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Acta Geophysica Polonica
EN Based on the mathematical equivalence between the crack field and the continuous dislocation field, we briefly review continuum theory of defects from the view point of differential geometry. Then we derive a new differential geometric equation of static gravity change for anelastic effect due to th[...]
Mining Science
2019 Vol. 26 123--145
EN In the world, people are increasingly exposed to natural hazards such as earthquakes. To this end, seismic risk mapping remains an essential topic of study in order to minimize their destructive effects. These maps are needed for both seismic risk management and for the design of infrastructure. The[...]
Acta Geophysica
2017 Vol. 65, no. 6 1167--1184
EN The South Wagad Fault (SWF) is an E–W trending fault that delimits the Wagad uplift comprising Mesozoic rocks in its northern upthrown block and Neogene–Quaternary sediments in the southern downthrown block. Detailed GPR investigations were carried out at seven sites selected after field studies. Al[...]
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