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w słowach kluczowych:  asymptotic theory
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Engineering Transactions
EN This paper proposes a new asymptotic approach to search for the periodic solutions of a kind of nonlinear oscillations. In this method the iteration technique is coupled with the traditional perturbation techniques, yielding a powerful mathematical tool for solving strongly nonlinear equations. Some[...]
Demonstratio Mathematica
Journal of Applied Analysis
EN The aim of this paper is to provide an explicit formula for solutions of the following system of delay difference equations (wzór) where (wzór) ;αn= [n/k] (the symbol [x] stands for entire part of the real number x and k is a fixed positive integer). (An), (Bn), n∈ N, are sequences of square matric[...]
Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Rzeszowskiej. Mechanika
1999 z. 52 [174] 345-350
EN In the work it is constructed asymptotical theory of dynamics of thin plates on asymmetrical theory of elasticity. Two-dimensional applied theory of dynamics of thin plates, which is asymptotically substantiated, is created in the area of plate, on the basis ot integration of equations of asymmetric[...]
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