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Polish Journal of Chemistry
EN Reaction of 4(5)-bromo-2-methyl-5(4)-nitroimidazole with phenacyl bromide derivatives gave two isomers: 4-bromo-5-niroimidazoles (4a-e) and 5-bromo-4-nitroimidazoles (5a-e). Compounds 5a-e were treated with cyclic secondary amines to afford expected 5-amino-4-nitroimidazole derivatives 6a-c - 10a-b.
Acta Chromatographica
2019 Vol. 31, no. 2 138--145
EN Different solvent extracts of the aerial parts of Senna italica (Mill.) were investigated for their chemical constituents and biological activities. Moreover, bio-guided fractionation led to isolation and identification of six compounds, namely: physcion (1), emodin (2), 2-methoxy-emodin-6-O-β-d-glu[...]
Wiadomości Chemiczne
EN Taxol (1), highly functionalised complex diterpenoid originally derived from the bark of Pacific yew, has received in recent decade wide attention of scientists in all fields of life sciences and chemistry, after the discovery of its strong and unique anticancer properties. Fast and spectracular car[...]
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