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Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
EN Autonomous airships have gained a high degree of importance over the last decades, both theoretically as well and practically. This is due to their long endurance capability needed for monitoring, observation and communication missions. In this paper, a Multi-Objective Optimization approach (MOO) is[...]
Systems Science
EN In this work, we consider a basic version of the Supply-Demand Flow Problem with a set of clients whose demand has to be satisfied by two sets of production centers, each owned by one agent. The agents want to choose the demand centers optimally according to their own independent objective functions[...]
Decision Making in Manufacturing and Services
EN Based on the Bressan and Shen approach (Bressan and Shen, 2004; Shen, 2009), we present an extension of the class of non-zero sum differential games for which value functions are described by a weakly hyperbolic Hamilton–Jacobi system. The considered value functions are determined by a Pareto optima[...]
Operations Research and Decisions
EN We consider the allocation of a finite number of homogeneous divisible items among three players. Under the assumption that each player assigns a positive value to every item, we develop a simple algorithm that returns a Pareto optimal and equitable allocation. This is based on the tight relationshi[...]
Fundamenta Informaticae
EN Efficiency, the basic concept of multi-objective optimization is investigated for the class of pairwise comparison matrices. A weight vector is called efficient if no alternative weight vector exists such that every pairwise ratio of the latter’s components is at least as close to the corresponding [...]
Control and Cybernetics
2016 Vol. 45, no. 2 163--183
EN A monetary-fiscal game describing the interactions of the fiscal and monetary authorities is formulated and analyzed. A macroeconomic model for the Polish economy has been formulated on the basis of the concept of New Neoclassical Synthesis and respectively extended so as to accommodate the effects of [...]
Fundamenta Informaticae
EN In this paper a new concept of ranking among the solutions of the same front, along with elite preservation mechanism and ensuring diversity through the nearest neighbor method is proposed for multi-objective genetic algorithms. This algorithm is applied on a set of benchmark multi-objective test pr[...]
Opuscula Mathematica
2014 Vol. 34, no. 4 827--835
EN In this paper we examine the concept of Pareto optimality in a simplified Gale economic model without assuming continuity of the utility functions. We apply some existing results on higher-order optimality conditions to get necessary and sufficient conditions for a locally Pareto optimal allocation.
Archives of Electrical Engineering
2017 Vol. 66, nr 3 607--623
EN The aim of the paper is to assess the applicability of a multi-objective biogeography- based optimisation algorithm in MEMS synthesis. In order to test the performances of the proposed method in this research field, the optimal shape design of an electrostatic micromotor, and two different electro-t[...]
Journal of Applied Analysis
EN Fritz John and Kuhn-Tucker type necessary optimality conditions for a Pareto optimal (efficient) solution of a multiobjective control problem are obtained by first reducing the multiobjective control problem to a system of single objective control problems, and then using already established optimal[...]
Machine Dynamics Research
EN The scientific goal of the project is multicriterial optimization of the design of an orthopedic implant responsible for supporting the reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament. The implant should not only precisely anchor the tendon in the tunnel but, above all, - thanks to appropriately se[...]
Control and Cybernetics
2018 Vol. 47, no. 3 277--300
EN The study here presented pertains to the analysis of mutual interactions of the monetary and fiscal policies in the case of Poland. The historical policies carried out during different periods of time and their economic effects are compared with the possible strategies, obtained from the analysis of th[...]
2016 R. 89, nr 2 121--124
PL Celem badań było opracowanie metodyki postępowania podczas wielokryterialnej optymalizacji postaci geometrycznej implantu ortopedycznego przeznaczonego do rekonstrukcji więzadła krzyżowego przedniego znajdującego się w stawie kolanowym. Implant powinien dokładnie zakotwiczać przeszczep w tunelu kost[...]
EN The scientific goal of the project is multicriterial optimization of the design of an orthopedic implant responsible for supporting the reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament. The implant should not only precisely anchor the tendon in the tunnel but, above all – thanks to appropriately sel[...]
Ekonomia i Środowisko
2004 nr 2 7--29
PL Oddziaływanie jednych podmiotów na inne za pośrednictwem środowiska ma cechy odpowiadające pojęciu kosztów zewnętrznych. Funkcja środowiska przyrodniczego w procesie powstawania kosztów zewnętrznych działalności gospodarczej nie jest jednak jednolicie określona. Zależności między podmiotami, w istni[...]
EN The paper presents an analysis of effects and external cost categories in general terms and the role of the environment in the creation of external costs. External environmental cost is an externa] technological cost created by means of the environment in a case when the objective function of the su[...]
Przegląd Elektrotechniczny
PL Nowoczesne metody projektowania oparte na wspomaganiu komputerowym z wykorzystaniem numerycznego oblicznia pól elektromagnetycznych wymagają skutecznych, a przede wszystkim szybkich i efektywnych metod optymalizacyjnych. Ostatnie lata przyniosły eksplozję nowych podejść i algorytmów. Artykuł jest pr[...]
EN This paper reviews recent advances in optimisation of electromagnetic problems. CAD assisted optimal design often necessitates repetitive usage of numerically intensive field computation where cost-effective approaches are required. Modern algorithms increasingly rely on surrogate modelling, kriging[...]
International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
EN Different types of niching can be used in genetic algorithms (GAs) or evolutionary computations (ECs) to sustain the diversity of the sought optimal solutions and to increase the effectiveness of evolutionary multi-objective optimization solvers. In this paper four schemes of niching are proposed, w[...]
International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
1999 Vol. 9, no 3 689-709
EN A multi-objective Pareto-optimisation procedure for the design of residual generators which constitute a primary instrument for model-based fault detection and isolation (FDI) in systems of plant monitoring and control is considered. An evolutionary approach to the underlying multi-objective optimis[...]
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