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Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
2012 Vol. 50 nr 4 1001-1010
PL W pracy zajęto się swobodnym, laminarnym opływem konwekcyjnej warstwy przyściennej na poziomej płycie w ujęciu czysto analitycznym. Bezwymiarowe równania warstwy przekształcono do postaci różniczkowej zwyczajnej, co pozwoliło na zastosowanie metody homotopii. Otrzymano analityczne wyniki określające[...]
EN In this study, steady laminar free convection boundary layer flow on a horizontal plate is investigated through analytical solutions. By transforming the governing non-dimensional boundary layer equations into an ordinary differential equation, the application of the Homotopy Analysis Method can be [...]
Prace Naukowe Instytutu Maszyn, Napędów i Pomiarów Elektrycznych Politechniki Wrocławskiej. Studia i Materiały
PL Przedstawiono dla założonych kątów załączenia tranzystorów mocy w przekształtniku zasilającym analityczne zależności dla prądów i momentu w silniku reluktancyjnym przełączalnym (SRM). Przebiegi indukcyjności zastąpiono szeregami Fouriera.
EN The paper deals with analytic solution of currents and torque of Switched Reluctance Motor resulting in calculation of switching angles of the power transistors in supplying converter. The course of the inductance is replaced by a Fourier series.
Prace Naukowe Instytutu Matematyki i Informatyki Politechniki Częstochowskiej
2007 Vol. 6, nr 1 127-132
EN The Cattaneo equation supplemented by adequate boundary and initial conditions is considered. The solution of this equation is found in analytic way. In the final part of the paper the computations basing on the solution presented are shown.
Applied Mechanics and Engineering
2000 Vol. 5, no 2 471-483
EN Even with the present day extensive use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), simplified analytical expressions for Fluid Dynamic phenomena have their applications in highlighting significant mechanisms and aiding initial engineering estimates. The present work shows that experimental data for the [...]
Machine Dynamics Research
EN Grinding is used as finishing process to increase surface quality but also as main manufacturing operation to generate workpiece geometries. Within the contact area of workpiece and grinding wheel the material removal takes place by irregular abrasive grain engagements. The sliding movement of the g[...]
Acta Mechanica et Automatica
2018 Vol. 12, no. 4 301--310
EN An interface crack between two semi-infinite piezoelectric/piezomagnetic spaces under out-of-plane mechanical load and in-plane electrical and magnetic fields parallel to the crack faces is considered. Some part of the crack faces is assumed to be electrically conductive and having uniform distribut[...]
Poznan University of Technology Academic Journals. Electrical Engineering
2012 No. 69 49--56
EN The paper presents a nonlinear electromagnetic field problem with cylindrical symmetry. A time-sinusoidal boundary condition is applied, which yields non-sinusoidal steady-state fields. The problem is brought forth to test an analytical-numerical method based on the method of small parameter. A dist[...]
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering
EN Analytical solutions of the Reynolds equation for the porous journal bearings are not generally achievable and numerical methods must be involved. This paper presents an approximate mathematical model for the one-dimensional lubrication equation for the infinitely long porous journal bearing, obtai[...]
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering
EN A theoretical analysis is carried out to determine the analytical approximate description of the fluid film force of porous finite journal bearings. The investigation has been conducted assuming the Warner solution for the pressure field and the approximate analytical solution for the long porous jo[...]
Archives of Mechanics
EN The following features of the symmetric Lamb modes in an elastic waveguide are well known: 1. There exists no mode with phase speed less than cR. 2. There is only one mode whose speed asymptotically approaches cR. 3. A horizontal line above c = cT (including the line c = cL) cannot be an asymptot[...]
Archives of Mechanics
EN The present article establishes a general theory of frictional moving contact of orthotropic materials indented by a moving rigid punch with various punch profiles. The punch moves to the right or left at a constant speed with the shear stress arising inside the contact region. The motion should be [...]
Engineering Transactions
EN An analytical study of delamination fracture in a two-dimensional functionally graded multilayered beam exhibiting material non-linearity is carried-out. The beam is made of adhesively bonded horizontal layers. The material is two-dimensional functionally graded in the cross-section of each layer. A[...]
Polish Maritime Research
2017 S 2 111--117
EN Shock waves arriving at a dam site are close to plane waves when the center of an underwater explosion is far from the dam site. In general, the wave pressure is calculated with COLE empirical formula. The COLE formula is a negative exponential function with respect to time. In this paper, a new ana[...]
Polish Journal of Chemical Technology
EN The use of hollow catalytic support improves the utilization of the catalytic material because of the absence of the pellet core, and moreover ensures low reactor pressure drop owing to enhanced bed voidage. In this study, the expressions for the efficient computation of the effectiveness factor are[...]
Archives of Mechanics
2019 Vol. 71, nr 3 239--262
EN We present an analytical solution to the problem of a screw dislocation in a four-phase piezoelectric laminate composed of two piezoelectric layers of equal thickness sandwiched between two semi-infinite piezoelectric media. A new version of the complex variable formulation is proposed such that the[...]
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering
2011 Vol. 16, no 4 1109-1128
EN An analysis is carried out to study the flow and heat transfer in a couple stress fluid over a stretching sheet. The velocity of the sheet is taken as a quadratic polynomial of the distance from the sheet. This results in the manifestation of augmentation of flow in the direction transverse to the s[...]
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering
EN The present paper describes a new approach to analytical solution of two-dimensional stress problems of orthotropic composite materials. In this approach, the elastic problem is formulated in terms of a single potential function, defined in terms of the displacement components, which satisfies a sin[...]
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering
2003 Vol. 8, no 3 503-506
EN The study of dynamics of packages of mass m delivered from a conveyor to a smooth circular ramp of radius r is important in transport technology and engineering dynamics. The present paper is devoted to reanalysing this problem since the inclusion of frictional forces results in an integro-different[...]
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering
2003 Vol. 8, no 4 559-575
EN In this study, an elastic-plastic stress analysis is carried out on symmetric steel fiber reinforced high density polyethylene thermoplastic matrix laminated beams under a bending moment. The Bernoulli-Euler theory is used. The orientation angles are chosen as (90o/0o)2, (30o/-30o)2, (45o/-45o)2 and[...]
Archives of Control Sciences
EN The axial dispersion model (ADM) is studied and then generalized by a new form of the left boundary condition of semi-open flow system. The resulting parameter driven model covers the traditional axial models: axial closed-opened dispersion model with enforced input concentration (AEO), axial closed[...]
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