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Fundamenta Informaticae
EN The spatio-temporal landscape of the plasma membrane regulates activation and signal transduction of membrane bound receptors by restricting their two-dimensional mobility and by inducing receptor clustering. This regulation also extends to complex formation between receptors and adaptor proteins, w[...]
Central European Journal of Energetic Materials
EN The research on gaseous detonation has recently become a very important issue, mainly due to safety reasons in connexion with increasing importance of gaseous fuels. To simulate detonation, the Direct Monte-Carlo Simulation technique has been used. This technique is known to be a very powerful tool [...]
International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy
EN The position of the phase transition in the two dimensional Ising model were determined by using Monte Carlo simulation in a quadratic for area of variable length with external magnetic field switched off (B = 0). The magnetization per site , magnetic susceptibility of a ferromagnetic and paramagnet[...]
Pomiary Automatyka Kontrola
PL Intuicja metrologa stanowi podstawę do formułowania założeń niezbędnych w obliczeniach przedziału ufności wyniku pomiaru. Intuicja opiera się o wiedzę i doświadczenie, którego nabywa się wraz z praktyką. Zdobywanie doświadczenia można przyspieszyć wykonując pomiary wirtualnie. Do tego celu predystyn[...]
EN Metrologist's intuition provides a basis for formulation of assumptions that are necessary to calculate the confidence interval. The intuition is based on knowledge and experience, which is acquired by practice. Gaining experience may be expedited by making virtual measurements. A Monte Carlo simula[...]
Optica Applicata
2011 Vol. 41, nr 4 885--896
EN In this paper, the Monte Carlo technique is used to determine the optical detection strategies in three-layered (maternal, amniotic fluid and fetal) tissue model. This model is utilized to estimate the transabdominal optical power and optimum source-detector (S-D) separation. Results based on the la[...]
Metrology and Measurement Systems
EN The Monte Carlo procedure for evaluation of uncertainty in measurements is considered. Algorithms of formation correlation and non correlation data files of the input quantity estimated on types A and B are developed.
Prace Naukowe Instytutu Podstaw Elektrotechniki i Elektrotechnologii Politechniki Wrocławskiej. Konferencje
EN The paper presents the uncertainty measurement numerical methods for the propagation of distributions. We have described the software and added practical examples. According to a new codification, that method can be employed in the estimation of uncertainty measurement in testing laboratories. Accor[...]
Optica Applicata
EN Photoluminescence spectroscopy in combination with Monte Carlo simulation of exciton hopping is demonstrated to be a valuable tool for quantitative analysis of the band potential profile in active layers for InGaN-based light emitters. Recently proposed double-scaled potential profile model is used [...]
Eksploatacja i Niezawodność
2006 nr 2 26-28
EN The dynamic reliability approach takes into account changes (evolution) of the system structure (hardware). For instance, the dynamic reliability allows modeling a human operator (or an electronic control system) naturally. In these cases, the structure of the system is usually changed in order to k[...]
EN Measurements of α-particle sources require corrections to the counting rate due to scattering and self- -absorption in the source and the backing material. In this study, we describe a simple procedure to estimate these corrections using the new Monte Carlo code AlfaMC to consider the effects of sca[...]
EN Penetration of the liposome membranes doped with vanadium complex formed in the liquid-crystalline phase from egg yolk lecithin (EYL) by the TEMPO (2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine-1-oxyl) spin probes has been investigated. The penetration process was followed by 360 hours at 24◦C, using the electron s[...]
Computational Methods in Science and Technology
EN Monte Carlo simulations of two- and three-dimensional Ising model on graphic cards (GPU) are described. The standard Metropolis algorithm has been employed. In the framework of the implementation developed by us, simulations were up to 100 times faster than their sequential CPU analogons. It is poss[...]
Elektronika : konstrukcje, technologie, zastosowania
PL Metoda Monte-Carlo jest często stosowana do wyznaczania parametrów stanu gazu w systemach wzorców próżni. W pracy podjęto próbę weryfikacji założeń modelu symulacyjnego przy wykorzystaniu zestawienia wyników otrzymanych na drodze symulacji i pomiaru. Wyniki różnią się od siebie na poziomie 2x10⁻³, c[...]
EN The parameters of the gas state are often determined by the means of Monte-Carlo simulation. The main aim of this work was to verify the assumptions of simulation model by comparison the results obtained by measurement to the results of computations. The results obtained by experimental method and b[...]
EN The cumulant method is applied to study elliptic flow (v2) in Au+Au collisions at s = 200 AGeV, with the UrQMD model. We find that the four and six-particle cumulants are good measures of the real elliptic flow over a wide range of centralities except for the most central and very peripheral events[...]
EN The determination of gamma dose rates is of prior importance in the field of luminescence dating methods. In situ measurements are usually performed by the insertion of dosimeters or a porta-ble gamma spectrometer cell in sediments. In this paper, Monte-Carlo simulations using the GEANT4 toolkit all[...]
Image Processing & Communications
EN Line following robots are applied in numerous applications and the best performance could be obtained if the forward looking camera is applied. Variable light and line conditions influence the line estimation and quality of the robot navigation. Proposed History Dependent Viterbi Algorithm and Viter[...]
Optica Applicata
2017 Vol. 47, nr 1 111--117
EN The paper presents the modeling of scattering of light photons in turbid medium, in which the relative change in light intensity by an elementary plane-parallel layer is proportional to the superposition of spatially homogeneous and spatially inhomogeneous summands. Taking into account the light int[...]
Optica Applicata
EN The paper presents the modeling of transmittance measurement in a finite layer of whole blood. To describe light propagation in whole blood medium, a Monte Carlo simulation was used. The propagation of light in whole blood medium in the model required the assumption of photon transport approximation[...]
Technical Sciences / University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn
2018 nr 21(1) 5--17
EN The paper presents a computer simulation technique applied to generating the climate-weather change process at Baltic Sea restricted waters and its characteristics evaluation. The Monte Carlo method is used under the assumption of semi-Markov model of this process. A procedure and an algorithm of cl[...]
Journal of Polish Safety and Reliability Association
EN External hazards such as explosions can be safety significant contributors to the risk in case of operation of industrial plants. The procedure to assess external hazard explosion pressure waves within probabilistic safety assessment starts with a screening procedure in order to determine scope and [...]
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