane składniki makrootoczenia i ich znaczenia dla roz[...]
EN Biofuel sector in Poland is to a large extent affected by legal, political, ecological and international environment. Sector development depends first of all on political and legal situation and environmental consciousness. The paper analyses selected macro-environment elements and their importance [...]
Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering
EN In the paper a review of alternative fuels to compression ignition engines has been performed. Fuels, which presently are mostly used, are biofuels such as transesterified vegetable oils (FAME) and alcohols (bioethanol). Main part of the paper comprises the experimental investigation performed by th[...]
Transport Problems
EN The potential of biofuel application on rail transport for reducing the dependence on using the non-renewable diesel fuel and improving the environmental characteristics of the locomotive have been considered. The technique of comparative research concerning fuels on the rheostat and through operati[...]
Journal of Research and Applications in Agricultural Engineering
2013 Vol. 58, nr 2 116--118
EN Crude vegetable oil may be used to drive self-ignition engines adjusted to this fuel. The aim of this study was to perform a comparative analysis of selected properties of cold-pressed crude vegetable oils used as biofuels. Physico-chemical properties of rapeseed oil (RO), sunflower oil (SO) and cor[...]
Journal of KONES
EN This paper presents a novel way of utilizing alcohols as fuels for a diesel engine. It is proposed to use heavy alcohols as a mix with vegetable oils and conventional diesel fuel. It is presented the another way to use alcohols. Namely, the use of heavy alcohols as a solvent for vegetable oil (named[...]
Archivum Combustionis
Advances in Science and Technology Research Journal
EN Fuels used for diesel engines besides their main function of energy supply act as a lubricant. In this context the most important task is lubrication of precision pairs injection equipment. In this paper lubricating properties of rapeseed oil esters and camelina esters have been compared. Dependency[...]
Journal of KONES
EN The aim of this article is presentation of the new method of preliminary evaluation of biocomponents influence on the process of biofuels combustion in aviation turbine engines. This method is based on the tests of evaluated biofuels on engine stand MiniJetRig equipped with small turbine engine. The[...]
Journal of KONES
EN Biodiesel is widely perceived as a source of ecological energy used to power compression ignition engines as an alternative to fossil fuels. Depletion of fossil fuels and increasing environmental awareness of society has led to an increased demand for energy derived from renewable sources. This phen[...]
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